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March 2, 2009

Skincare Tips

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Having great skin is the basis to beauty as it helps to reflect youth, health and vitality and gives you a natural glow. Despite these benefits, the average woman does not practice a proper skincare routine, which can largely help improve both appearance and texture. The majority of experts agree that we are too rough on our skin, using abrasive products that should only be used by expert. Another problem is that many of us do not cleanse long enough or often enough. With just a little time and effort, it’s actually quite simple to change these habits so that you maintain a gentle yet effective routine.

– Warm cleanser in the palms of your hands before you apply it to your face; this will help emulsify the cleanser, making it much more affective.

– Wash your face for atleast 30-60 second, gently massaging your entire face and neck, then letting it sit for the last ten seconds. This will ensure that the cleanser reaches deep into your pores without stripping any essential oils.

– Using your fingertips is much better than a cloth or swab; fabrics can pull the skin during washing when it’s at its weakest.

– When using toner, be careful that you do not over-do it; toners are very harsh on the skin, so make sure you use gentle sweeps across the face and skip the twice-over.

– You should generally stay away from cleansers and masks that contain exfoliating beads which are very harsh on the face; unless you know your skin very well these scrubbing cleansers are very risky.

– Always try to use lukewarm water to wash your face; extremeties in temperature can have adverse effects; heat can overstimulate your natural oils, while cold water closes your pores, making it harder to cleanse thoroughly.

– A gentler way to remove eye makeup is to partly dilute your eye-makeup remover with water, soak two cotton pads in the mixture, place over your eyelids and gently rub the pads with your fingertips in small circular motions.

– Try making a trip to a spa at least once a month – having a professional work on your face can give you a proper rejuvenation each month, plus it’s a great way to see the tricks they use so you can keep it up. Ask questions about a general skincare regimen, and ask their opinion on which products would be best for your skin.

The Pimple Problem: A pimple is much different than general acne spots, caused by bacteria invading the skin and causing infection. While your body’s white skin cells fight the infection, the spot and redness appears. Squeezing and poking at pimples can easily damage pores, making it a bad idea to pop them. You should avoid squeezing your pimples as much as possible, but since most women will end up popping them, you might as well do it right. I personally choose to leave pimples as long as possible – if they get really big I give in and pop them; this is how you should do it:

– Make sure you cover your fingertips with tissue before you start, to avoid increasing oil and bacteria on your face.

– Try to pop your pimples late at night, and it’s best to have a warm bath first; the steam will help minimize redness and swelling around the pimple.

– After popping the pimple it’s best to treat the area with a dab of witch hazel or tea tree oil; both will fight reinfection. After about 20 minutes, I like to dab a spot of pimple fighting cream over the area and place a piece of tissue on top. I let that sit until it dries and I repeat it at least 3 times that day – this will speed up the healing process.

Aside from keeping up a great skincare routine and popping few pimples properly, it’s always nice to achieve a beautiful glow. An overall glow makes you look happy and healthy and can make you look and feel a lot younger. Sleep is probably the most important and effiecient way to retain a beautiful glow; lack of sleep can make your skin puffy, sallow and give you dark circles under your eyes. Sleep causes cell-renewal, a process that is activated at night, reaching their peak between 1 and 2 in the morning. If you miss sleep during this time, you lose out on skin-restoration. Realistically, there will always be times when you miss out on important sleep; and there are ways to somewhat makeup for the loss of glow. A 15 minute jog in the morning before you get ready will rejuvinate your body, boost circulation and energy, which will leave your skin glowing. An even quicker and easier way is to have a hot, brisk shower followed immediately by a blast of hot cold for 30 seconds; it has the same affect in circulation as a jog.

The final step of repairing your skin is just feeling good about yourself. Higher stress levels, lack of exercise and eating bad foods all make you and your skin feel bad. A positive state of mind will allow your brain to produce endorphins, which will increase your body’s potential to fight off problems such as pimples and bad skin. The rule is the same always: in order to feel good on the outside, you need to feel great on the inside!


Pick of the Day

Today’s pick is Dakota Fanning in this gorgeous navy jumper. I love the balance of casual, trendy and glamour that she achieves with this look. What do you think?


March 1, 2009

Fashion Pick of the Day

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I would like to introduce this new series to my blog. “Fashion Pick of the Day” is fairly self-explanatory; I will pick an item daily that I love in fashion. It can be a shoe or a dress, a runway look or something a celebrity is wearing; pretty much anything to do with clothing. You can rate the look through the poll at the bottom and feel free to leave a comment or opinion on the look. Enjoy!

Today’s pick is this gorgeous red ribbon Valentino shoe, isn’t it lovely?


