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March 11, 2009

Spring Trend Alert: The Hourglass

It’s not only time to embrace your womanly curves, it’s time to enhance them too; cinched waists and big hips are the new shape and it’s great! Fuller skirts, belts looped around the waist and high, high heels make this look work to its fullest potential. The whole look should be polished, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and make it interesting. Look for unique folds and manipulation in fabrics to make it your own.

trendss09-hourglassFrom left to right: Naeem Khan, Byblos, Christian Dior, Isaac Mizrahi and Marc Jacobs




March 9, 2009

Fashion Classic #2 – The Pump

The only “shoe” that never goes out of the style, the pump is a very central part of your essential wardrobe. A great pump can be worn with anything for any occasion. It’s your go-to shoe that never fails, and can be found in endless varieties. There are few rules when it comes to who can wear certain shoes, the general rule is if you’re tiny stay away from huge clunky shoes; if you’re on the bigger side, avoid dainty heels, which will make you look bigger. When looking for a classic pump you want to find a style that is likely to carry on through many seasons and still look relevant – look for something in a versatile hue that isn’t trendy; neutrals like white, brown gray and black, and colours like red or navy blues. You want a cresecent toe – pointy and rounded-toed shoes are generally trendy. A great heel height would be in the 3-4 inch range. Small details are okay but a simple, classic style is your best bet. Check out the examples below for a better idea of what a classic pump looks like.


February 23, 2009

Two Foolproof Colour Palettes To Use

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As the winter gets warmer and begins to prepare for spring, colour will become a central part of my blog. While it’s easy for many women to abandon fun clothing in the winter and rely on those perfect blacks and whites in our closet, spring is a time for colour; and lots of it! Before I get into spring fashion and all the wonderful trends that await us in the next few months, I would like to prepare by introducing colour in a way that works for everyone. I most recently discussed helping you find the right colour choices for you, now I would like to discuss colour palettes. Now that you know the kinds of hues you should be looking for, you can use those to compliment other pieces you may own or want to own.

As a general rule in fashion, you don’t want to match too much; well maybe if you’re going for that monochromatic look, but that doesn’t usually work for all of us. The goal is to make sure your clothing always compliments each other. Although you can compliment any colour with another colour on the wheel, everything depends on that hue’s qualities. A colour is made up of three things; Hue, Chroma and Value. While you wouldn’t want to go out wearing red and green, you could compliment pink and green, and pink is essentially red with a lower chroma and value than true red. Using this knowledge, you can try matching your colours within the two basic colour schemes.

Before you begin your spring shopping, it would be great to arm yourself with all the necessary information. Knowing your colours is a great start, since you will probably want to get into the fun of summer wearing colours. You also need to figure out what you need, which means finding out what you have; and there is no better way to do that than my previously posted closet overhaul. Once you’ve gone through your entire wardrobe, choose 8 pieces that you feel are your best. As a rule, two of your best pieces should be neutral for easy mixing. Classics generally fall into this category, but you may have a few signature pieces, which is great. Now you can figure out what you need. Look out for my upcoming post on the Spring/Summer essentials checklist. First we will stay focused on colour; you need to choose one of two colour palettes for spring/summer.

1) Khaki, browns, ivory and gold, with accents of yellow and red

2) Black white, grey and silver with accents of purple and green

Sticking to these colour palettes is really important in creating a wardrobe that is versatile, yet stylish. Not sure which combination suits you best? Take a piece of something gold and a piece of something silver and hold them up to your face … whichever one suits your skin tone better, is probably your most flattering choice. However, you may find that certain hues in a palette do not suit you; use your personal colours, but always make sure it works. There is always room for creativity, but sticking as closely to these colour palettes will work best. Remember, neutral hues compliment and match everything, so it’s very easy to change the accent colours to ones that you like – but be careful – not every pink compliments every brown nicely, and not every grey suits every green. Go with your gut, if you think it may look a little tacky or unbalanced, you’re probably right. When you’re really in doubt, ask a salesperson – quality stores will always hire someone with fashion knowledge, so you can’t go wrong – however if you’re in a less expensive type of store their staff isn’t likely to be educated and will only have a personal opinion for you. And as always, the key to looking great is feeling great, so stick with what you like and feel comfortable in.

February 21, 2009

Finding Your Colours

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Colours are among some of the most important factors when it comes to clothing and it’s no big secret that not every colour looks good on everyone. While most women love to add a splash of colour to their wardrobes, very little can pull themselves away from sticking to faithful black and white. The major issue is that most women don’t like the way they look in certain colours, and are unaware that they are only choosing the wrong tint or shade of that colour. Here I have decided to help decode the difficulty of choosing colours that will actually make you shine. There are many factors that contribute to which colours work, but the three main factors are: your skin tone, hair colour and eye colour. With these three features, you are on the way to figuring out the best hues are for you. Below you can find the general guidelines for matching colours to your features, and from there you may need to go up a shade (darker) or down a tint (lighter) to get the perfect match. Not every skin type, eye or hair colour may be covered – pick the one that represents your features most accurately.

RED – those who favour red are highly emotional, intense and daring. Your passion inspires others, but you may seem restless to some. If you enjoy bright reds you are bold and energetic. If you prefer softer reds such as pinks and corals, you’re more delicate and are passionate with your mind and spirit.


If you have pale skin, you should stick to true reds, which are very striking colours. Muted tones will wash out your skin so stay away from them. If you have blue eyes, avoid reds that have too much orange in them.


Dark hair, dark eyes and a medium complexion calls for reds such as corals. When your skin is neither dark nor light, any midtone pastel works, just stay away from anything to soft and sweet looking. The colour should provide a sharp contrast to your skin tone.


If you’re really tan or darker with dark eyes, deep reds like Claret which you see during Valentine’s day are best. Rich reds and brown compliment each other because of their warmth, and they are cousins on the colour wheel. These hues will give brown eyes an almost burgandy cast.

ORANGE – is the colour for attention and you will always be noticed; you thrive in the spotlight. You’re extroverted and adventurous and you’re always up for a good time. While many consider your energy to be charming and friendly, others can see you as flamboyant and obnoxious. If you love a traffic-stopping orange, you can tend to be a little more selfish; those who prefer creamy shades can have a warmer attitude towards others.


“Sunny girls” with tawny skin, golden hair and light eyes, should look for creamy oranges like Cantaloupe. This shade is a touch less bright then a classic orange, but is a very sunny colour, and makes tawny and tan skin pop.


If you have brown hair, brown eyes and an olive complexion, vivacious and sparkly oranges like Mango will lighten up your sultry features. Dark colouring gives this shade something to play off of.


If you’ve got the skin of a latina you can pull of any bright or deep hued orange. This type of colouring allows you to wear strong hues that pop, so have fun with citrus colours like tangerine.

* If you have really fair skin, hair and eyes, orange is pretty much the only hue you should steer clear of. Of course everyone is different, so if you really like orange, try many hues and make sure you choose one that doesn’t wash out you skin. A deep, brown-orange may suit those who have blue or brown eyes.

YELLOW – if you love this bright hue, you also love to be noticed. You enjoy being unique, and you’re never scared to look different than everyone else. You’re most likely to be innovative and energetic, and others love your bright attitude. You may have problems being anything but number one; you can get egotistical at times, which can drive others away. The brighter the yellow, the more perky and competitive; fans of pale yellows tend to be more mellow and free.


Those of you with blonde hair, dark eyes and tawny skin, can experiment with many hues that others can’t. Your best yellow? Warm, dark golden yellows that compliment your skin’s warm undertone, such as Honey. Stay away from sweet pastel yellows that will only make your skin seem sallow.


Golden girls with light hair, light eyes and a medium complexion should go with hues that that mirror their natural radiance like Taxicab. A warm, vivid yellow will add more zest to your colouring. It underscores the yellow tones in your skin, which will make blonde hair look golden and will make blue eyes pop.


If you have either very dark skin or very light skin, you should go with a Daffodil. This light hue will look great on women with dramatic colouring, because you can pull off vivid hues. Since your skin probably has blue undertones, a cool, rather than warm yellow is an ideal choice.

GREEN – fans of the colour green tend to be true to their choice; you tend to be healthier and more conscious of the world around you. You are generous and caring, balanced and peaceful. Usually those who like green tend to have high morals and always want to do the right thing. Sometimes this can make you come off as smug, and a know-it-all; green lovers can also be guilty of envy, making them wicked gossipers.


If you have fair skin and dramatic hair (like red or dark brown), the stronger the green, the better. There are a few colours that flatter red hair amazingly, but green is your best colour palette. Steer clear of wimpy greens, which will wash you out. Look for something that will make your hair stand out such as olive, emerald or forest green.

Lotta Stensson, $118; available at

Blondes with a touch of warmth to their skin look best in juicy, bright greens like Lime. Lime is green mixed with yellow, so this choice will really pop against your skin.


Those of you with a dark, dramatic complexion will look great in what are called Easter colours. Mint greens and other strong pastels will play off your skin tone and give a vivid contrast. Shades that are too dark or muddy disappear into dark skin, so avoid these types of greens.

BLUE – blue persons are much like the image the colour represents; you are a peaceful and patient group of people. The colour tends to bring out the best in your tranquility, making you loyal, gentle and quiet. You need to be careful of who you trust – you tend to form strong attachments to those around you; you are deeply hurt anytime your loyalty is betrayed. Fans of the lighter blues tend to be more sensitive and patient; darker blues represent shyness and introversion.


