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October 20, 2008

A Note from the Style Editor

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Welcome to my blog! I want to start off with an introduction as to why I decided to start this blog. Not too long ago, I was avidly participating in a couple of fashion applications on Facebook, which I regarded eagerly, thinking that I would finally have a community of people to talk with about the latest trends, and greatest designers. Let’s just say I was a little disappointed. I found on a daily basis that the girl’s did not seem to have a passion for the industry and knew little about it. I came across some girl’s who seemed to think they knew what they were talking about, but within a couple days of hearing mixed opinions on what is actually stylish, I began to realize their information was ill gathered. There were very few girls who actually knew about the upcoming trends, and the ones’s who didn’t constantly talked about how ugly the trends were, saying they were not stylish. Trying to show them how little they actually knew (and not to be rude, but because having false information about fashion leads women to look, well, out dated), my advice to them was to actually research the latest fashion, and to realize that just because they don’t like the current trends, doesn’t mean they’re right, it actually just means they are out-dated. Holding on to the past trends has been a growing problem for women. Being stuck in an era you’re used to does not help you, it only makes you look silly (think of how you never thought your mom was stylish – it’s most likely because she is stuck in the era she grew up in, and didn’t evolve with the current trends that came with the future). I strongly suggest that every woman should venture into the new era of fit, style and construction. Gone are the fitted styles of the past, the girly, candy colours and say goodbye to showing unecessary amounts of skin (which should be more appealing to women anyway!). The new era of fashion has already begun, and styles are changing – for the better. Fashion has already met its peaks of new styles, and now everything just gets recycled and re-vamped to accomadate the current times. The new direction of fashion usually goes from one extreme to the total opposite. For example, knee length skirts, and pastel girly colours, a wardrobe for a lady, was big in the mid-2000’s. Already we are seeing mini-skirts and dresses, in bold or monochromatic hues, and minimalism being the main theme for the near future. These styles are opposites, and because you see so many years of certain styles, the only way to lash out after a while is to bring in the extreme contrast. This is usually why women seem to hate the “new” styles when it comes to fashion, because when you’re so used to wearing a certain style, giving it up for a completely opposite style is hard. Like most other women, I spent about 5-7 years thinking the only type of pant I would ever wear would be flared at the bottom. Unlike most of the people I know, before the skinny’s came out I was already tiring of flared pants and was happy when a new style was introduced. Most women my age or older despise this trend. However, after too many years wearing flared pants, a skinny pant was the only extreme option to choose.  Lucky for the skinny-haters, there is no prominent pant style in fashion. For once, it is actually stylish to have a mixture of hems when it comes to pants. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that you need to be a slave to the trends. If you are not a “trendy” person, the best way to stay stylish is to invest in the classics (I go into more detail on these necessary pieces), and add only a couple of the trends. The problem some people seem to have is thinking that trends go out of style too fast for you to waste your money on them. This is a misinformed belief. Fads are clothing “trends” that go in and out of style after a month or so. Generally, fashion trends stay in for an entire season, and a lot of trends can be carried into other seasons, or used again the next year. Trends stay in style for lengths of time, sometimes years (again think back to flared pants – a trend that was in for over 5 years!). The best way to distinguish between trends and fads is to just wait them out for a month. If the styles are gone that quickly, you know it’s a passing fad, but if the style is still in, you can be pretty sure it will be a consistent trend for a while. Since I know myself how confusing and overwhelming the fashion industry can be, I decided to make a blog, a place where you can go to find all the information you need in one place. Since I am constantly researching and paying attention to fashion, it’s easy for me to give you the information you may not find on your own. My goal in making this weblog is to enable people to find great options in fashion that allow them to feel and look great. Despite what many people may think, the first step towards looking great is educating yourself in fashion. Whether you use all the information or just what you need, you cannot achieve style without knowing anything about fashion. There was a time in the early 1900’s when every single female (young ones included) were stylish and completely up-to-date. The reason for this was because every single woman purchased and read Vogue religiously, and they followed everything they were told to do in the ways of fashion. Today, only a small percent of women track fashion and it’s trends, and consequently, only a small percentage of women today are stylish – and most of them are in Hollywood! Again, don’t get me wrong – I would never suggest someone gain their style by only following fashion trends – but there is a huge difference between being trendy and being stylish. Trends can be stylish, but not all style has to be trendy.  As you will find in my blog, there are many factors that contribute to looking good, facts that most women know nothing about. As you browse, you will begin to put together the pieces to the puzzle called your style. I hope to help anyone, of any personality style, of any age and of any body type, to build a timeless and stylish wardrobe that you feel comfortable in. Using the information I will give to you, every woman who visits my blog should be able to piece together a flawless wardrobe that suits their fashion personality.  Remember, the key to looking great is feeling great, inside and out. Thank you for your interest in my blog and if you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them. Enjoy!


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