Top Model Goes Short

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Cycle 12 of America’s Next Top Model begins this week, but it’s cycle 13 that’s making bigger news. In relation to my post concerning diversity on the runways, there is some great news for those average 5’4 Asians, as well as all us other short girls in the world; Tyra Banks has officially announced that cycle 13 of “America’s Next Top Model”  will only be open to girls who are 5’7 or shorter! Unfortunately I have been unable to re-locate the article where I first read this wonderful news, since I was planning on quoting the reasoning behind the decision. In short, Tyra revealed that ever since the beginning of Top Model, she has had shorter girls begging to be given a chance despite their height. Apparently the short model series has been in the making for quite a while, and they feel it would be a great way to give shorter girls the chance to prove they can be the next Kate Moss. It’s not likely that ANTM will continue this trend, as the modeling industry is very cut-throat and not very open to short models, but it would be great to see a couple of these series again in the future of the show. Now let’s just hope Canada follows suit!

More Diversity in New York

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More positive progress in the fashion industry was quite apparent at this season’s New York Fashion Week, as the number of ethnic models increased. According to statistics, of the 3,697 spots in shows or presentations by 116 labels, 668 were filled by models of color, about 18 percent. It may not sound like a big deal, but that’s a whole 6 percent better than last year’s runways.

There were 668 models of ethnicity hired; 41 percent were black, 36 percent were Asian, 22 percent were Latina, and one percent were other ethnicities. There were about 160 opening and closing slots in shows; Latina models opened and closed five times, Asian models three times, and black models ten times. Of all the shows presented, only 6 shows in total had zero models of colour. On the other hand, there were 19 shows that cast zero black models.

The controversy concerning the “lack” of “ethnic” models grows with each season, and while I support the concept of making the runways more diverse, there are many problems within both sides of the “argument”. To begin, it bothers me that people seem to think that ethnicity only belongs to people of colour. Everyone in the world is part of an ethnicity, so technically every model on the runway is “ethnic” – white girls included. If you look at the models individually, you will see that the runways are very diverse – many models come from Brazil, Russia, Canada, England and many other countries, all with their own culture, beliefs and history.

Another barrier in the fashion industry is, and always will be size. Over the years, there have been many angry people who insist that models are too thin and that it is the responsibility of the industry to change the image that they “choose” to portray. Well first of all, design is an art and as an artist, every designer has the right to portray their art as they see fit. On a more solid argument, there is a lot more to it than just hiring “bigger” models. Every designer works within the industry standards – the technical aspects of design all rely on the same measurements – our patterns, our mannequins and our samples are all made to fit one single size – and that’s what size the models need to be in order to fit into the clothing.

Add height restrictions to the required size of a model, and you’ve got two large barriers that can highly affect the amount of “ethnic” models on thr unway. Of course every nationality has a wide variety of body types, and I would never give into the prejudices of difference races, but your background can definately impact your body shape. The height requirement in the modeling industry is generally 5’8 – though I could not get a definite fact, research seem to suggest that the average Asian woman is only 5’4, which may explain the lack of Asian models in the industry. Though this number is definately growing and the few Asian models in the industry have found great success, it’s not likely that the numbers will ever be very high. Size barriers can certainly be an issue for many women of ethnicity when it comes to curves – a women who normally seen as thin may be too big in the hip or bust area when it comes to modeling.

All in all, there are barriers in modeling to women of all ethnicities, and the amount of women eligible for modeling is quite slim in comparison to the world population. While I do hope that more ethnicities can soon enter the world of modeling at a higher rate, I choose to have a realistic view of the standards. With the growing number of countries hosting their own “Next Top Model” series, the opportunity for women who meet the standards is growing, and it would be a great success to see models of many different cultures grace runways and magazine covers across the world.

February 28, 2009

The Art of Fashion

One of my favourite parts of fashion is definately the creativity and allure of ad campaigns and editorials seen in magazines. A great ad or editorial can draw the reader in and make them covet for anything in the picture, and it’s usually these spreads that make the world love or hate certain models. Due to the importance that advvertising has in the fashion industry, I have decided to add the category “The Art of Fashion” where I will post different editorials, ad campigns and other photo shoots that I believe incorporate the best of fashion into amazing artwork. I hope you enjoy! This first feature is the Moschino Cheap & Chic Spring/Summer 2009 ad campaign, modeled by Emma McLaren and Nika Lauraitis.




