House of French

February 27, 2009

The Latest News in Fashion …

  • The fashion indsutry may be struggling along with the economy, but Moises de la Renta isn’t letting that stop him. As the son of fashion guru Oscar de la Renta, Moises has of course trained under his father as well as with Russell Simmons’ label Phat Farm. His line MDLR debuts this season, with items ranging from under to over $1,000. The collection looks to be a mix of high fashion and edgy streetwear, possibly drawing inspiration from the contrast between his father’s high fashion label, and the ultra-urban Phat Farm line. Items include pieces like hoodies, leather pants, and biker jackets, anchored by sleek little black dresses.
  • On the other hand, a couple more designer labels are now suffering; IT Holding SpA, the company that owns labels Gianfranco Ferre and Malo, has now filed for bankruptcy. Despite this news Ferre’s collection will still show, and Malo has planned a presentation. Another big company in fashion, Ittierre claimed bankruptcy this month; Ittierre owns Just Cavalli and their economic troubles has definately impacted the designer. The company is largely in debt, and while they have received a nice chunk of money in loans it’s only enough to keep the day-to-day operations going. Roberto Cavalli canceled his Just Cavalli show in favour of a small showroom presentation with only 15 looks. He is quoted as saying, “The difficult Ittierre situation leaves me with no guarantee and no certainty that my young line will be as avant-garde as always.” On a little bit of a good note, Cavalli has ranked second – only losing out to Madonna – in fans on Facebook! He has 11 million fans and he’s delighted and touched by the news.
  • J.Crew will be dedicating their next catalogue to “celebrating America”. The campaign will be shot at many classic American landmarks, including Philadelphia’s historic train station and California’s Route 66. Rumours circling imply that the idea has stemmed from the recent electing of the first black President of the United States.
  • Tommy Hilfiger and wife Dee Ocleppo have recently announced that they are expecting a baby. The news was confirmed during fashion week and she is 3 months along. Hilfiger who is 57 years old already has 4 children, while Dee has two herself. I can’t help but think this will be one of the best dressed babies in the world!
  • The latest in ridiculous celebrity products has two women trying to resurface their fame by producing perfumes. Halle Berry and Jenna Jameson are each set to release their own fragrances next week. I’m hoping Berry’s outsells Jenna’s – which shouldn’t be hard since most women aren’t interested in smelling like whore and getting her poster with it!
  • In other fragrance news, scientists are trying to decode the 400 receptor’s in your nose, in order to discover how people will react to different scents. Fragrance houses around the world are deeply interested in this research, since it will help them determine which scents will be successful.

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