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March 20, 2009

Blog re-vamp

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So it has come to my attention quite quickly that the last few weeks have been kind of repetitive when it comes to the articles; Pick of  the Day, The Art of Fashion, Fashion news and fashion trends have been the most dominant topics everyday. I want to expand my articles to make it more interesting, so I may take a few more days off to get some new ideas going. I will still try to post a few things here and there (probably some more picks and trends) but I really hope to make it much more diverse in information than it has become at the moment. Sorry girls, I know I take a lot of breaks, but I feel this will keep my blog from becoming boring. Thank you for your ongoing patience and support it really means the world to me. xoxox Robyne!



  1. Hey Robyne just thought id give you an opinion… take it or leave it totaly your call … The least interesting stuff on here is the model minute stuff, maybe pick a model thats the total “it” girl every season or every couple months and brief everyone on her most ppl really dont care to read a big long artical regarding models… Also your IN DEPTH analysis on designers.. True fashionistas know all about the designers maybe pick up and coming designers to watch out for and do a small piece on them once in awhile.
    The BIG things fashionistas like yourself and I alike are interested in is, TRENDS, The “it” bag or shoe of the season, & i love your pick of the day items, thats cool because its nice when readers get to interact more with the website. Maybe do like a makeup pick of the week… or a pick an item and do a spend or splurge type thing with it. Bigger bolder headings, with color, less stuff to read but keep the pictures and maybe have links of where to buy any item. Like i said i love your blog and would love to it it be the next big one!

    Comment by Jessica Creelman — March 24, 2009 @ 5:20 pm

  2. Thank you for your advice, I always welcome it and since my readers are the ones who make my blog I definately value your input. I believe your right about the Model Moment thing, when I began I had intended for it to be just a small feature of models, not so much as a biography. Since Natalia was my favourite model I think I got carried away in trying to show her work and it did turn out very long. I do plan to keep those to a minimum, as I would like to showcase models but as you point out it was waay to long. The Designer List was actually something I was excited about in the beginning because it was supposed to be written more like a book than blog posts, but in order to do that I would have to make my blog in the form of the book … very confusing and it wouldn’t work; so I am planning to dedicate a new blog address solely for my designers list, and I will link it for those who would like to read it (this will be in the form of an online book, as mentioned before). Unfortunately with the layouts I am offered at WordPress, bolder headlines are something I can’t help – you made me think of how plain the layout was and it does bother me, I will be looking for a new layout 🙂 … I love your makeup idea as well, it has steered me in that direction for what I will call “Robyne’s Raves” small items like perfumes, makeup etc.. (all credit for that goes to you 😉 ) You have definately got me thinking and I can’t wait to show my new and improved blog very soon, I really hope you will enjoy the changes and any more feedback or ideas from anyone are always welcome 🙂

    Comment by xfrenchx — March 29, 2009 @ 7:40 pm

  3. hola
    un sitio web facilmente bloqueable,que bien
    oye,te aviso que volveremos a lo mismo
    vuelvo a dar de baja tu cuenta de hotmail
    tambien vuelvo a cancelar tu facebook
    y le hare unos pequeños cambios a este blog
    ah y lo que le ha pasado a tu pc,es por que quieres que pase
    si no quisieras todo esto ya me hubieses agregado de nuevo,para jugar a ya sabes
    pero no lo has hecho
    entonces quiere decir que quieres que sigamos con lo mismo
    ya sabes
    de ti depende que quieres que pase

    Comment by hola hola — April 24, 2010 @ 11:06 pm

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