February 27, 2009

The Latest News in Fashion …

  • The fashion indsutry may be struggling along with the economy, but Moises de la Renta isn’t letting that stop him. As the son of fashion guru Oscar de la Renta, Moises has of course trained under his father as well as with Russell Simmons’ label Phat Farm. His line MDLR debuts this season, with items ranging from under to over $1,000. The collection looks to be a mix of high fashion and edgy streetwear, possibly drawing inspiration from the contrast between his father’s high fashion label, and the ultra-urban Phat Farm line. Items include pieces like hoodies, leather pants, and biker jackets, anchored by sleek little black dresses.
  • On the other hand, a couple more designer labels are now suffering; IT Holding SpA, the company that owns labels Gianfranco Ferre and Malo, has now filed for bankruptcy. Despite this news Ferre’s collection will still show, and Malo has planned a presentation. Another big company in fashion, Ittierre claimed bankruptcy this month; Ittierre owns Just Cavalli and their economic troubles has definately impacted the designer. The company is largely in debt, and while they have received a nice chunk of money in loans it’s only enough to keep the day-to-day operations going. Roberto Cavalli canceled his Just Cavalli show in favour of a small showroom presentation with only 15 looks. He is quoted as saying, “The difficult Ittierre situation leaves me with no guarantee and no certainty that my young line will be as avant-garde as always.” On a little bit of a good note, Cavalli has ranked second – only losing out to Madonna – in fans on Facebook! He has 11 million fans and he’s delighted and touched by the news.
  • J.Crew will be dedicating their next catalogue to “celebrating America”. The campaign will be shot at many classic American landmarks, including Philadelphia’s historic train station and California’s Route 66. Rumours circling imply that the idea has stemmed from the recent electing of the first black President of the United States.
  • Tommy Hilfiger and wife Dee Ocleppo have recently announced that they are expecting a baby. The news was confirmed during fashion week and she is 3 months along. Hilfiger who is 57 years old already has 4 children, while Dee has two herself. I can’t help but think this will be one of the best dressed babies in the world!
  • The latest in ridiculous celebrity products has two women trying to resurface their fame by producing perfumes. Halle Berry and Jenna Jameson are each set to release their own fragrances next week. I’m hoping Berry’s outsells Jenna’s – which shouldn’t be hard since most women aren’t interested in smelling like whore and getting her poster with it!
  • In other fragrance news, scientists are trying to decode the 400 receptor’s in your nose, in order to discover how people will react to different scents. Fragrance houses around the world are deeply interested in this research, since it will help them determine which scents will be successful.

February 24, 2009

Calvin Klein’s First Exclusive Black Model

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While she wasn’t the fashion week favourite, and ranked tenth for openining and closing shows, Lyndsey Scott definately has something to get excited about; she is the first woman of colour to walk as an exclusive with Calvin Klein. The All-American label has been a long favourite of the fashion industry, offering casual prep-wear based on the average american, always striving to maintain that “country club” look. This may have something to do with the fact that the Klein label, along with many others of its kind (Tommy Hilfiger, Anne Klein and Ralph Lauren to name a few) rarely hires models that aren’t white. While this isn’t so much a racist thing and has more to do with personal design and target market, it’s still unfortunate that it’s 2009 and Calvin Klein has just signed its first black model as an exclusive.

The importance of this achievement is large within the fashion industry; the Klein label is infamous for launching models’ careers, and it gives them status and a name almost instantly. Lyndsey can now include herself in the list of great models who have been exclusives for Calvin Klein; Anna Selezneva, Ali Stephens, Jessica Miller and Toni Garrn, all of whom have found great success on the runway. The Klein label has also helped launched the careers of successful supermodels such as Kate Moss, who will forever be known as one of the greatest models of all time, and Natalia Vodianova who was named the new millenuim’s first supermodel.

February 23, 2009

Two Foolproof Colour Palettes To Use

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As the winter gets warmer and begins to prepare for spring, colour will become a central part of my blog. While it’s easy for many women to abandon fun clothing in the winter and rely on those perfect blacks and whites in our closet, spring is a time for colour; and lots of it! Before I get into spring fashion and all the wonderful trends that await us in the next few months, I would like to prepare by introducing colour in a way that works for everyone. I most recently discussed helping you find the right colour choices for you, now I would like to discuss colour palettes. Now that you know the kinds of hues you should be looking for, you can use those to compliment other pieces you may own or want to own.

As a general rule in fashion, you don’t want to match too much; well maybe if you’re going for that monochromatic look, but that doesn’t usually work for all of us. The goal is to make sure your clothing always compliments each other. Although you can compliment any colour with another colour on the wheel, everything depends on that hue’s qualities. A colour is made up of three things; Hue, Chroma and Value. While you wouldn’t want to go out wearing red and green, you could compliment pink and green, and pink is essentially red with a lower chroma and value than true red. Using this knowledge, you can try matching your colours within the two basic colour schemes.

