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February 23, 2009

Two Foolproof Colour Palettes To Use

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As the winter gets warmer and begins to prepare for spring, colour will become a central part of my blog. While it’s easy for many women to abandon fun clothing in the winter and rely on those perfect blacks and whites in our closet, spring is a time for colour; and lots of it! Before I get into spring fashion and all the wonderful trends that await us in the next few months, I would like to prepare by introducing colour in a way that works for everyone. I most recently discussed helping you find the right colour choices for you, now I would like to discuss colour palettes. Now that you know the kinds of hues you should be looking for, you can use those to compliment other pieces you may own or want to own.

As a general rule in fashion, you don’t want to match too much; well maybe if you’re going for that monochromatic look, but that doesn’t usually work for all of us. The goal is to make sure your clothing always compliments each other. Although you can compliment any colour with another colour on the wheel, everything depends on that hue’s qualities. A colour is made up of three things; Hue, Chroma and Value. While you wouldn’t want to go out wearing red and green, you could compliment pink and green, and pink is essentially red with a lower chroma and value than true red. Using this knowledge, you can try matching your colours within the two basic colour schemes.

Before you begin your spring shopping, it would be great to arm yourself with all the necessary information. Knowing your colours is a great start, since you will probably want to get into the fun of summer wearing colours. You also need to figure out what you need, which means finding out what you have; and there is no better way to do that than my previously posted closet overhaul. Once you’ve gone through your entire wardrobe, choose 8 pieces that you feel are your best. As a rule, two of your best pieces should be neutral for easy mixing. Classics generally fall into this category, but you may have a few signature pieces, which is great. Now you can figure out what you need. Look out for my upcoming post on the Spring/Summer essentials checklist. First we will stay focused on colour; you need to choose one of two colour palettes for spring/summer.

1) Khaki, browns, ivory and gold, with accents of yellow and red

2) Black white, grey and silver with accents of purple and green

Sticking to these colour palettes is really important in creating a wardrobe that is versatile, yet stylish. Not sure which combination suits you best? Take a piece of something gold and a piece of something silver and hold them up to your face … whichever one suits your skin tone better, is probably your most flattering choice. However, you may find that certain hues in a palette do not suit you; use your personal colours, but always make sure it works. There is always room for creativity, but sticking as closely to these colour palettes will work best. Remember, neutral hues compliment and match everything, so it’s very easy to change the accent colours to ones that you like – but be careful – not every pink compliments every brown nicely, and not every grey suits every green. Go with your gut, if you think it may look a little tacky or unbalanced, you’re probably right. When you’re really in doubt, ask a salesperson – quality stores will always hire someone with fashion knowledge, so you can’t go wrong – however if you’re in a less expensive type of store their staff isn’t likely to be educated and will only have a personal opinion for you. And as always, the key to looking great is feeling great, so stick with what you like and feel comfortable in.


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