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March 2, 2009

Skincare Tips

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Having great skin is the basis to beauty as it helps to reflect youth, health and vitality and gives you a natural glow. Despite these benefits, the average woman does not practice a proper skincare routine, which can largely help improve both appearance and texture. The majority of experts agree that we are too rough on our skin, using abrasive products that should only be used by expert. Another problem is that many of us do not cleanse long enough or often enough. With just a little time and effort, it’s actually quite simple to change these habits so that you maintain a gentle yet effective routine.

– Warm cleanser in the palms of your hands before you apply it to your face; this will help emulsify the cleanser, making it much more affective.

– Wash your face for atleast 30-60 second, gently massaging your entire face and neck, then letting it sit for the last ten seconds. This will ensure that the cleanser reaches deep into your pores without stripping any essential oils.

– Using your fingertips is much better than a cloth or swab; fabrics can pull the skin during washing when it’s at its weakest.

– When using toner, be careful that you do not over-do it; toners are very harsh on the skin, so make sure you use gentle sweeps across the face and skip the twice-over.

– You should generally stay away from cleansers and masks that contain exfoliating beads which are very harsh on the face; unless you know your skin very well these scrubbing cleansers are very risky.

– Always try to use lukewarm water to wash your face; extremeties in temperature can have adverse effects; heat can overstimulate your natural oils, while cold water closes your pores, making it harder to cleanse thoroughly.

– A gentler way to remove eye makeup is to partly dilute your eye-makeup remover with water, soak two cotton pads in the mixture, place over your eyelids and gently rub the pads with your fingertips in small circular motions.

– Try making a trip to a spa at least once a month – having a professional work on your face can give you a proper rejuvenation each month, plus it’s a great way to see the tricks they use so you can keep it up. Ask questions about a general skincare regimen, and ask their opinion on which products would be best for your skin.

The Pimple Problem: A pimple is much different than general acne spots, caused by bacteria invading the skin and causing infection. While your body’s white skin cells fight the infection, the spot and redness appears. Squeezing and poking at pimples can easily damage pores, making it a bad idea to pop them. You should avoid squeezing your pimples as much as possible, but since most women will end up popping them, you might as well do it right. I personally choose to leave pimples as long as possible – if they get really big I give in and pop them; this is how you should do it:

– Make sure you cover your fingertips with tissue before you start, to avoid increasing oil and bacteria on your face.

– Try to pop your pimples late at night, and it’s best to have a warm bath first; the steam will help minimize redness and swelling around the pimple.

– After popping the pimple it’s best to treat the area with a dab of witch hazel or tea tree oil; both will fight reinfection. After about 20 minutes, I like to dab a spot of pimple fighting cream over the area and place a piece of tissue on top. I let that sit until it dries and I repeat it at least 3 times that day – this will speed up the healing process.

Aside from keeping up a great skincare routine and popping few pimples properly, it’s always nice to achieve a beautiful glow. An overall glow makes you look happy and healthy and can make you look and feel a lot younger. Sleep is probably the most important and effiecient way to retain a beautiful glow; lack of sleep can make your skin puffy, sallow and give you dark circles under your eyes. Sleep causes cell-renewal, a process that is activated at night, reaching their peak between 1 and 2 in the morning. If you miss sleep during this time, you lose out on skin-restoration. Realistically, there will always be times when you miss out on important sleep; and there are ways to somewhat makeup for the loss of glow. A 15 minute jog in the morning before you get ready will rejuvinate your body, boost circulation and energy, which will leave your skin glowing. An even quicker and easier way is to have a hot, brisk shower followed immediately by a blast of hot cold for 30 seconds; it has the same affect in circulation as a jog.

The final step of repairing your skin is just feeling good about yourself. Higher stress levels, lack of exercise and eating bad foods all make you and your skin feel bad. A positive state of mind will allow your brain to produce endorphins, which will increase your body’s potential to fight off problems such as pimples and bad skin. The rule is the same always: in order to feel good on the outside, you need to feel great on the inside!


November 18, 2008

Sun-Scare and the Truth About Tanning

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It’s no secret that health professionals everywhere are insisting that we all take extreme measures against exposing ourselves to the sun and its UV rays. It’s a business, the “sun-scare” business and it’s a $35 billion-a-year business at that. What started out in the 1980’s, when dermatoligists and sunscreen manufacturers banded together to warn people about the dangers of sunburn. In the beginning, this was a very good message, as people were recklessly tanning and didn’t know any better. However, in today’s world, we are much more educated and have a lot more acces to proper information. But does the sun-scare industry care about that? No, they would much rather believe that we are too ignorant to take in the proper information ourselves, and determine what is best for us. Or maybe they think we’re too smart and they will lose their $35 billion a year. Either way, scaring people into using their products frequently is dishonest and unfair to us.