Before you begin your spring shopping, it would be great to arm yourself with all the necessary information. Knowing your colours is a great start, since you will probably want to get into the fun of summer wearing colours. You also need to figure out what you need, which means finding out what you have; and there is no better way to do that than my previously posted closet overhaul. Once you’ve gone through your entire wardrobe, choose 8 pieces that you feel are your best. As a rule, two of your best pieces should be neutral for easy mixing. Classics generally fall into this category, but you may have a few signature pieces, which is great. Now you can figure out what you need. Look out for my upcoming post on the Spring/Summer essentials checklist. First we will stay focused on colour; you need to choose one of two colour palettes for spring/summer.

1) Khaki, browns, ivory and gold, with accents of yellow and red

2) Black white, grey and silver with accents of purple and green

Sticking to these colour palettes is really important in creating a wardrobe that is versatile, yet stylish. Not sure which combination suits you best? Take a piece of something gold and a piece of something silver and hold them up to your face … whichever one suits your skin tone better, is probably your most flattering choice. However, you may find that certain hues in a palette do not suit you; use your personal colours, but always make sure it works. There is always room for creativity, but sticking as closely to these colour palettes will work best. Remember, neutral hues compliment and match everything, so it’s very easy to change the accent colours to ones that you like – but be careful – not every pink compliments every brown nicely, and not every grey suits every green. Go with your gut, if you think it may look a little tacky or unbalanced, you’re probably right. When you’re really in doubt, ask a salesperson – quality stores will always hire someone with fashion knowledge, so you can’t go wrong – however if you’re in a less expensive type of store their staff isn’t likely to be educated and will only have a personal opinion for you. And as always, the key to looking great is feeling great, so stick with what you like and feel comfortable in.

February 21, 2009

Finding Your Colours

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Colours are among some of the most important factors when it comes to clothing and it’s no big secret that not every colour looks good on everyone. While most women love to add a splash of colour to their wardrobes, very little can pull themselves away from sticking to faithful black and white. The major issue is that most women don’t like the way they look in certain colours, and are unaware that they are only choosing the wrong tint or shade of that colour. Here I have decided to help decode the difficulty of choosing colours that will actually make you shine. There are many factors that contribute to which colours work, but the three main factors are: your skin tone, hair colour and eye colour. With these three features, you are on the way to figuring out the best hues are for you. Below you can find the general guidelines for matching colours to your features, and from there you may need to go up a shade (darker) or down a tint (lighter) to get the perfect match. Not every skin type, eye or hair colour may be covered – pick the one that represents your features most accurately.

RED – those who favour red are highly emotional, intense and daring. Your passion inspires others, but you may seem restless to some. If you enjoy bright reds you are bold and energetic. If you prefer softer reds such as pinks and corals, you’re more delicate and are passionate with your mind and spirit.


If you have pale skin, you should stick to true reds, which are very striking colours. Muted tones will wash out your skin so stay away from them. If you have blue eyes, avoid reds that have too much orange in them.


Dark hair, dark eyes and a medium complexion calls for reds such as corals. When your skin is neither dark nor light, any midtone pastel works, just stay away from anything to soft and sweet looking. The colour should provide a sharp contrast to your skin tone.


If you’re really tan or darker with dark eyes, deep reds like Claret which you see during Valentine’s day are best. Rich reds and brown compliment each other because of their warmth, and they are cousins on the colour wheel. These hues will give brown eyes an almost burgandy cast.

ORANGE – is the colour for attention and you will always be noticed; you thrive in the spotlight. You’re extroverted and adventurous and you’re always up for a good time. While many consider your energy to be charming and friendly, others can see you as flamboyant and obnoxious. If you love a traffic-stopping orange, you can tend to be a little more selfish; those who prefer creamy shades can have a warmer attitude towards others.


“Sunny girls” with tawny skin, golden hair and light eyes, should look for creamy oranges like Cantaloupe. This shade is a touch less bright then a classic orange, but is a very sunny colour, and makes tawny and tan skin pop.


If you have brown hair, brown eyes and an olive complexion, vivacious and sparkly oranges like Mango will lighten up your sultry features. Dark colouring gives this shade something to play off of.


If you’ve got the skin of a latina you can pull of any bright or deep hued orange. This type of colouring allows you to wear strong hues that pop, so have fun with citrus colours like tangerine.

* If you have really fair skin, hair and eyes, orange is pretty much the only hue you should steer clear of. Of course everyone is different, so if you really like orange, try many hues and make sure you choose one that doesn’t wash out you skin. A deep, brown-orange may suit those who have blue or brown eyes.

