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February 10, 2009

Celebrity Designers are Sinking Fast

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Due to the recent economic downturn, the fashion industry has begun to plummet in success. with all the trained designers and retailers out there losing business and sales, it’s no surprise that the celebrity designers would fall even quicker. Now that retailers are finding it hard to sell all this over-priced celebrity junk, they are dropping the publicity stunts and moving on. This is very good news for the fashion industry if you ask me; with all the problems in layoffs and employment, I feel that it only makes sense for these already rich and famous celebs to just back off and leave the jobs for the real designers.

The turn has already bgeun; among the list of celebs whose lines are already finished – Steve and Barry’s lines by Sarah Jessica Parker, Amanda Bynes and Venus Williams have all gone under, LL Cool J’s line for Sears and Ashley Judd’s collections for Goody’s has gone bankrupt. With all these company’s already out of the way, the others are sure to soon follow suit. Experts say that the fashion industry was already over-saturated with celebrity designers before the economic downturn, and it’s likely that next to none, if any, will survive through the struggle.

Well you can bet myself and every other real designer (or aspiring designer) will be jumping for joy at this news. However, while in all the celebrity design craze was rather insulting and extremely annoying, I must admit that I do hope a few of them survive – I mean after all, I adore my J.Lo pumps and I can’t get enough of Gwen Stefani’s collections!


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