Fair haired girls with a light complexion should consider Periwinkle. It’s a great shade that’s not icy or pale, and has a hint of purple in it. It will make your skin appear sunny and brings out blue eyes amazingly.


Women with dark hair, dark eyes and a medium complexion can wear just about any colour. However, a dark blue such as Navy looks especially flattering because it can stand up to the colour of their features, giving them depth.


If you have tanned skin and brown hair, the more striking the colour, the better. The right hue of blue, like Turquoise can bring out your eyes better than any eye makeup. Since you have darker hair and a warmth to their skin, you`re going to be a great match for a strong, bright blue.

PURPLE – this royal colour represents mystical qualitites in it’s fans. You are a dreamer and are very private. Enigmatic and unconventional, purple is a colour of deep intrigue. You are witty yet moody, secretive but sensuous; you always keep people guessing. The darker your purple, the more introverted and mysterious you can be; those who prefer lighter tints are light-hearted and optomistic.


For those of you with porcelain skin and dark hair, the last thing you should do is looked washed out in a nude or subtly toned hue. A smarter choice would be to play up the drama with a deep, yet vibrant hue such as Violet. The vivacity of this hue will contrast amazingly with your light skin.


Honey toned girls have an amazing backdrop for any colour. You will look especially striking in a lavender or lilac hue. The goal of this hue is to counteract all the warmth of your golden skin with a cool tone of pastel. Pale and shocking pinks are also great options.


Those of you that have light hair, light skin and dark eyes have a natural contrast. Black and white is your most amazing combination, but when it comes to colour, dark, dramatic shades like plum or burgandy are your best purples. They look stunning against pale skin and mirror the warmth in your eyes.

I hope this helps you all find your colours! Good luck!

January 18, 2009

Classic: Fitted Jacket – How To Wear

Part one of “The Classics” series focuses on the Jacket.

Classic #1: Fitted Jacket

A great tailored jacket is every woman’s best friend, and a lot of women are freindless! Too many women just don’t understand how great a jacket can be for your figure. The key to making the most of your body is to make sure that jacket actually fits! A lot of women who are unhappy with their bodies don’t want to wear a fitted jacket because they don’t want to expose their figure. The result is they choose a loose, ill-fitting jacket that actually makes them look 10 pounds heavier! Since no body is the same, chances are you will have to look for a jacket that almost fits you perfectly, then have it tailored professionally to your body.

Hourglass Shape – The key to flattering your shape is a flawless fit. Close-fitted jackets work best because they will follow your natural curves. It is especially important that the jacket fits at the waistline, so steer clear of boxy, straight styled jackets which will only hide your beautiful figure. Details to look for in your jacket include:

Diane von Furstenberg $465 Nordstrom

Diane von Furstenberg $465 available at

– Single breasted styles that create clean lines. Double breasted styles create more boxy figures, so you will only add bulk and disrupt your natural silhouette. The key is to follow your natural curve lines, you don’t want to exaggerate or hide any part of your body.

– Princess seaming, which follows and accentuates curves, as well as helps lengthen the body.

– Fitted shoulders. Since your body is already balanced, you want to avoid exaggerated shoulders.

-Jackets with v-neck styles which visually lengthen your body, since curvy girls can tend to look stumpy. Avoid wide v-necks, which will widen the shoulders and break the balance in your figure.

– Look for hidden pockets, or none at all. Pockets will only add extra bulk.

– Stay away from styles that hit at or below the hip, which will only exaggerate big hips.

The jacket here is a pretty good choice for an hourglass. The deep v-neck with narrow lapels keeps the look streamlined, and the fitted style hugs but doesn’t exaggerate the curves. These pockets are not great but since they sit at the waistline, they wouldn’t widen the hips.

Triangle Shape – A jacket is one of your best wardrobe options, since it can visually balance your shape by providing you with a strong shoulder. Like an hourglass shape, you want to find a jacket that will give your waistline some definition, but you also want to incorporate details that will widen your shoulders. Here are a few things you should look for:

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania $840 at

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania $840 at

– Try to find something with shoulder pads. Now before you trash the whole idea due to the stigma of shoulder pads, keep in mind that today’s jackets do not have the same type of shoulder pads as the 80’s. A thin, carefully moulded shoulder pad in a fitted jacket gives definition that will balance your shoulders with your hip line. If you’re still not convinced, then try some sort of gathering at the shoulder, or if you’re real trendy, try a jacket with super chic bubble sleeves.

– Details at the top of a jacket (such as decorated collars, or those button up flaps found on most trenchcoats) are great ways to bring attention to the shoulder area, which will take the focus off the imbalance of your hips.

– Cropped styles and bolero’s are a great option for you, as long as they are worn over a fitted shirt, that allows you to see the definition in your waistline.

– Belted jackets and jackets with a band around the waist work well for triangle shapes, since they define the waistline. You should aim to create a natural waistline (above your belly button), because if you cinch your waist in right above your hip, it will only exaggerate the curve.

– Since a v-neck is universally flattering (unless you are really busty of course!), a jacket with a v-neck will always lengthen and slim your body, but try finding a wide v-neck as opposed a narrow one. The wide v will draw the eye upwards and apart, creating the illusion of a wider, more balanced shoulder line.

– Vertical lines such as paneling and princess seams always help visually lengthen the body.

– Avoid long jackets. The hem of your jacket should hit at your high hip, as opposed to across or below the hip. Also avoid any jacket that has pockets below your waistline, which will only add bulk to your hips.

Shown here, this jacket is perfect in balancing your figure. The wide lapels help define the shoulders more, and the bodice has an obvious curve to accentuate your waistline. The small pockets would hit at the small waistline and are flat to keep it polished.

Rectangle Shape – When it comes to jackets, you need to be extra careful when choosing one. Since

JON Sportswear $275 available at

JON Sportswear $275 available at

jackets are usually layered over other garments, it’s easy for you to lose any shape you may have, and you end up looking more straight than you actually are! Searching for the perfect jacket may seem like a never ending task for you, but when you do find that perfect jacket, it will all be worth it. Here are some tips to help make the search a little easier:

– You should always be looking for a jacket that defines your waistline. Belted jackets are your best option, and you want to find something that will help make your waistline the focal point of your body.  It would be very beneficial to find one or two classic jackets with belt loops at the waistline, then invest in a variety of flashy, unique belts to switch it up.

– Seamlines that curve in at the waistline also help create a waist that isn’t there.

– Avoid any jacket that hits below the top of your hip. You should only look for a jacket that will hit right above your hipline. Stay away from boxy type jackets (like the classic Chanel style), which will only repeat that straight, shapeless silhouette that you already have.

This jacket is perfect for any rectangle figured woman. The clean lines and simple detailing allows you to show off your tiny waist. The full sleeves and peplum detailing at the hip create curves exactly where your body needs them.

Inverted Triangle – Your figure is probably the hardest to flatter using a jacket, because you want to avoid too much layering, and anything that will draw the eye towards your upper half. A tapered jacket is a major staple in your wardrobe, since it will create a leaner line on top, and create more definition in you hip area. When searching for your perfect jacket, keep these tips in mind:

Elie Tahari $239; at

Elie Tahari $239; at

– Look for jackets with a deep v-neck, since they will slenderize your upper half. Steer clear of anything with a wide neckline, which will only broaden your shoulder more.

– With the most versatility in sleeve variations, you can get away with long sleeves, 3/4 length and cap sleeves. Avoid any sort of gathering or bubble type sleeve, that emphasize the shoulders.

– Avoid any jacket with detailing on the top half, and alternately, look for jackets with some detailing below the waistline, like pockets which will add bulk to the hip area and help balance your shoulders. Jackets with small collars are okay, but always avoid any type of dominant collar.

– A great type of Jacket to try is one that has either a real or faux wrap style. This type of jacket will cinch your tummy and create a curve from the waist to the hip, balancing out the shoulder. This will achieve that gorgeous hourglass shape you are looking for.

– For a younger, more trendy style, look for a short waisted jacket, unless you are already a short waisted person (check out the article on body types to find out whether you are short, long or normal waisted). A short, fitted jacket will cause your hip to start at a higher place, giving the illusion of a bigger hip. Be careful with this type of jacket, since a lot of short jackets are boxy and fall away from the body. If you have trouble finding a perfect fit, you can always take the jacket to a tailor.

The jacket above is a great piece for this body type. The small lapels and polished shoulder, especially in black helps to minimize the contrast of your shoulders to your hips. The cinched in waist and flared hem create curves exactly where you need them.

Apple – It may be frusterating to find a jacket for your body type, since it feels as though nothing will look right. Choosing one that is too fitted will make you look larger, while wearing a baggy jacket will do the exact same thing! Don’t worry, there are definately many great styles out there that will look great on you, it’s just a matter of finding them. You want to create the illusion of a longer,

Mac & Jac $129 available at

Mac & Jac $129 available at

leaner body, and you need to bring the attention up towards your face. You should look for:

– Details at the top, near your face and on the shoulders will bring the eye upward, giving the illusion of a leaner silhouette. It also helps even out your lower half with your upper half.

– Semi-fitted and loosely fitted styles work great for you. You don’t want to go too tight, where you may expose some bulging, but you don’t want to go tent-like or you will wind up looking much larger. Find styles that just skim the body for a perfect balance. Avoid belted waists, but consider styles like Mac & Jac’s with a faux waistband which will give the illusion of a cinched in waist.