YELLOW – if you love this bright hue, you also love to be noticed. You enjoy being unique, and you’re never scared to look different than everyone else. You’re most likely to be innovative and energetic, and others love your bright attitude. You may have problems being anything but number one; you can get egotistical at times, which can drive others away. The brighter the yellow, the more perky and competitive; fans of pale yellows tend to be more mellow and free.


Those of you with blonde hair, dark eyes and tawny skin, can experiment with many hues that others can’t. Your best yellow? Warm, dark golden yellows that compliment your skin’s warm undertone, such as Honey. Stay away from sweet pastel yellows that will only make your skin seem sallow.


Golden girls with light hair, light eyes and a medium complexion should go with hues that that mirror their natural radiance like Taxicab. A warm, vivid yellow will add more zest to your colouring. It underscores the yellow tones in your skin, which will make blonde hair look golden and will make blue eyes pop.


If you have either very dark skin or very light skin, you should go with a Daffodil. This light hue will look great on women with dramatic colouring, because you can pull off vivid hues. Since your skin probably has blue undertones, a cool, rather than warm yellow is an ideal choice.

GREEN – fans of the colour green tend to be true to their choice; you tend to be healthier and more conscious of the world around you. You are generous and caring, balanced and peaceful. Usually those who like green tend to have high morals and always want to do the right thing. Sometimes this can make you come off as smug, and a know-it-all; green lovers can also be guilty of envy, making them wicked gossipers.


If you have fair skin and dramatic hair (like red or dark brown), the stronger the green, the better. There are a few colours that flatter red hair amazingly, but green is your best colour palette. Steer clear of wimpy greens, which will wash you out. Look for something that will make your hair stand out such as olive, emerald or forest green.

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Blondes with a touch of warmth to their skin look best in juicy, bright greens like Lime. Lime is green mixed with yellow, so this choice will really pop against your skin.


Those of you with a dark, dramatic complexion will look great in what are called Easter colours. Mint greens and other strong pastels will play off your skin tone and give a vivid contrast. Shades that are too dark or muddy disappear into dark skin, so avoid these types of greens.

BLUE – blue persons are much like the image the colour represents; you are a peaceful and patient group of people. The colour tends to bring out the best in your tranquility, making you loyal, gentle and quiet. You need to be careful of who you trust – you tend to form strong attachments to those around you; you are deeply hurt anytime your loyalty is betrayed. Fans of the lighter blues tend to be more sensitive and patient; darker blues represent shyness and introversion.


Fair haired girls with a light complexion should consider Periwinkle. It’s a great shade that’s not icy or pale, and has a hint of purple in it. It will make your skin appear sunny and brings out blue eyes amazingly.


Women with dark hair, dark eyes and a medium complexion can wear just about any colour. However, a dark blue such as Navy looks especially flattering because it can stand up to the colour of their features, giving them depth.


If you have tanned skin and brown hair, the more striking the colour, the better. The right hue of blue, like Turquoise can bring out your eyes better than any eye makeup. Since you have darker hair and a warmth to their skin, you`re going to be a great match for a strong, bright blue.

PURPLE – this royal colour represents mystical qualitites in it’s fans. You are a dreamer and are very private. Enigmatic and unconventional, purple is a colour of deep intrigue. You are witty yet moody, secretive but sensuous; you always keep people guessing. The darker your purple, the more introverted and mysterious you can be; those who prefer lighter tints are light-hearted and optomistic.


For those of you with porcelain skin and dark hair, the last thing you should do is looked washed out in a nude or subtly toned hue. A smarter choice would be to play up the drama with a deep, yet vibrant hue such as Violet. The vivacity of this hue will contrast amazingly with your light skin.


Honey toned girls have an amazing backdrop for any colour. You will look especially striking in a lavender or lilac hue. The goal of this hue is to counteract all the warmth of your golden skin with a cool tone of pastel. Pale and shocking pinks are also great options.


Those of you that have light hair, light skin and dark eyes have a natural contrast. Black and white is your most amazing combination, but when it comes to colour, dark, dramatic shades like plum or burgandy are your best purples. They look stunning against pale skin and mirror the warmth in your eyes.

I hope this helps you all find your colours! Good luck!

February 14, 2009

New York Fashion Week

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As I’ve said before, some people may not be aware that the fashion industry works seasons ahead of time. In order to ensure that my blog is current and relevant, I decided that I will only show the fashion as it pertains to the season, and I will not get too far ahead as the fashion industry does. Today marked the beginning of New York Fashion Week, which is showcasing designer collections for Fall 2009. In my mind, it’s not even relevant to post spring/summer fashion just yet, let alone fall fashion, so as much as I would love to post all the latest runway bests, I must refrain from getting too ahead of the crowd. So I apologize if my blog seems a little behind, but I feel that it will benefit my reader much more in the long run.

