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March 17, 2009

Gianmarco Lorenzi Ad Campaign

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This is a gorgeous ad campaign, the pictures are fun and colourful and the shoes are to die for. Enjoy ladies!













March 6, 2009

Fashion Pick of the Day

Today’s pick is this extremely glamorous necklace by Alessandro Dell’Acqua, retailing at $800.


November 27, 2008

how to accessorize

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Fashion accessories are key elements in your wardrobe, because they add personality and flare to your outfits. It’s very important that you pick accessories that will compliment as many outfit as possible, in order to get the most out of your purchases, and also to save money from buying too many different accessories. The thing you want to remember when it comes to accessorizing is that your choices should only compliment your outfits, and not match. Matching accessories to your clothing is not only tacky and outdated, but it leaves you looking boring and predictable. If you’re unsure of how to go about complimenting, check out the upcoming article on colour theory (which is less “educational” than it sounds). In the meantime, take a moment to read on to find what type of accessories you should be looking for.

Fashion accessories include the following: shoes, handbags, belts, jewelry, hats,scarves, hoisery, ties, sunglasses and hair adornments. These are the pieces that you purchase after you have your wardrobe, not before. Buying accessories before, and pairing your clothes with them is impratical and a guarantee that you will end up with many pieces that don’t work.

We use accessories in order to compliment our outfits, but also for many other reasons. Wearing or placing accessories in the right places on your body can help minimize your flaws or enhance your assets. They can change the total look of an outfit, or can make a classic simple outfit change to be more current and trendy. For example, you can wear a classic pencil skirt and blouse, throw on some gladiator heels and a big chunky necklace and all of a sudden you look urban chic. Accessories are also a great way of being trendy without sacrificing timeless appeal – buying trendy bags and jewelry can give you the fun of current fashion, without having to spend money on clothing that will only go out of style a year later.

When shopping for your accessories, you need to be aware of which styles and colours will suit you best. As with clothing, there are some styles that won’t suit your body type, your complexion, or your size. If you are small, stick with smaller or medium sized accessories, but never wear anything that will drown your body. In contrast, if you’re bigger, never choose small accessories and stay away from very large ones – you will only look bigger in comparison; you need medium sizes to flatter you best. If you’re right in the middle and not too short, you can wear any size of accessory – if you’re short, stick to small and medium ones only.

When it comes to shoes, it’s quite simple to determine. If you have small ankles and calves, choose thinner shoes, with smaller heels. Most shoes will actually look good on you, just stay away from any type of clunky shoe – they will only outweigh you. If you have larger calves and ankles, stick with more prominent shoes and heels. Stiletto’s are a bad choice, anything dainty will just make you look unbalanced. Flats are a great option for any size, and are very comfy too!

Depending on your figure, there are certain styles you will want to avoid, and others you should embrace. If you are an inverted triangle for instance, stay away from neckalces that will draw the eye right to your bust – you will only appear bustier. If you’re a triangle shape, avoid wearing chain-styled belts that loop around your low hip, which will just enhance your pear shape even more. Short girls shouldn’t wear ankle chains or shoes with ankle straps since they visually shorten you even more and rounded apple shapes should stay away from hobo bags which have a rounded appearance. It’s quite simple to distinguish between the accessories for you and the ones that aren’t for you. When it comes to height and size, never mimic with your accessories, always go the the next size up or down. When it comes to body shape, beware of everything you try on and look to see if it is enhancing an area you actually want to hide. For example, if you’re bottom heavy and are trying to minimize your hips, you shouldn’t wear a tie – the “V” shape at the bottom forces people to look downward to where it is pointing. Seems simple, but when you don’t know to look for it, it’s very easy to miss these negative illusions.

Using accessories is a great way to focus the attention on the areas of your body that you do like. Have a naturally trim waist? Wearing belts at the thinnest part will make you look even thinner. Have a beautifully filled bust? Stock up on v-necks for the most flattering and classy way to show a little skin (as long as you are no bigger than a C Cup – any bigger than that and a v-neck will just look trashy on you). Using accessories near the top of you body will visually bring the eye upward, making you look longer and leaner. However, if you’re top heavy, the last thing you want to do is bring the eye upward! You should always be taking into consideration which parts of your body you want to show off, and which parts you want to hide. If your trying out a new accessory, always make sure you just look good overall. If you have followed the rules for dressng your body and you still look unbalanced or stumpy etc.., it’s probably your accessories that are working against you. In that case, forget that purchase and move on until you find something that actually looks good. Trust me, your eyes will work with you if you ask them to!

After you have found all the accessories you need for the season, it’s then important to focus on balancing them. As a general rule, you shouldn’t wear more than three key pieces. If you’re wearing neutral shoes or a bag, these generally won’t count as one – if you have colourful shoes/bag they are a focal point. More than three will probably look tacky, too few pieces can look boring. You want to look fun, but at the same time you should look like you actually put some time and effort into what you are wearing. Clothing styles also determine the amount of accessories. A classic sheath is like a blank canvas – its simplicity allows you to wear more accessories, as well as plenty of different types of accessories – however wearing trendy, funky pieces with a sheath is not likely to look right. On the other hand, trendy skinny jeans and a colourful top would seem best suited wit bold, trendy accessories, but they are also likely to be too much for the outfit. Simplicity in your accessories in this case would be best. It should be fairly easy to determine – use your judgement and personal taste, and you are more likely to look and feel great. It’s all about complimenting and balancing, and the best way to learn how to work these pieces is to just practice. Trial and error is one of the best teachers in the world of fashion – just don’t buy before you try!

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