– Low necklines, especially v-neck styles will draw the eye in a vertical motion, lengthening the body. If you’re very busty, like over a C-Cup, you should stay away from low v-necks that show too much cleavage, or else you will end up looking trashy.

– Longer jackets are better for you, as they conceal and create one long line. Jackets that hit at wider areas of your body visually cut you off and draw the eye to that unwanted area. Try for styles that are knee-length or longer. Avoid floor length styles, which will only look matronly.

This long jacket will help elongate the body; the detailing helps draw the eye upwards, and the colour block waist will give the illusion of a smaller tummy, without cinching it in close to the body.

December 11, 2008

Fall/Winter Wardrobe Essentials

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As I have discussed, there are certain classics that every woman should have in their wardrobe. Not every classic, however fits into both your seasonal wardrobes. Certain items can be worn year round, others seem out of place during other seasons. Here I have supplied a basic list of the items you need in your closet to get you through the colder seasons. Some of them are classics, others are just smart investments. Of course not everyone can afford to buy all of the items on this list, but you can pick the ones that work for you, then add as you go along, with other classics and more trendy pieces. The best way to shorten this list and pick items that work for you, is to look at the suggestions for your body type and eliminate anything that you’re advised not to wear.

Belted Coat with Fur Trim; available at Neiman Marcus

Belted Coat with Fur Trim by Vera Wang; Neiman Marcus

A classic long winter coat is a must have for fall and winter. Despite the attraction to buy a gorgeously trendy coat, it’s much smarter to get one that will last you years. A classic long coat is great for almost anything you will wear. You can wear it over dresses and skirts, but they also work great with jeans; and you can even get away with a nice pair of yoga pants and flats on your days off – providing the coat isn’t extremely long. For some personlity, look for special details that help it to stand out without making it trendy; unique pocket designs, a fur collar or interesting buttons.

Philosophy by Alberta Ferretti; $1350 at

Philosophy by Alberta Ferretti; $1350 at

A jacket to wear with your skirts and pants is a great transitional item. With the right jacket, you can instantly make any outfit look sophisticated, and it’s one of the most flattering pieces you can own. It’s important that you invest in a quality jacket, if you want it to have any staying power in your wardrobe. You should look for something with clean, simple lines, in a neutral hue, with a tailored shape. It’s very likely that you will need to have it tailored to yourself, since every woman’s body is completely unique. Your jacket will get you through any slightly chilly weather during spring, summer and early autumn, and is of course a staple for job searches.

Tory Burch; $395 available at Saks Fifth Avenue

Tory Burch; $395 available at Saks Fifth Avenue

Work dress; a sheath is classic, a shift is trendy. Having a great dress for work helps you keep your feminine side in check while keeping your look powerful and professional. The sheath is your best option, as it is a classic dress shape, appropriate for most work environments, and helps you feel a little sexier too. The shift is a trendy option for the moment, and likely to stick around for a season or two, so it’s also a good option. The downfall of a shift is that a lot of them are too short, or too trendy. If you opt for the shift search for a longer, solid version. 

Pinstripe Pants; $60, available at The Gap

Pinstripe Pants; $60, available at The Gap

Black bootcut pants are an obvious staple. They can take you from day to evening with a quick change of top, their foolproof and effortless, and they match everything. You want to find your pair in a classic rise (nothing low or high waisted, since both are only trendy waistlines); they should sit at your natural waistline – just slightly below your belly button. They should fit snugly but not tightly – there should be no bunching at the crotch and no gaping at the back. You should not be able to see roll definition, and they shouldn’t be so tight that they create thigh rolls when sitting. Always sit, bend, stretch riase your knees – if they feel flawless depsite all those movements, you’ve got a winner! A classic black pair is forever stylish, but pinstripes are a popular and very flattering choice; however, if you’re really tall, stick with basic black. 

French Connection; $54 at Dillard's

French Connection; $54 at Dillard's

An A Line or kick-pleat skirt are both universally flattering skirts, but the A-Line is the preferred style since it’s timeless. Both can be dressed up or down, and with a blouse & cardigan, they’re great for work. For the most versatility you should look for one that falls at or slightly above/below your knee. Shorter styles are trendier but work for less occasions. A skirt is a great way to incorporate colour into your wardrobe, but for a more classic appeal, go for a colour such as navy or red, which are less trendy.

Straight Skirt by Sematiks; $88 at Nordstrom

Skirt by Semantiks; $88 at Nordstrom

A Pencil or straight skirt is perfect for many occasions. Although the pencil skirt is sexier, since they follow your every curve they don’t suit all women’s body types. A stright skirt is not as tight, so it flatter more women and is more comfortable as well. While a pencil skirt is more dressy and works great with professional and evening looks, it tends to be the more versatile option. However, if you can find a straight skirt with feminine details (such as the one above with the pleated hem), you can get just as much use of it. If you want to achieve a slimming effect, always opt for a dark hue; if you’re already thin you can go ahead and play with bold colours or prints to spice it up.

Dark Wash Denim by Arden B, $118

Dark Wash Denim by Arden B, $118

A pair of dressy jeans is very important. It’s quite necessary for you to invest in a high quality pair of jeans for formal-casual events. Dressy jeans are typically very simple in detailing, but intricate in design and construction, which is why it’s important to invest in these. You will want to look for a dark jean with no wash designs, which are more trendy. Generally you should get a jean with a slight flare – in order to accomodate your various types of heels. You should get atleast a bootcut; stay away from skinny’s which are also too trendy. The idea behind a pair of dressy jeans is that they should almost look like pants and not jeans – this way they will look appropriate with more formal wear such as blouses and silk cami’s.

Light Wash Denim by 7 For All Mankind; 149 at

Light Wash Denim by 7 For All Mankind; 149 at

1 casual pair of jeans are something we could not live without. A casual pair of jeans is for those days off when you want to look stylish, but want to feel comfortable. Since these jeans aren’t meant to look fancy, you can skimp a bit more on the price of these, as long as you don’t sacrifice quality – never sacrifice quality ladies! While it’s important that your casual jeans are comfortable, you have to make sure they fit right – you definately don’t want a tight pair, but never should you wear a baggy pair either – you want to find a happy medium, a pair that will just loosely skim your body. If you’re big on flats, have your casual jeans hemmed so they look right; you don’t want to drag or cuff your jeans.

CARDIGAN by Lynne Hiriak; $235 at

CARDIGAN by Lynne Hiriak; $235 at

– 1 each of :  a cardigan is a great layering piece and a long favourite year round. They are great for wearing over camisoles, blouses and t-shirts and they work great with jeans, pants and skirts of all types. The cardigan is just a versatile piece that enhances any wardrobe. There are a wide variety of styles and they are a great way to incorporate colour or personality to any wardrobe. Not to mention they’re a chic way to stay warm anytime. You should aim to get at least one in cashmere, or for a cheaper option find a cashmere blend.

Intarsia Turtleneck by Abaete; $295 at

Intarsia Turtleneck by Abaete; $295 at

a turtleneck is hands down the absolute best sweater a woman can own. The turtleneck is such a favourite among the fashion industry because it’s classy, and it’s the single most flattering top. Its clean and simple design makes it timeless and it’s a great layering piece. Try it under jumpers, jackets and other sweaters for easy elegance. This is such a great sweater for the winter months since it keeps you warm from the head down. For a more sophisticated look stick to the classic fitted style, or for a dressy look, you can find many widths, heights and style of neck; such as the one above, which has a low, draped turtleneck.

Cashmere Sweater by Co2Cashmere; $217

Cashmere Sweater by Co2Cashmere; $217

a v-neck sweater is great for creating a slimming effect, as the the shape of the v draws the eye up and down, giving the illusion of a taller, slimmer body. The v-neck is a favourite among women as it is chic and sexy and is great for layering. The style of the v-neck should be determined by your body shape. If you are already tall and slim you want to look for a wider plunge; if you want to slim your silhouette, a deep plunge like on the sweater above is your best choice. You should avoid a deep v if you are either very busty, or not busty at all (if you’re busty you will look trashy, if you’re on the smaller side, you won’ fill out the top properly). A cashmere version is a great option as it will go nicely with your dressy outfits, as well as your casual ones.

Crew-neck Sweater by Newport News, $29

Sweater by Newport News, $29

a crew neck sweater is simple and appropriate for most occasions, but they are not meant for every body type. Since the neckline is rounded, if you have a rounded body type, you want to avoid this top. The crewneck is great for more casual outfits. The style of the neckline is typically very close to the neck, but trendier versions like the one above are becoming the favourite. Look for longer styles, since the high round neckline can make you look stumpy – the longer the overall shirt is, the longer you will look.

Blouse by Banana Republic, $69

Blouse by Banana Republic, $69

A White Blouse is one of the most important building blocks of any wardrobe. With a classic white blouse the possibilities in your wardobe are endless – it can be worn with anything and everything you could possibly own. A blouse is a great layering piece, works for any occasion and it makes every outfit look polished. The style options are endless, making it easy to incorporate personality without sacrificing timeless appeal. You want to make sure that your blouse fits you flawlessly yet comfortably; you should be able to move around in it easily.

Tote by Marc Jacobs; $1395 at Saks Fifth Avenue

Tote by Marc Jacobs; $1395 at Saks Fifth Avenue

A leather tote or roomy hobo should be your everyday, go-to bag. You want it to be roomy enough to carry everything you need, but not in the trendy, oversized kind of way. Both a tote and hobo are classic purse styles that generally only change in details. To give you the most versitility, look for one in a neutral hue, or find what is called a “neutral colour” – camo greens, burnt oranges and vibrant reds tend to compliment almost everything. Steer clear of trendy details like embellishments or pockets and look for something in a classic style, such as the quilted one above.

