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October 20, 2008

Personal Style Assessment – Part 1

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Outside of trends and classics, every women has a personal style. Knowing your style and what you’re comfortable wearing is one of the first steps to creating a perfect wardrobe. Too many women own pieces that they never wear, or pieces they do wear that don’t suit them. On average, most women only wear half of what is in their closet and this means a whole lot of your money is being wasted! Although knowing your body type is probably the most important step, knowing your personal style helps you figure out what works for you. Knowing what you like, as well as what looks good are important factors when it comes to clothing choices, and knowing what you have and what you need will help you save your money. Below I have provided a list of questions that you need to ask yourself, before you get started on your shopping. After you have gone through your closet and answered the questions, you may want to check out my post on organizing and editing your wardrobe. Also check out part 2 of this article to find your personality type and your celebrity style icons. The best way to ensure you love your wardrobe is to stick to your personality type, and keep your body type in mind as well.

1. My top 5 favourite articles of clothing are

2. My go-to outfit

3. My go-to jewelry

4. The outfit or piece of clothing that people compliment me most on

5. The outfit I feel best in

6. My favourtie two colours to wear are

7. The colours others seem to think I look best in

8. The look my best friends like the most

9. What I’ve always wanted and never bought

10. Items I’ve bought and really shouldn’t have

11. What I buy too much of

12. What I don’t buy enough of

13. My favourite trends this season are

14. My least favourite trends this season are

15. My celebrity style icon(s)

16. My favourite neutrals

17. The styles I feel most comfortable in

18. My personal outlook on fashion

19. How I feel about my current wardrobe situation

20. I believe my personal style is


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