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December 31, 2008

Dress Like a Parisienne

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Before the holidays, the main focus of my posts was to provide everyone with the classics and essentials of every wardrobe. More specifically, I created a list of essentials for the fall and winter season. These lists are made up from the information I have gathered from stylists, magazines and my own knowledge, which left the lists quite long and not always realistic for every woman’s income. I’m very aware of the fact that not everyone can afford to buy all the essentials (myself included!), so do not fret mes amis, I have an answer!

It’s no secret that Paris has been, still is and always will be the fashion capital of the world. Ignore anyone who tries to say it’s New York – sorry ladies but you just can’t change historical facts because New York is doing it big hundreds of years after Paris! Fashion started and reigned in Paris up until the late 1800’s, when other countries followed suit. The best fashions come from Paris, because the French just have the elegance and effortless style; as well as a very smart not-so-secret-secret! No matter what the occasion, the time of day or the nasty weather, a Parisienne always looks her very best. The secret to this? Women in Paris know the advantage of having fewer luxury items that are gorgeous, well made and fit flawlessly. As North Americans, we believe that more is, well, more; which is not true when it comes to fashion. Going on shopping spree’s and buying as many clothes as you can get on sale is the worst possible idea. Women in Paris (those who cannot afford a lot of clothing of course), would rather wear the same outfit everyday and look fabulous, than to have many pieces of low-quality clothing.

So, adding to my sequence, I have put together a small list of must-haves that will keep you looking great on a smaller budget.  These items are ones you would need for Fall/Winter. The key to this list is taking the most important things and finding them in extreme quality – meaning you will pay more. Wherever you need to spend more on an item, you are guaranteed to keep for years. For smaller items, you can always look for cheaper versions – but none of your special pieces should be cheap.


1. A beautifully made winter coat – you want a great coat since it will be the main focus of your outfit when outside. A long coat works best over dresses and skirts.

2. A feminine camisole – is your go -to top for any occasion. They work well on their own with jeans for parties, and goes nicely under a camisole for sophistication.

3. A quality handbag – look for one that is big enough to carry all your stuff but not so oversized that it won’t work for semi-formal occasions. A neutral hue will work with any outfit.

4. Trendy jeans – they’re great for casual wear and nights out, and they will pair well with almost any top.

5. A versatile cardigan – a cardigan will help you stay warm with style – finding one that will work with pants, dresses and skirts will give you the most options; it’s also a great way to incorporate colour.

6. A great pair of boots – any style you prefer is good; they’re a trendy option that still works in the winter. A great black pair is versatile, but colour is trendy in boots right now; booties and ankle styles work well with dresses and skirts, as well as pants, making them a smart choice.

7. A little black dress – is self explanatory; it works for so many occasions, and adds a touch of femininity to your winter wardrobe.

8. A pair of trousers – are perfect for more formal occasions, or when you want a bit of sophistication. Wool and tweed are warmer fabrics, so they’re great for winter. An achromatic hue (blacks and greys) are your best option.


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  1. Yes, I love this little Parisienne tribute piece! I actually love reading French blogs because they always inspire me to put together chic outfits. I especially love how so many French girls can make the bedhead look actually chic 🙂 and those Zanotti are hott!!! Really good suggestions Robyne.

    xoxo Steph

    Comment by Steph — January 3, 2009 @ 1:47 am

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