Structured Bag by Charles David; $205 at

Structured Bag by Charles David; $205 at

A structured handbag will be your career purse forever. A structured handbag never goes out of style, looks clean and works with all work attire. You will want to get one in a medium size for the most classic version. The most popular hue for a structured bag is timeless black, which will carry you through many seasons. Other favourites include navy and grey’s. Skimp on the details and opt for a simple version to make sure it will compliment anything.

Clutch by Elaine Turner; $396 at Nordstrom

Clutch by Elaine Turner; $396 at Nordstrom

An evening clutch is a very important purse to have, since your regular daywear handbags are completely out of place in eveningwear. A clutch is a must have for all your formal events, to wear with your dresses. No matter what the trends are, or the direction fashion moves in, a fancy clutch will always hold its place in the evening scene. There are so many styles to choose from, in everything from simple designs all the way to jewel encrusted glamorous ones; there is a clutch for every woman out there. A deep gem tone is likely to last you years, as they compliment many hues and look stately at any time. Despite the growing trend of the ultra-chic oversized clutch, stick with the classic small frame – it will never lose its appeal and the oversized versions do not fit in well with your gorgeous dresses.

Boots by Report Signature; $250 at

Report Signature; $250 at

A pair of fashion boots is a necessity when it comes to winter. The kind of boot you are looking for here is a fashionable boot – not a winter boot! There are many styles of boots to choose from right now, including the ultra-trendy booties; but you may want to go for something more classic if you’re really invensting in a pair. Since you will wear these on a regular basis during the winter, unless your boots are super high quality it’s okay to go for something trendy here, because your boots are likely to get worn out within the season. Your many fashionable options include: knee boots, calf-high boots, ankle boot, booties, some sort of Ugg, or any flat boot. It’s very wise to find your boots in a neutral hue – black, greys or browns will go with any outfit, making it much easier on you. Stick with simple details like the ankle boot above – the buckle is trendy this season, but not likely to look out of place in the near future.

Classic Pump by Miu Miu; $286 at

Pump by Miu Miu; $286 at

Classic Black pumps are another building block to every stylish wardrobe. Black pumps are fool proof; they go with everything. For the most classic appeal, look for a rounder toe and a stiletto heel. Timeless shoe fabrics are leather and patent; both are chic and classy at all times. It’s a very good idea to spend some extra money in this department. You will want a pair of high quality shoes that won’t fall apart easily, since these are likely to be your go-to shoes. You also want to make sure the quality equals a comfortable shoe; cheaper heels tend to be made of cheaper fabrics, resukting in hard shoes that hurt your feet after a couple of hours. Certain shoe labels such as Choo, Louboutin and Blahnik are all raved for having extremely comfortable shoes; Sarah Jessica Parker mentioned the ability to walk for 6 hours with no pain. So the extra money will be worth it.

LBD by Max Mara; $585 at Saks Fifth Avenue

Max Mara; $585 at Saks Fifth Avenue

A little black dress is a fundemental piece, possibly the single most versatile item you could possibly own. As one garment, in an interchangeable hue, it takes all the guesswork out of the outfit. You can apply a little black dress to almost any occasion, and can dress it up or down with various style of accessories and different colours of jewelry. There is nothing you couldn’t match to a black dress, and that’s what makes this piece so appealing. Effortless chic is not just a look, it’s a lifestyle; and having the ability to look glamorous with little to no effort is something all women can love. Look for a simple cut with minimal details to ensure staying power. Once you’ve gotten a basic LBD go for that special, sparkly one with more style.

Diane von Furstenberg; $280 at

Diane von Furstenberg; $280 at

A Wrap dress has become one of the most raved pieces for women of all shapes and sizes, due to it’s universally flattering quality. The wrap dress was introduced in 1972 by Diane von Furstenberg, and was quickly picked up by some of the most stylish women in history.  Due to it’s v-neck, tied waist and gently flared skirt, the wrap does a great job of achieving the coveted hourglass figure, while it hides your flaws and creates beautiful curve. However, since there are many styles and cuts to choose from, it’s not just as easy as picking up any old version. You need to pay attention to your body when buying any clothing, and this dress is no exception. Keep in mind that you do not want to mimic any part of your body through your clothing. If you have wide shoulders, you need to find a narrow v-neck; if you have tummy bulge, find one that ties up under your bust and not your waist. Stick to the general guidelines for your body type and you should find the perfect wrap dress for you.

Blue Dot Blouse by Banana Republic, $69

Blue Dot Blouse by Banana Republic, $69

A silk blouse is a sexy and feminine way to dress formally. The luxe fabric of silk adds soft texture to your otherwise thick winter wardrobe and can be used for many occasions; from work to parties and nights out. A silk blouse can play up a pair of jeans, and looks stunning underneath a powerful pantsuit. Since you already have your basic white blouse, here’s where you can be expressive and find one in your favourite colour, or in a beautiful print, which will help liven up your neutral work palette.

Tweed Pants by J.Crew, $298

Tweed Pants by J.Crew, $298

Wool trousers are great pants for work and for semi-formal events. A textured tweed pair will look chic and are most easily transitioned from casual to dress attire. Basic black is reliable and likely to stay in for many seasons, and traditional brown tweeds are always sensible. For a trendier choice try out this season’s favourite, the grey tweeds; which aren’t so trendy that you can’t wear them for years to come. These pants will quickly become one of your favourites since they are versatile and look proper, but especially due to their comfort.

Blazer by Victoria's Secret, $128

Blazer by Victoria's Secret, $128

A Wool blazer is one of the items that just enhances any outfit instantly. With a fitted blazer you can create curves and a clean, polished look. You’ll wear it with jeans, skirts and of course your work attire. It’s important to make sure that you blazer fits you flawlessly, and works with your general body shape. A classic single button style is timeless especially in a dark colour or a neutral, and it’s flattering for most women. A wool blend is important because it’s very durable and easy to care for, and it works for all seasons.

Cords by Old Navy, $30

Cords by Old Navy, $30

Chinos or cords are great casual pants that can easily be dressed up as well. Their comfort and versaility has earned them classic appeal, and has made them a favourite. The classic light brown takes a backseat to darker browns, which are more versatile within your wardrobe, they work for all seasons and of course are more flattering. Be careful that you don’t go for a cord that is too bulky – you want to find thin wales, not thick ones. Chino’s are a lighter option since they fit loosely and are made of thinner material. If you have chunkier thighs, chino’s are the better option for you.

Suit by Piazza Sempione; $1040 at Saks Fifth Avenue

Suit by Piazza Sempione; $1040 at Saks Fifth Avenue

A seasonless wool pantsuit is definately a must-have. It is so important that women have a classic pantsuit that will carry on for many seasons. Suits are not cheap, especially since you want one that is good quality, so make sure that style will last. Black is the most classic, but pinstripes are nice as well. You will want a pant that is bootcut, nothing too flared but of course nothing tapered. A single button jacket is again, the most timeless choice.

Camisole by BCBG Max Azria; $70 at

Camisole by BCBG Max Azria; $70 at

A white tee or camisole are both great for layering under everything. A camisole has much more versatility withing your dressy wardrobe, but a tee can bring a casual nature to many outfits; you could wear it under your suit at work or pair it with a full skirt for a nice balance. Camisole’s work great with jeans for nights out, and help glamourize pencil skirts for an ultra-ladylike look. Both are inexpensive and great ways to build your wardrobe.

These are just the essentials for this season, don’t forget to chceck out the trends for Fall&Winter too!

November 26, 2008

Fashion Classics

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A classic is an article of clothing, that never goes out of style, season after season, era after era. Although the classics will change slightly to accomodate the current trends and silhouettes, they will always rely on the same principle: timeless appeal. The classics are the basic fundamentals of a wardrobe, so every woman should try to have at least one of each piece, or more if your budget alllows. Once you have the classics, then you start incorporating more unique statement pieces. Usually, you should get these pieces in a neutral palette, which will guarantee many options because all your clothes will compliment each other. If you’re a conservative type of person, instead of buying trendy pieces to add to your classics, you can buy more classics in brighter colours.

Below you will find a list of the classics, with a brief explanation to why the piece is a fundemental staple in your wardrobe. I will go further into detail on each of the classics, in their own posts. There you can read about how to find the right style of classics to flatter your silhouette.

Nanette Lepore; found at Saks Fifth Avenue

Nanette Lepore; found at Saks Fifth Avenue

1. The Fitted Jacket – one of the most important pieces in your fall and spring wardrobes, a fitted jacket can do wonders for your figure. The right jacket can dress up a pair of jeans, or dress down your work outfit when you don’t have time to change. They hide flaws and create curves for those who don’t have any. Every woman should own a great, fitted jacket.

2. A White Blouse – It may seem boring, but a classic white blouse is the building block of any wardrobe. The options are endless with a wide variety of styles in every detail such as collar variations, sleeve lengths, button detailing and fabrics of every kind. A white blouse works with everything, from wearing them under cardigans and jackets, to pairing them with trousers or jeans. They make great layering pieces, and can be worn with any colour in your wardrobe. Doesn’t sound so boring any more …

3. A Black Pantsuit – Not only do do suits work for almost any occupation, but they have recently moved their way into evening attire when paired with the right pieces, such as silk camisoles or flashy jewelry. The black suit is a favourite due to it’s timeless sophistication. Monochromatic black is the most flattering to all body types, but also consider the black pinstripe suit as well. An all black suit with very thin white or silver lines is a great option for slimming your figure, because the thin lines will give the illusion of a leaner body, not to mention what we all know black does for our figure.