The truth that this industry doesn’t want you to know, is that sun exposure is necessary for proper health – it is the only natural way to achieve proper amounts of Vitamin D. Scientific research shows that there is a large Vitamin D deficiency in North Americans, as well as many countries across the world that live in cold climates. Controlled tanning is the only way for us to maintain a healthy amount of Vitamin D without risking skin consequences such as skin cancer and premature aging. So why not take advantage of the only free and proper way to get Vitamin D? Well unfortunately, there is no money in telling people to use the sunshine given to us, while there is plenty of money in telling us to avoid sun exposure at all costs – since becoming a hermit is not an option.  Despite all the evidence given to dermatologists concerning Vitamin D, they continue to push the option of getting the vitamin from supplements and avoiding the sun completely. If you ask me, it’s a little too ridiculous and unnatural – mother nature is not our enemy and the fact that sunlight is the only way to naturally get Vitamin D tells us something – that is the way we are meant to get it. This belief that supplements, dairy products and fish are better ways to achieve healthy Vitamin D is completely wrong and a little silly. Humans make 90 percent of Vitamin D from sun exposure – that’s IT! Nothing is as good as the real thing, and supplements can only make up 10 percent of Vitamin D anyway. Think about it – in any other condition, doctors would never tell you that supplements are better than the real thing. Supplements are rarely preferred or recommended above natural achievement, and sun-scare happens to be the only industry that relies on these false recommendations – I wonder if it has to do with their $35-billion industry competeting against the all natural and FREE sun? More proof that supplements and dietary intake is an irresponsible option? Current recommended levels are now being regarded as considerably too low by Vitamin D scientists, who believe that the recommended intake will soon increase as much as 5  to 10 times their level. This means that you would need to drink 1-2 gallons of milk a day in order to get the proper amount of Vitamin D, which is actually an extrmely unhealthy amount of milk to ingest in a day, especially over long periods of time. Besides, not only would you be spending way too much on unecessary sun-care, but add 1-2 gallons of milk per day to your grocery list as well! Don’t let them fool you any longer.

In all fairness, there are many people who truly believe they are doing the right thing by overstating the risks of sun exposure. Many dermatologists are aware that sunlight is perfectly fine in moderation, but they feel it is more necessary to overstate the risks to ensure people do not over-expose themselves. However, just because the intentions are good, doesn’t mean it’s right to hide facts and obscure evidence the way these people do. It’s never right to mislead people, and being honest about how important it is to maintan controlled tanning, is a lot more healthy for humans.

A major issue of this scam is that Dermatologists contradict themselves. They claim that the majority of us exopose ourselves to dangerous amounts of sunlight and UV rays. However, this is not the case because if it was, it would be impossible for 40-90 percent of the population to have a Vitamin D deficiency. Further research shows that people living in hotter climates have a phenominally healthy amount of Vitamin D – and these people rarely ever think about sun protection. So people who live in climates that see hot weather all year long, not to mention way hotter summers than us, use very little sun-care and are highly healthy in Vitamin D. There is no evidence that says the residents of these countries have higher levels of skin cancer, sun spots or pre-mature aging – all of which are main reasons for the sun-scare epidemic. Comapre that to North Americans who are dangerously deficient in Vitamin D and seem to have higher levels of cancers and aging problems. It seems to me that it’s our lack of sun that is making us very unhealthy.

Many dermatologists have adopted a new tactic for scaring people into using sunscreen. In attempts to seal the deal on sun-scare, they have now begun to compare sun-exposure effects to those effects of smoking; saying that tanning is like a cigarette for your skin. Not only is this completely misguided, but it’s absolutely ridiculous! Smoking introducesunnatural substances into your body, that your body was not designed to process. All human bodies are designer to process Vitamin D – in fact it’s absolutely needed for natural body functions and we would die without it. Smoking is related to 20 percent of all deaths and 30 percent of all cancer deaths. Lung cancer rates are are higher in smokers than non-smokers; but in contrast, there are no studies at all that state that non-burning, controlled tanning is related to an increase in skin cancer. This is important to know since it is burning that causes significant amounts of skin diseases, not controlled tanning.

All in all, it’s very important that we get the proper amount of sun exposure. It is very vital that you use an SPF when outdoors, but it is also crucial that you get proper amounts of controlled sunlight. Whether you choose to pay for indoor tanning, or wait for the natural sun to warm up enough to do it, make sure that you set aside a certain amount of time a week to get some UV rays. Indoor tanning beds are a great way to get sun all year round, and benefits include knowledgeable staff that will guide you on how long and how often you should tan, proper lotions that will protect the moisture of your skin and increase your tanning abilities and of course, sufficient amounts of Vitamin D. So don’t be scared – get a little sun – you’ll feel great and you’ll look great too!

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