February 13, 2009

Fashion’s 10 Models To Watch

Years ago, top designers of the fashion industry relied on a small circle of top models who were on a one-name basis with fashion and people all over the world. Today, in a time where everyone is looking for the next big thing, models go in and out of style as often as the fashion trends themselves. Sure there are a few big models who thrive in the industry, who have the staying power to outlive the normal 2-5 year span of a top model; but even these women have seen fewer runways each year. Today, a great model is a dime a dozen, but those great models are definately out there. The new millenium has seen a large assortment of models every year, but there will always be the favourites. Following in the foosteps of some greats like Natalia Vodianova, Jessica Stam, Daria Werbowy and Gemma Ward, this season is seeing some favourites pop up already. Here are the top 10 faces to watch on the upcoming runways.


Constance Jablonski – Born in France in 1990, Constance is signed to both Elite Model Management and the Marilyn Agency. She entered the French Elite Model Look contest in 2006, after which she quickly signed with Elite in Paris. Two years later she obtained a contract with the Marilyn Agency. Constance made her debut at the spring BCBG Max Azria show in New York, in September of 2008; she also walked for Diane Von Furstenberg, Donna Karan, Matthew Williamson, and Marchesa. She then went on to open and close the spring Blugirl by Blumarine show, and open for La Perla later that September. In October she walked her first Paris Fashion Week for Dries Van Noten, Lanvin, Louis Vuitton, Nina Ricci, and Vivienne Westwood. Later that month, Constance appeared in the Italian Marie Claire editorial, photographed by Max Cardelli. In November of that year, she landed her first cover on the Italian magazine Amica, and then appeared in a Numéro editorial, one of Italy’s biggest magazines, where she was photographed by Sofia Sanchez and Mauro Mongiello. Constance wrapped up a very successful first year by appearing in an Italian Vogue editorial, photographed by Steven Meisel. She began the new year with a bang, as she walked the runway for the Givenchy Spring Couture show in January of 2009. Shortly after, she becomes one of the faces of D&G, alongside Ariel Meredith and Imogen Morris Clarke, photographed by famed fashion photographer Mario Testin, then lands spring ad campaigns for Topshop and Donna Karan. This month saw her in editorials for W and Russian Vogue. You can expect to see her throughout fashion week in New York, and next month she will appear in an editorial for Teen Vogue.

danieladejesusDaniela de Jesus – Born in Mexico in 1986, Daniela is proof that not all models have to be super-skinny to find success; her curves and beautiful features had casting directors worried that she would be too sexy for this industry – which was a chance a certain photographer was willing to take. Bruce Weber is one of Daniela’s biggest supporters, and has shot an impressive 30-page editorial spread of Daniela in Italian Vogue. Daniela is known mainly for her curvy, womanly body and her gorgeous eyes. She began her career in 2007, gaining experience through catalogue work; later that year she officially signed contracts with Major Models in New York and Milan. She then scored her first editorial in Italian Vogue. In 2008 she appeared in the Italian Maxim – a magazine that is not very known for fashion models. Shortly after she was the focus of two major modeling websites, and, and she landed an ad for Abercrombie & Fitch which was photographed by her friend Bruce Weber. She wrapped up the year walking the runways of Chado Ralph Rucci, Mara Hoffman, Marchesa, Vena Cava, and Verrier at New York Fashion Week. She began the new year by doing the pre-fall show for Giambattista Valli in Florence, and appearing in her infamous 30-page spread in Italian Vogue. She now lives in New York. It is with great hope that Daniela finds great success in her career, in order to help pave the way for a change on the runways around the world.


Eden Clark – Born in England in 1989, Eden Clark is a familiar face without a name. She was discovered a bit over a year ago at a music festival, and she signed with One Model Management. Eden is most known for her androgynous looks and full lips.  She made her offical debut in 2007 as an exclusive, where she walked the spring Burberry show. A month later she was profiled on as a rising star in the modeling scene. In February of 2008, Eden’s career began to blow up; she was first photographed by Steven Meisel for an editorial in Italian Vogue. She walked the Fall runways for Burberry, Prada and Marni shows, followed by the Miu Miu show as an exclusive. Later that year she becomes the new face of Kenzo, and replaces Iekeliene Stange as the face of Burberry Black Label. Fall 2008 saw Eden obtain her first opening on the runway in Paris for the spring Gaspard Yurkievich show. She was also photographed by Emma Summerton in November for the cover of British Vogue. Ending a great year in fashion, Eden leaves One Model Management in New York and signs instead with Supreme Management. Eden currently lives and works out of London, England.