Pencil skirt by Milly; $335 at

Pencil skirt by Milly; $335 at

4. Turtleneck Sweater – I know so many women who absolutely hate turtlenecks, and refuse to believe that they are actually a closet staple. What I try to tell my friends is that despite all the “old woman” aura that turtleneck’s have, they are more flattering than any other type of sweater and this is why: A turtleneck brings the focus to your face immediately, and then once there, it creates a long lean silhouette that begins all the way at the top of your body. You may not realize it, but any shirt that begins below your collarbone (with the exception of the v-neck), visually cuts off over a foot of your body. If you happen to be short, this is going to make you look much shorter and in turn, stumpier than you actually are. There are many stylish options available now as well, so I urge everyone to search for at least one they really like and try it out.

5. Jeans – I thought I would take a break to talk about a classic that I know every woman loves. A perfect pair of jeans. This staple was actually most recently added to the list of classics, after insider’s realized that jeans were more rampant in people’s closets than any other classic. I guess the fact that jeans have only gotten more and more popular as time moves on, it became clear that they had earned their right to make the list. I don’t need to tell anyone why they’re on their list, because we all know, but I will say that it is crucial that every woman has at least 1 pair of high quality jeans in their life. Check out the feature on Jeans themselves for more info on finding a great pair.

6. Pencil Skirt – One of my personal favourites, the pencil skirt it heralded by some, but feared by most. Due to it’s pencil shape that reveals all your below the belt imperfections, the majority of women refuse to even try a pencil skirt on. You do not need to be thin to wear this skirt, and if you can get over all your preconceived notions, you will learn that finding the right one for your body shape will in fact flatter you as well. The pencil skirt adds a bit of sophisticated glamour to any wardrobe, especially for work. While pantsuits can feel boring or masculine, the pencil skirt is appropriate yet sexy attire for work, and you can still wear them on regular occasions too!

7. Pumps – The most reliable and feminine shoe, the pump is a must have for any female! There are so many varieties offered, from peep toes, slingbacks, round toes, pointed toes, stiletto heel, kitten heel .. the list goes on and on. The pump is perhaps the single most important thing you can own as a woman. Putting on a pair of perfect heels can entirely change a woman’s appearance. When you’re wearing heels, your whole body is lifted, your shoulders and hips go back, and your chest goes up, creating proper posture. Proper posture exudes confidence, which is always hot. All in all, everything just looks better when you’re in heels.

Structured Bag by Longchamp; $845 at Saks Fifth Avenue

Structured Bag by Longchamp; $845 at Saks Fifth Avenue

8. Structured Bag – It’s very important that a woman has a great, timeless bag, that will last many seasons, compliment everything in your closet, and carry everything you need on a daily basis. It should be your go to bag when you’re in a hurry because you know it will work. It’s very wise to splurge on a well made, simple bag to get you through everything, but will last you longer than any of your clothes (provided you take good, proper care of it). As a rule, the bag should be a neutral, black and beige hues are the most popular and versatile options, but nuetrals match anything so whichever you perfer will work. Another great option is a what can be called a colour-neutral. This Longchamp bag is a deep burgandy brown – and it’s likely to be just as timeless as any other neutral.

9. Cardigan – A cardigan, whether on it’s own or as a set is a great investment, and you should aim to have more than one. There are so many options when it comes to cardigans, but they all do the same thing: add warmth and chic sophistication to any outfit, whether it be jeans or a skirt. A well fitted cardigan in a great fabric can make all the difference in making your outfit look great. You could wear $30 jeans, a $5 tank top and hand-me-down “vintage” shoes, then throw on a cashmere cardigan and you will look chic, TRUST ME! Speaking of cashmere, that’s the material you should aim for in a cardigan. While pure 100% cashmere will cost you at least $200, you can always find a cashmere blend, or a lower quality of cashmere. The sweater will still look good, but for a smaller cost.

10. Trenchcoat – Who doesn’t love the smart but sexy way you look in a trenchcoat? It just works, with almost everything! The only rule to a trenchcoat is that if you’re not tall you HAVE to wear heels, or get a short trenchcoat (but that isn’t really the same). Trenchcoats are a great item to have, because they look great with a skirt (and of any length that isn’t to the floor!), they look great with a suit, and instantly dress up jeans. If you pay for a good quality one, it should also be waterproof and keep you warm through late fall. Again, it’s best to choose one in a neutral hue, but if you like to be bold they come in many rich hues that probably wouldn’t look out of place the next year.

11. Trousers – Every woman should own a great pair of trousers, that fit well. A trouser is a great item to have because they are great as work pants, and paired well with blouses, jackets and cardigans. Aside from work, they are also great as seperates for your personal wardobe when pairing with flashy tops or maybe tucked into a pair of boots. There are many wonderful styles and fabrics to choose from, with tweed being a long favourite, as well as reliable black and sophisticated pinstripes. More casual options include light greys and browns.

Smi-fitted Sheath by Banana Republic; $150

Semi-fitted Sheath by Banana Republic; $150

12. Sheath Dress –The sheath is not only a timeless dress, but one that is very much in style right now. The sheath is similar to a shift dress (which is this fall’s most trendy dress), but a sheath follows the natural lines of the body and is usually fitted, whereas a shift has an A-Line silhouette. A sheath always looks prim and classy, looks great under a trench or cardigan, and is a sophisticated and girly option for work.

13. Pea Coat – Pea Coats are a great option for those women whose silhouette doesn’t work with a trench, or if you just prefer a shorter style of coat. This is a very basic piece of a wardobe, with limits to styles, so if you’re looking for a stand-out jacket you should look for it in a bright colour. Otherwise, a neutral is a good option because it will last you forever. Try to choose a silhouette that is timeless, one that fits well, so it will never look dated.

14. Camisole – Another great layering piece, camisoles can be used under everything in the winter, or worn on its own in the summer. Camisoles come in so many styles, from plain cotton to silky, lacy styles. You can wear them under your suits for a girly twist on your work clothes, or pair one with your jeans for a night out. The camisole is a building block, and you should stock up on more than one in several styles, fabrics and colours, since they are an inexpensive way to incorporate colour and trends into your wardrobe.

15. Pearls – They might say Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but fashion begs to differ. Pearls are the accessory to have, no matter what the jewelry trends are. Pearls have a timeless appeal because they are delicate, ladylike, and make any outfit look elegant. Most of the time, the only thing that changes about pearls year after year is their size, but once in a while colourful pearls will emerge. For staying power, simple white pearls, not too big but not too small, are your best choice. Big pearls tend to be in style less often than small pearls, but too small ones can look matronly so right in the middle is the string you’ll want to last you for years. If you like to be bold and trendy, go for a colourful string, but try a light, muted colour.

Strapless Dress by Betsey Johnson; $255 at

Strapless Dress by Betsey Johnson; $255 at

16. Little Black Dress – Any good stylist will tell you, that every woman should have a Little Black Dress in their closet. There are so many different styles and cuts, there is definately more than one good black dress out there for every girl. Since your black dress is in a forever-stylish hue, and a properly fitted item can never go out of style, you’re pretty much guranteed to use this dress for years. A good idea is to buy one or two classic styles that are timeless, then purchase a trendy black dress every year or so, when the trends change. This way, not only will your little black dresses be reliable, but you’ll have a fun style as well.

17. Boots – Although the overall style of boots changes, a basic boot is likely to last you for a very long time. Even investing in a trendy pair of boots is likely to give you a few seasons, since boots are limited in variety of styles, and even this seasons ankle boots and booties are likely to stay in for a quite a few years. The most timeless, reliable type of boot to buy? A mid-calf leather boot with little detailing, and a stiletto heel. The toe shouldn’t be too distinct, not completely round, but not extremely pointy. Just in the middle is likely to have more timeless appeal than the others. A neutral shade is the best choice, obviously black being the most reliable. If you’d prefer to buy updated boots every couple of years, go ahead for something slightly trendy, but still keep in mind that you may want to save them for years down the road, they may end up being vintage quality.

Basic White Tee by Splendid; $42 at Nieman Marcus

Basic White Tee by Splendid; $42 at Nieman Marcus

18. A-Line Skirt – Widely loved by all, the A-Line skirt is the most flattering skirt, and a very feminine addition to your wardrobe. The A-Line can come in different lengths, although the most popular and flattering is definately just below the knee. The A-Line is a great piece to have, because it’s very comfortable, chic and can be dressed up or down with just a switch of pieces. Layering over stockings, worn with a sweater in rich Christmas colours can be cheerful for winter, and in florals or neutrals with sandals and a tank top can be beachy for summer. There are so many ways to wear this skirt, you’ll find yourself stocking up on these soon enough!

19. Basic Tee – A simple tee, most often suggested in white or black, is a great layering piece, as well as a comfortable option for the weekend, just hanging out or for other casual affairs. With so many options to choose from, there is a perfect tee for every size, shape and personality. The possibilities really are endless, from the styles you can choose from to the versatility it will have in your wardrobe.

