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My Top 100 Designer’s List

There are thousands of high end designer labels all over the world today; some of them legends whose names are known to everyone, while others are new-comers taking the fashion industry by storm. With all the designers out there making wonderful clothing, who could really narrow their favourite’s list to a mere 5, 10 or even 50? Many fashion insiders have created their own personal 100 lists, so I have decided to make my own as well. As opposed to just listing my favourites, I will be doing a 100-part series, where I will go into a history of the label and feature designs throughout the years from each one. The designers aren’t necessarily in order, although I will start off with my favourites in the beginning. In loyalty to my favourite designer ever, I will be doing my first feature on world revered Couture designer, Elie Saab.

You can check below for a full list of the designers in the order that they are published (you will not be able to see designers before they are completed – only published designer bio’s will be available). If you are looking for designers from a specific time period, check the list in the corresponding category: 1)Early designers are those who worked before the 1920’s; 2)Influential designers are those who worked between 1920-1980, who helped make drastic changes in style and the fashion industry; 3)Current designers are those who are currently working, or began their career after 1980.

#1 – Elie Saab


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