Emma McLaren – Born in England in 1991, Emma McLaren is one of those models you can’t take your eyes off of – she’s odd looking in an alien kind of way, but she’s so delicate and doll-like at the same time (she is very much like Gemma Ward). She is most known for her high cheekbones and big, blue eyes. Emma began her to climb the modeling ladder in 2007 when she signed with Ford Models in Paris and the Why Not Agency in Milan. She made her professional debut in February of 2008, opening for the fall Ashley Isham and Allegra Hicks shows in London. Two months later, Emma appeared in a British Marie Claire editorial, photographed by Bruno Ripoche, which was followed by an editorial in Glamour magazine. It was during 2008 that she signed with DNA Model Management in New York and then signed a fragrance contract with Cacharel, ads photographed by Corinne Day. She was featured on the website as a rising star. Fall of 2008 proved to be Emma’s busiest time. In September she appeared in another British Marie Claire editorial, photographed by Jonty Davies; she walked her first New York Fashion Week for top designers Donna Karan, Erin Fetherston, ThreeAsFour, Diane Von Furstenberg, Marc Jacobs, and Michael Kors and closed the spring Bottega Veneta show in Milan. She also walked for the Jil Sander, Christian Dior, Givenchy, and Lanvn shows. October saw Emma appear in a beauty editorial in British Glamour, while featured her as a top-ten newcomer and the Worcester News also pegged her as a rising star. Next she was featured on the cover of  French L’Officiel, and was photographed by Inaki for the fall issue of French Revue de Modes. She started off the new year by doing yet another beauty editorial in British Glamour. Shortly after she became the sole face for Bottega Veneta, and landed an ad campaign for Moschino Cheap & Chic. Emma McLaren lives and works out of London, England.

georgiebaddielGeorgie Baddiel – Born in Burkinabe in 1988, Georgie has not had a huge success of modeling. Although she has walked some major runways and there has been talk of wanting to diversify the industry much more, she is yet to have her career take off. She began her career as Miss Africa 2005, and it wasn’t until two years later that she signed with her first agency, Storm in London. She made her modeling debut in September of 2007 at the spring Ben de Lisi, Duro Olowu, and Jasper Conran shows in London. Following in 2008, Georgie signed with her second agency, Muse Management in New York and immediately began working more. First, in January of 2008, she appeared in an editorial for the French magazine Biba, followed by walking the fall runways for the Diane von Furstenburg, Marc Jacobs, Issey Miyake, Louis Vuitton, and Chado Ralph Rucci shows in New York and Paris in February. The next month saw Georgie appear in an editorial for Essence magazine, and featured her on their website after booking the Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton shows. In April, the site did another story headlined “Gorgeous Georgie”. That same month she appeared in a Russian Vogue editorial, photographed by Mark Pillai. In May she appeared in an editorial in Interview magazine, which was photographed by Sebastien Kim. After a summer of no work Georgie appeared again in September, closing the spring 3.1 phillip lim and Halston shows in New York; she also walks the runways for Oscar de la Renta, Bottega Veneta, Chado Ralph Rucci, Dries van Noten, and Louis Vuitton. Although Georgie hasn’t worked since, she is expected to be on the runways of fashion week. It is with great hope that she finds her way back into the mainstream of modeling, in order to help continue the growing amount of ethnic models, that will help pave the way for a more diversified industry in the future.

hyonikang03Hyoni Kang – Born in Korea in 1987, Hyoni is one of the very few Asian models in the industry that has found large success. Her career began when she won the Ford Supermodel of the World contest on January 16, 2008 – immediately giving her a contract with Ford Models. The next day, featured a story on Hyoni which also talked about the lack of Asian models in the industry. She made her debut in February of 2008, opening the fall 3.1 phillip lim show in New York; she also walked the runways for Brian Reyes, Marc by Marc Jacobs, and Karen Walker. In April that year, she was featured on her first major cover, for Korean Vogue and modeled the cover alongside fellow Korean top model Hye Park. She resumed her career that summer, snagging an editorial all styled in Gucci in V magazine, along with an editorial in Teen Vogue, photogrpahed by Tom Allen. Two other big projects of 2008; Time magazine features Kang in their fall fashion issue as a rising star in modeling, and David Sims photographs her ads for Benetton. September of that year was Hyoni’s busiest time, beginning with her opening the spring Trovata show in New York and closing the spring Nanette Lepore show in New York, where she also walked for 3.1 phillip lim, DKNY, Halston, and Michael Kors. She later appeared in a Harper’s Bazaar editorial, photographed by Oliviero Toscaniand, then reappeared in Korean Vogue for an editorial with Chanel Iman, photographed by Hyea W. Kang. She began the New Year being photographed by Terry Richardson for Lacoste, alongside Alyona Osmanova and Tanya Dziahileva. She was last seen in an editorial for V magazine, which was photographed by Will Davidson. Hyoni now lives in New York, and she will be on the runways of New York Fashion Week.