20. Wrap Dress – One of the most flaterring pieces you could possibly own, the wrap dress has been a favourite ever since it made it’s debut in 1975, a la Diane von Furstenberg. The dress is universally flattering for women of all sizes and ages, and can come in many different styles, prints and fabrics. If there is ever a need for a great, reliable dress, you should definately consider buying a wrap style. Finding one in a solid hue is your best bet, since – providing it’s good quality and well cared for – it should last you the rest of your life. Then, if you’re ever stuck for something to wear, you’ll have the perfect dress.

**To get a better idea of how to work the classics and find the ones for you, check back for my upcoming, individual posts on each and every classic.

November 13, 2008

Perfecting Your Wardrobe: Style & Scan (Step 3)

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Now that you’ve organized your closet, and gotten everything in it’s place, it’s now time to style your wardobe. You need to make a list of everything you have, in order to determine what you need. Go through the checklist for the Fall/Winter essentials to make sure you have everything you need for the season. Make a list of everything you need. Next, you need to determine what your closet needs in terms of personality. Do you have too many bright colours, and not enough basics to balance them? Maybe you have too much black and not enough colours and prints. Since everything is arranged in front of you, you should be able to spot both the strengths and weaknesses of your wardrobe. The key to keeping this wardrobe neat and balanced, is daily up-keep, along with seasonal closet clean-outs. In order to determine exactly what you need, taking inventory is a good step. This is the best way to ensure that you don’t waste money buying something you already have , and to help you form a wider range of possibilities. You can take inventory by using the list of essentials, and by completing the following chart:

Under each category, make a list of what you have in your closet, then compare it with the essentials list. Then you can record the things you need to purchase.

1. Work basics

2. Daywear

3. Outerwear

4. Eveningwear

6. Weekend/Casual Clothes

5. Shoes & Handbags

6. Lingerie and under garments

6. Accessories

9. Other

It’s important that you take inventory and clean your closet each season to ensure a perfectly balanced wardrobe.

Perfecting Your Wardrobe: Organize (Step 2)

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When you start putting everything back, make sure to do it in a organized way. Don’t just throw your clothes in there, it all needs to make sense. The most logical way to organize is by category, and then by hue (from neutrals to bright colours & prints). It’s also smart to put together one or two “go-to” outfits for when you’re in a hurry. If you have an outfit already put together, you don’t need to think about anything. Arrange your clothing in the following order, starting from one wall:

1. Dresses – start with long dresses, and anything meant for evening wear. Then arrange your cocktail dresses, starting with longer hemlines, working your way up to the shortest. Next you want tailored dresses that work from day to night, followed by work dresses. Last you can add your casual day dresses.

2. Bottoms – First you arrange skirts, then trousers. Begin with your formal pieces, then work appropriate, followed by your casual pieces.

3. Tops – Start with  dressy tops, followed by shirts, lightweight knits and other day wear tops. Then move on to long sleeves, cardigans and sweaters. Always go from lightest to heaviest.

4. Jackets & Coats – First arrange your jackets from casual to more formal. Then tailored coats. Do not store your heavy outwear in your wardrobe. Heavy coats including furs, windbreakers, parkas and overcoats should be stored in your main hallway closet.

Great Organizational Tips:

– Store scarves, hats a gloves in small baskets on a shelf. Silk scarves and leather gloves are fragile, so store them seperately in a shallow drawer, or in their own small boxes. Place labels on the lids so you can find them fast.

– Install a row of hooks at eye level, to hang your belts on. This way you can see and access them easily, and hanging them prevents the buckles from scratching, as they would in a drawer.

– Small boxes are fine for jewelry, as long as you keep them sparsely filled to avoid scratching and tangles. Jewelry trees are great, but you can also pin earrings, necklaces and rings to a bulletin board. Another low cost idea is to cut egg cartons in half and use the small dividers for seperate pieces. For a higher priced solution, you can buy felt dividers and mats that go right into your dresser drawers, or of course, a specially made jewelry box or chest.

– Do not scatter your shoes all over the floor, they will get dusty, scuffed or lost. Built in shelves or hang in canvas shelves are great ways to safely store your shoes. If you don’t have enough room, either purchase a floor shoe rack, or place pairs in clear plastic boxes. You can also use non-transparent boxes and place a photo of each pair on their corresponding box. This way you can find them quickly, but keep them safe from dust and markings. Shoe trees are a great for keeping boots in shape, or you can roll up some magazines and slip them in your boots as well. Don’t use newspaper to stuff with – they create moisture.

– Always keep your bags stacked up right. Line them up along a shelf  or in cubbyholes or hanging canvas dividers. Stuff them with tissue paper to keep their shape, and add small doses of potpourri to keep them smelling fresh, not dusty.

– Keep a notepad on your closet door to write down anything you need to complete an outfit, or anything you are lacking from your wardrobe. This way you will remember every time you get dressed.

– Use only one type of hanger. This will allow the hangers to sit properly together, saving you space. It also just looks nice. Make sure to get new hangers whenever some of them get bent out of shape. Always use plastic or wood hangers – never wire ones. If you hangers sag, so will your clothes and they will lose their shape. Always leave atleast 1 inch of space between your hangers to keep them wrinkle free.

– If you’re a really organized kind of person, once you have grouped your skirts together, blouses together, jeans etc … sub-divide these categories into colours, then styles, or by fabric, etc…

– Analyze the possibilities of your closet. Do you have room to add some shelves, or maybe double rods, one for bottoms, one for tops? Anywhere you are able to add space saving pieces, it can really improve the potential for organization.

– Create different ways to eliminate bulk in your closet. Buy bins or baskets to hold your swimwear, your workout clothes etc… This saves space in your drawers and closet for your more important clothing, and makes it easier to find the little things quickly. Keep your off-season clothes in under-the-bed storage bins, or other closets that may be available.

– Give your closet a warm feeling. It will be easier to associate clothing with happiness if you create a good mood in your closet. Add personal touches like painting the back wall your favourite colour, by adding vintage hooks, or a mini-chandelier. Add your favourite scent to your closet to keep it smelling fresh and comforting.

– Invest in a steamer. Steamers do wonders more than ironing, and they steam away all but the toughest wrinkles in minutes. They also help prevent you from over-dry cleaning your clothes. Go for a travel size if you’d prefer, which is cheaper and more convenient.

– Having a fix-it kit is very wise. Stock a moderately sized bag with the essentials: thread, extra buttons, scissors, double stick tape, safety pins, a lint brush, a soft sponge for deodarant stains, sewing needles plus a shoe polish or spray along with a cloth, sponge or brush.

-A mesh lingerie bag is a must have for every woman who doesn’t want to handwash her delicates. These bags are great since they can be thrown in the washer with your clothes. I personally still prefer to stick them in the bag on delicate cycle to ensure they are treated extra gently.

– Consider adding a “give-away” hamper to a corner of your closet. If you know anyone who may like something you no longer want, toss it in. Empty this basket every season when you do your closet overhaul.

– Use acid-free paper to seperate things that are stored in dresses. Keep your tee’s fresh by placing a sheet between each one. It’s also great for protecting your lingerie as well.

Perfecting Your Wardrobe – Cleaning (Step 1)

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Common complaints among women is that they don’t have anything to wear, their outfits have been outworn, or almost nothing in their closet works together. Although sometimes this is actually the case, most of the time it’s in fact bad organization that causes them to see past everything they actually have. Keeping your closet fresh and organized at all times is the key to sustaining a great wardrobe. When your clothing is organized properly, it’s easier to see what you have and what works well together, and it will be easier to locate what you’re looking for when you’re in a hurry. The first part of re-organizing your closet is to clean up.

Preparation: Make sure everything in your closet is seasonal. There is no need for you to keep your summery clothing in your closets when there’s snow outside. If you have room for them in another closet, that’s better but if not you could either store the clothing in storage bins, or at the back of your closet if there’s room. If there isn’t room, don’t do it. Cramming clothing in your closet creates chaos, and the friction caused from clothing constantly rubbing against each other will cause wear. To keep your clothing in great shape, make sure they have enough room to breathe. Make sure you wash all your clothing before you store it, to avoid bugs and nasty smells that will ruin them. To protect your more expensive clothing, as well as dresses and skirts, store them in hanging canvas bags.

Planning: Put aside an entire day to do this. You may not use the whole day, but you don’t want to leave in the middle of a closet overhaul; you may never get back to it. Ask a friend who’s honest if she’ll help you sort through them, that way when you need a second opinion she’s there. You’ll need to have a few things before you get started: a full length mirror, heavy duty garbage bags, labels and a lot of hangers. You may also want to have a camera on hand, to get a clear view of what things look like on you.

Sorting: You should have 5 piles: definite keepers, items that need attention (either need cleaning or tailoring), items you’re unsure about, garbage, and clothing to be donated to charity. You should only ever throw out clothes when they are damaged by stains, holes, or a bad smell. Anything else should be donated, since it’s the civil thing to do. Any items that end up in the unsure catgeory, you should ask your friend, take a picture and then run it through the list of questions below. Be prepared to try on every single item in your closet. It may sound like a long and boring day, but it will be worth it, and provided you keep your closet clean all season, you should only have to do this twice a year.

The Keep or Toss Checklist

Run any items you are unsure about through this checklist. If you answer no to any of them, toss it.

1. Do you love it?

2. Have you worn it in the last year?

3. Is it still in style?

4. Does it fit – or could it fit with minor alterations?

5. Does it flatter your body shape?

6. Is it in good condition?

7. Is it comfortable?

8. Are you keeping it for any reason other than gift-guilt?

Once you have cleaned your closet of all the unseasonal clothing and stuff you shouldn’t keep, move on to part 2 of Perfecting Your Wardrobe.

