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November 21, 2008

Finding Your Face Shape

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Determining Your Face Shape

Since so many people spend so much time looking at your face, it’s very important that we make an effort to flatter our faces in the best way we can. Most people wouldn’t think that the clothing they wear can actually make their face look bad, but it can. Determining your face shape is a big step towards making the right decisions when purchasing your wardobe. It may sound simple, but with this little bit of knowledge, you can avoid wearing styles that don’t accentuate your beautiful face.

As a general rule, you should avoid accessories and clothing that mimic that shape of your face. For example, if you have a round face, you should stay away from short, rounded necklaces and collars. You also need to be aware of hairstyles that will suit your face. Check out the pages on haircare for upcoming articles on hairstyles that will and wont work with your face.

The easiest way to determine the shape of your face is to stand in front of a mirror, with your hair pulled back, then take lipstick or liner and trace the outline shape of your face right onto the mirror. Then, match your features up with the description below and whichever one has the most matching features is your shape. It is very possible to have features from more than one shape, but overall one shape will obvisouly dominate. If you’re stuck on which one is yours, take the guidelines of both into consideration for the most flawless compliment.

Rectangle Shape – Your face is definately longer than it is wide, and your jaw line is probably sqaured. The sides of your face, consisting of your forehead, cheekbones and jawline, are all relatively the same width. You most likely have a straight hairline.

Square – Your face is pretty much the same width as it’s length. Your chin is square and broad, with the sides of your face being the same width all the way through. Your hairline is most likely straight.

Oval – Your face is a bit longer than it is wide and you have a round jaw line. Your face may look similar to an upside-down egg, with a wide forhead and cheekbones. You can probably divide your face into three equal portions, from the forehead area, to the nose area, then the chin area. Your eyes are even and properly spaced, with one eye width between each other. Your hairline is rounded.

Oblong – Your face is much longer than it is wide and you have a rounded chin, and most likely a rounded hairline. Your features along the side are straight, with the forhead, cheekbones and chin all being the same width.

Round – Your face is pretty much the same width as length, with a round jaw. Your cheekbones are very round and are probably the widest part of your face. You have a round hairline, and most likely have plump facial features.

Triangle – Your face is longer than wide, with a broad jaw. The sides of your face are uneven, with a narrow forehead and a wide jaw. You most likely have smaller features on top, such as small eyes, paired with a wide mouth.

Inverted Triangle – You have a longer face than wide with a long, pointed jaw line. Your chin tapers from your forehead, which is the wudest part of your face.

Heart – You have a longer face than wide, with a long and pointed chin. At the sides, your face tapers from your forehead to your jaw line. Your hairline has the shape of ‘v’, like the top of a heart. Your forehead is probably the widest part of your face, and your cheekbones may be just as wide.

Diamond – Your face is a little longer than it is wide, with a long and pointed chin, as well as a narrow forehead. The biggest part of your face at the sides are your cheekbones, and they are most likely high and pointed. Your facial features are well balanced and in good proportion to each other.


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