Dressing Your Age

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No matter what age you are, there are always rules (or better, advisements) that you should follow. Not every type of clothing looks good on women of all ages, and knowing what works best for age group is very important. Wearing clothing out of your age range can lead you to look tacky or outdated. Below are the general guidelines that you should follow to make sure you are dressing appropriately for your age.

Brittany Snow, 22 and Anne Hathaway, 26

L-R: Brittany Snow, 22 and Anne Hathaway, 26


– In your twenties, you are at a stage of experimentation with your personal style. You’re not likely to have or know one style that you prefer; there are probably many faces to your style. Be daring, be playful – you won’t have this advantage for long!

– You can pull off just about anything, (so long as it’s not matronly) from girly dresses with frills, to edgy, rocker chic looks.

– Try mixing it up! You can pull off those crazy, unexpected combinations, so go ahead and mix fabrics and textures, prints and varying lengths. Trying out different styles is the best way to gradually find your own, and you may expose yourself to a new shape or colour that really works for you.

– Show some leg! You only have about 15 years (give or take!) to do this, so take advantage of your time while you have it. This also generally applies to showing all kinds of skin, since as you age that becomes tacky, so be daring while you can.

– Shower yourself in jewelry! You can get away with the bold and funky styles of jewelry that are so in right now – again, as you get older you will no longer have this luxury, so enjoy it while it lasts.

**Girly Brittany Snow opts for a dash of bright orange in the season’s new, loose silhouette – but keeps the waistline trim. She may be prim and proper on the red carpet, but here Anne Hathaway shows us her edgier side by donning this ultra-trendy look of the full romantic blouse topped with a fitted vest.

Cameron Diaz, 36 and Christine Taylor, 37

L-R: Cameron Diaz, 36 and Christine Taylor, 37


– You can wear anything with a little sophistication. Your tastes are growing, and you now are likely to realize how important luxury is. You know your body and what works for you, so you no longer need to experiment. You are at the age where you will want to invest in some high quality pieces that will last you many years.

– You should have a tailor you know and trust, for your more expensive pieces, and certain trends you like but do not fit your body well.

– Since you can still wear just about anything, don’t be afraid to try a few bold pieces every now and then.

– Be sexy! As you gain better knowledge of your body, you gain confidence. You now have the confidence to wear a high slit, or a low cut top.

– Start working all your mini’s out of your wardrobe. Women should not wear mini-skirts after the age of 35, as a general fashion rule. Mini-skirts are targeted at young teenagers and 20+ year olds, and can look silly on some women over that age. At this stage in your life, you should be mature enough to know that sexy at this age is less about showing skin, and more about being classy and womanly. It may be okay to wear mini’s so long as you wear stockings underneath (black ones of course – not nude skin coloured ones), but they should generally be avoided. Also try to avoid wearing those bright coloured stockings of the season – again those are targeted at a younger generation.

**Now before all you over-35 women start getting offended by this rule, I need to clear up just what is meant by a mini. When the mini-skirt was first introduced in the 1960’s, it was considered anything above the knee – which was very risque. Today, with all the freedom women have to wear what they want, fashionably speaking, a skirt that falls slightly above the knee is not so much a mini. If you want to wear a skirt an inch or so above your knee and you’re over 35, it can be acceptable. But anything too short is tacky, so try to stay as close to the knee as possible.

**Cameron Diaz does the mini just right – avoiding the extreme trend of mini’s, she opts for a tasteful version with sleeves (as to avoid showing too much skin). Christine Taylor vamps up a simple black sheath with the trendy, boxy jacket. The neutral palette keeps things looking chic.

Brooke Shields, 43 and Halle Berry, 42

L-R: Brooke Shields, 43 and Halle Berry, 42


– You should now be more confident than ever in your own personal style.

– This is the time when you should invest in a few great designer duds, like a tailored suit or maybe just a pair of shoes or a jacket – you will wear anything designer for many many years.

– Avoid anything too girly, i.e. frills, bows, Barbie pinks; as well anything matronly auch as pastel seperates or shapeless clothing.

– Stay trendy but with class. Work in a few trendy pieces that can work for you, such as croc handbags, a chunky bracelet cuff, or the latest style of pump. Then you can mix these pieces with your classics, for a updated yet sophisticated look.

– If you’ve got the body, allow yourself to show a little skin – tastefully, that is – and wear fitted clothing.

– Black and white are key choices for you – they’re timeless and scream sophistication. Achromatic colour palettes also work well with the statement accessories that will define your style.

** Brooke Shields stays confident is a tasteful LBD, while adding punch with a bright yellow clutch. Halle Berry does sexy sophisticated in a white skirt suit. She keeps things trendy with an interesteing cut and fitted pencil skirt.

Christie Brinkley, 54 and Michelle Pfeiffer, 50

L-R: Christie Brinkley, 54 and Michelle Pfeiffer, 50


– Now is the time to show the real you. Splurge on luxury statement pieces, explore beyond you basic classics and make an impact.

– Monochomatic outfits are ageless (especially when done with a suit) – they look strong and dramatic.

– Keep your casual clothes up-to-date. Look for outfits that layer well together. A cashmere sweater or two will be a long lasting favourite. Casual yoga pants are great, just make sure they’re not too tight.

– Look for new hues. As you age, your skin and hair colour change. Trying out new hues will help you find what works for you now.

– If you’re still in great shape, don’t be afraid to wear something sexy – as long as it’s still tasteful.

– Invest in a few great pair of designer jeans. They will make the most of your new body, and you will wear them over and over again. If you find one great pair, buy a couple in different washes. A great pair of jeans keeps you looking current, and can be dressed down or up. Avoid anything too trendy though (like skinnies), which will only make you look foolish. Sticking with a timeless style, like bootcut jeans will guarantee years of wear.

**Christie Brinkley defines cool-mom in a dark wash bootcut jean, pink top and fitted jacket. Michelle Pfeiffer proves that aging can be sexy, in a blue tiered dress that is semi-fitted, complete with neckline embellishment.

Goldie Hawn, 63 & Cheryl Tiegs, 61

L-R: Goldie Hawn, 63 & Cheryl Tiegs, 61


– Your confidence is elegant and beautiful, so feel free to indulge in gorgeous designer pieces.

– Look for current styles and cuts, but avoid trends. Keeping your silhouette up-to-date stops you from looking old, but your classics should be your main focus.

– Indulge in wise pieces of luxury; fur trims, silk tops, or designer handbags are ageless choices.

– If you’re still in great shape, feel free to expose some leg – but keep the hemline below your knee to avoid looking tarty. If your arms are great, show ’em off, but only slightly – never go strapless and consider wraps over thin strap styles.

– Wearing lnog coats/jackets over shorter skirts and dresses help keep the look age appropriate, while giving you the freedom to be free and sexy.

**Goldie Hawn subdues her normally outrageous style with an achromatic palette of rich fabrics like silk. A pair of loose truosers keep the look sophisticated but trendy. Cheryl Tiegs keeps her sexy status well into her 60’s by pairing a gorgeous blue coat with a daring LBD.

**Remember that feeling beautiful relies on following your personal style, along with general guidelines for age appropriate choices. Ultimately, you know (or should be learning about) what works for your body and features, and you should never comprimise your tastes. Check out my features on personal style, dressing your body type and the classics, for more helpful information on finding the right clothing choices for you.

October 20, 2008

Personal Style Assessment – Part 2

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Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad

Trendy – If you live for the latest and greatest of fashions, you are a trendy kinda girl. Most trendy women are open to new ideas, and in fact embrace them with eagerness. If you’re trendy you probably don’t like when fashion moves slowly, and you’re always looking for something new and creative to add to your wardrobe. You probably love designer or name brand clothes, and it’s more likely that your closet is crammed full. Most people will confuse your style and think of you as a fashion victim. The reality is that most trendy girls are not slaves to trends at all, in fact if you’re trendy you’re more likely to know which trends to follow and which to avoid, more than any other girl. You’re probably very aware of everything that goes on in the fashion industry, and you most likely start wearing the newest styles before they even become trends!

Your style icon(s): Sarah Jessica Parker, Lauren Conrad, Nicky Hilton, Thandie Newton, Cameron Diaz

Ashley Tisdale

Ashley Tisdale

Girly – If you’re the kinda girl whose always dressed up, wearing heels and who would never been seen without makeup and a great hairstyle, you’re a girl’s girl. You probably prefer to wear soft, pretty colours like pink, purple and yellow. You’re likely to enjoy juvenile inspired clothing, with details likes bows, polka dots and pleats. Your closet consists of mostly dresses and skirts, and has little-to-no black or neutral hues in it, and flats are almost an insult to you! You enjoy being noticed for your pretty outfits, and you wouldn’t be caught dead in anything casual like sneakers and tee’s, unless you’re working out. People may sometimes think of you as a bubbly ditz, but your sunny clothes only match your sunny personality.

Your style icon(s): Brittany Snow, Ashley Tisdale, Emmy Rossum

Garcelle Beauvais

Garcelle Beauvais

Sophisticated – You crave timeless appeal and clean, simlpe silhouettes when it comes to clothing. Your hues of choice are mostly in a nuetral palette, but you recognize the importance of a shot of colour now and then. Black is probably the most dominant hue in your entire wardrobe. A good fit is important to you, and you probably know your tailor like you know your best friend. You never feel the need to be flashy. Or trashy for that matter; you wouldn’t dare to wear anything too revealing. You probably own more than one suit, and adore pencil skirts over any other skirt. Your style is reminiscient of the 40’s and 50’s when sleek elegance was all the rage. You always look put together, and most likely have more outfit options than anyone you know, since all your clothing is simple and compliments each other.

Your style icon(s): Garcelle Beauvais, Anne Hathaway, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Alba, Renee Zellweger

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon

Ladylike – Basically a lady is a cross between sophiticated and girly. A little more feminine than a sophisticated style, but less juvenile than the girly style. You probably love to wear dark gem hues and like a girly girl, you’re not likely to be seen in pants, unless they are dressy pants. You adore dresses and skirts, but you always wear them with class. You would never wear anything vulgar or tarty. You enjoy dressing elegantly and you’re more likely to appreciate luxury goods over designer duds. Most of what you wear will never go out of style and you’re likely to also be vintage, since a lot of your style was more prominent in past decades. Black is a strong hue in your wardrobe, since it pulls everything together.

Your style icon(s): Reese Witherspoon, Katherine Heigl, Kerry Washington, Victoria Beckham, Kristin Davis



Glam – If your wardobe consists mostly of glitter and other “look at me” pieces, you’re probably a glam girl. You love being noticed, and won’t wear anything less than bold. You’re not scared to wear a plunging neckline, and you most likely have tons of sparkly jewelry. You’re daring so you’re not afraid to try new things, but you’re probably not happy when minimalism is trendy. Shiny, glossy fabrics are probably a favourite of yours, such as velvet or silk. You’re likely a party girl, and the life of it and everything you buy reflects that.

Your style icon(s): Beyonce, Paula Abdul, Carrie Underwood

Zooey Deschanel

Zooey Deschanel

Vintage – If you have a love for all era’s and enjoy looking unique, you have a love for vintage clothing. You’re not a picky person when it comes to style, and you will try anything that’s from a past era. You’re most likely the type of person who just enjoys clothing, since your vinatge style has a very wide range. You’re most likely a very artsy, uninhabited type of person who really isn’t sure what their main style is. You can go from a 20’s era get-up one day, to a funky 70’s style the next, and there’s nothing more fun to you than mixing vintage pieces with new trends.

Your style icon(s): Christina Aguilera, Zooey Deschanel

Mischa Barton

Mischa Barton

Bohemian Luxe – There has been much misinterpretation of what Bohemian actually means when it comes to fashion. Basically, if you’re the kinda girl who deems yourself as artistic and deep, you’re a bohemian girl. Other terms for this style is “Gypsy” or “Hippie” which should help you get a better idea in your head. You enjoy wearing neutral palettes, mostly in earthly hues. Brown is probably very prominent in your wardrobe, and you go nuts over embroidery and prints. You’re much like a vintage except you’re vintage look isn’t as broad. Furs, shearling and suede are popular fabrics for you (faux or not). Your look is not cheap bohemian as seen in the past, but rather luxe, with rich fabrics and details. You enjoy being comfortable, wearing loose fitted clothing. Flat boots are a favourite among the bohemian crew. Bohemian luxe is the new, current style to wear of this persona, meaning your style choices should have an old world royalty influence to them.

Your style icon(s): Mischa Barton, Mary-Kate Olsen, Sienna Miller

Ashlee Simpson

Ashlee Simpson

Rocker Chic – Not to be confused with the teenage image of rockers, punks, or goths, the Rocker Chic look is a grown up taste of what the 90’s saw in teenagers. Black is very prominent in this wardrobe, but it’s accompanied with bold, bright colours. Skinny pants and off the shoulder tops are current favourites for this look, as well as most boots (knee, calf, ankle & booties all work), and mini’s. Plaids and checks are widely used in every colour, and studs and large sunglasses are go to accessories. You were most likely a rocker/punk/goth in high school, and have now evolved your style to more appropriately fit your age. You most likely enjoy being expressive and bold, and don’t mind when people look at you.

Your style icon(s): Ashlee Simpson, Avril Lavigne, Gwen Stefani, Audrina Patridge

Courteney Cox-Arquette

Courteney Cox-Arquette

The Natural – If your main goal when it comes to style is to just be comfortable, you fall into this category. You would never sacrifice your style, but you know your limits and would never wear something uncomfortable just to look good. Popular pieces in your wardrobe are likely to be jeans and other basics like tee’s and sweaters. If you’re on the more preppy side of casual, you like classics like blouses, cardigans and A-Line skirts. Your main style is easy and simple, and you don’t feel the need to be flashy. You probably don’t like to follow or partake in many trends, but your casual nature doesn’t stop you from being put-together. Your colour palette probably ranges in subtle hues, as opposed to brights, but you’re more than likely to be open to most colours.

Your style icon(s): Jennifer Aniston, Mandy Moore, Jennifer Garner, Courteney Cox-Arquette

Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys

Urban – If you’re considered a city type of girl, you’re urban. Fashionably speaking, urban styles are edgy and reflects a city lifestyle. You don’t like to go with the trends, and prefer to wear your own unique outfits. Your look probably consists of a lot of black and silver, mixed textures, strange layering etc … it’s almost a futuristic feel now. Architecture is a big part of this look, and jeans (mostly dark denims) are very popular. Piling on jewelry of different styles, degrees and materials are a long favourite of the urban girl. You’re probably the type of person who struggles to find good clothing because this look is completely unique. Many confuse the urban look with being in-line with the Hip Hop community, and that the look is solely that. Urban in the fashion world does not actually spring from Hip Hop, although many of their artists have adopted the look. Basically, since urban location is otherwise defined as ‘city’, urban in fashion can only mean a city inspired, street style.

Your style icon(s): Alicia Keys, Eve, Kelis, Mary J Blige

Rachel Bilson

Rachel Bilson

Girl Next Door – The girl next door is almost like the Vintage girl in theory; she doesn’t have one specific look. Instead she’s got a young, fresh sense of fashion, where anything goes (well almost anything). Whether dressed up or in everyday casual, the girl next door can pull it off, as long as the look is not dark and drab. You’re the sort of girl whose closet is full of everything! Mixing trendy or younger apparel with the sophisticated classics makes you look fresh but not juvenile. You probably wear a lot of white and black and then a nice mix of colours. Most neutrals don’t allow you to shine, so you feel less comfortable wearing them.

Your style icon(s): Leighton Meester, Rachel Bilson, Amanda Bynes

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson

Bombshell – Sultry and sexy, but classy is the definition of the Bombshell. You love glamorous, sexy clothing, and almost always reveal a little skin. You’re not tastelessly overt, instead the Bombshell is a womanly sort of sexy. You prefer close fitted clothing that hugs the body, black is a necessity in your wardrobe, and you’re not afraid to wear a mini – ever. You almost always manage to look dressy and sultry, even when you’re in jeans. It’s unlikely that you would ever have a shoe that wasn’t a high heel, unless you have sneakers for keeping your body hot at the gym. You’ve probably turned quite a few heads, and your friends probably envy your level of confidence.

Your style icon(s): Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Simpson, Salma Hayek

***Always remember that your unique style is personal, and not all celebrity icons will influence or define your style. Make sure you always wear what you feel the most comfortable in, and never let a celebrity’s style influence yours if it doesn’t work for you. Celebrities are meant to be thin and beautiful, and not adding up to their standards is quite normal and expected. Hopefully, most of you already know which style best represents yours, however if you adore the style of a certain celebrity that does not represent your personal fashion sense, go ahead and try out another style. It is never too late to experiment and express the true you. Who knows, you may develop a new style or perhaps enjoy mixing your old taste with you new taste. If you have any questions or comments concerning this post and its content, feel free to drop a line. If you know of any celebrities who would also fit into a certain personal style, let me know and I will search out pictures and examples to use on my blog in the future. Thank you.

Personal Style Assessment – Part 1

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Outside of trends and classics, every women has a personal style. Knowing your style and what you’re comfortable wearing is one of the first steps to creating a perfect wardrobe. Too many women own pieces that they never wear, or pieces they do wear that don’t suit them. On average, most women only wear half of what is in their closet and this means a whole lot of your money is being wasted! Although knowing your body type is probably the most important step, knowing your personal style helps you figure out what works for you. Knowing what you like, as well as what looks good are important factors when it comes to clothing choices, and knowing what you have and what you need will help you save your money. Below I have provided a list of questions that you need to ask yourself, before you get started on your shopping. After you have gone through your closet and answered the questions, you may want to check out my post on organizing and editing your wardrobe. Also check out part 2 of this article to find your personality type and your celebrity style icons. The best way to ensure you love your wardrobe is to stick to your personality type, and keep your body type in mind as well.

1. My top 5 favourite articles of clothing are

2. My go-to outfit

3. My go-to jewelry

4. The outfit or piece of clothing that people compliment me most on

5. The outfit I feel best in

6. My favourtie two colours to wear are

7. The colours others seem to think I look best in

8. The look my best friends like the most

9. What I’ve always wanted and never bought

10. Items I’ve bought and really shouldn’t have

11. What I buy too much of

12. What I don’t buy enough of

13. My favourite trends this season are

14. My least favourite trends this season are

15. My celebrity style icon(s)

16. My favourite neutrals

17. The styles I feel most comfortable in

18. My personal outlook on fashion

19. How I feel about my current wardrobe situation

20. I believe my personal style is

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