nimuesmit03Nimue Smit – Born in the Netherlands in 1992, Nimue is known for her large eyes and her lips. She began her modeling career when she became a top-ten finalist in the Elite Model Look contest in Amsterdam. Almost immediately she was signed with Code Management in Amsterdam, and in 2008 she signed another contract with Women Management in Milan. She made her debut in September 2008 at the spring Prada show in Milan, and also walked for Marni. The following month Nimue opened as an exclusive at the spring Miu Miu show in Paris. responded by naming her a top-ten newcomer. She got off to a great start in 2009, when she became one of the faces of Prada, alongside Katrin Thormann and Sigrid Agren which was photographed by Steven Meisel, and then landing an ad campaign for Topshop, photographed by Max Farago. In January, she appeared in an editorial for Italian Vogue, photographed again by Steven Meise. Her latest work included editorials for Dazed & Confused, British Vogue, and Numéro, all of them in February.

rosecordero1Rose Cordero – Born in the Dominican Republic in 1992, Rose is very knew to the modeling industry. She is most known for her hair, but her ethnicity is a strong asset as well. Her career began in 2008, when she walked the runways at the Dominican Fashion Week; she quickly signed with Wilhemina Models in New York, but left the agency after the new year to sign with Supreme Management, followed by Women Management in Milan. On January 15, 2009 featured Cordero on their website as a newcomer, along with who featured Cordero as a rising star – and they were right. Although she has not done any high fashion work around the world yet, she is expected at New York Fashion Week and has already been pegged a favourite by many in the fashion industry.

stephaniecartaStephanie Carta – Born in Australia in 1987, Stephanie has won the hearts of the fashion industry for her well known pout. While attending high school in Brisbane, Australia, she was discovered by a stylist in 2005, when she moved to Sydney and signed with Chic Management. She began to model locally in Australia, and was interviewed by Fashion TV during the Australian Fashion Week. In 2007, Stephanie signed with Next Management in Paris and moved there when she was chosen to work with Nicholas Ghesquiere for five months, modeling for the Balenciaga look book. In 2008 she left Next and signed with Elite Model Management. Her first appearance was in January of 2008, when she walked the pre-fall Balenciaga show in New York. The following month she appeared on the fall runways for the Antonio Berardi, Balenciaga, Costume National, and Kenzo shows in Paris. She didn’t work again until that July when she closed for the resort show of Balenciaga in New York. She was also featured in Australian Vogue as a rising star alongside other Aussie models Alice Burdeu and Skye Stracke. The fall began with Stephanie closing the spring Bruno Pieters show in Paris; she also walked for Jil Sander, Dries van Noten, Balenciaga and Givenchy. On October 3 of 2008, features Carta as a top-ten newcomer. She started the new year off walking the Givenchy spring couture show in Paris. Her next job will be her appearances on the Fashion Week runways from this month.

ymrestiekemaYmre Stiekema – Born in the Netherlands in 1992, Ymre is most known for her blue eyes, full lips and the mole above them. Her career began when she finished runner-up in the 2007 EML World Model Finals; she quickly signed with Elite Paris, followed in 2008 by One Model Management in New York. Ymre made her debut in June 2008, when she opened at the spring Roberto Cavalli and Neil Barrett menswear shows in Milan. Her success was sealed when she became the new face of Prada Linea Rossa, and was photographed by Steven Meisel. On August 26, 2008 featured Stiekema’s Prada campaign and on Prada’s future direction. She became one of the most talked about models of the season when she opened the spring Prada show in Milan. Two months later, Ymre appeared in an editorial for Italian Vogue, again being photographed by Steven Meise. Her new year began by renewing her contract with Prada, closing for the spring Valentino couture show in Paris, and walking the runway for the Christian Dior couture show. You can expect to see this blonde beauty on all the major runways for years to come. You can just tell.

February 10, 2009

Celebrity Designers are Sinking Fast

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Due to the recent economic downturn, the fashion industry has begun to plummet in success. with all the trained designers and retailers out there losing business and sales, it’s no surprise that the celebrity designers would fall even quicker. Now that retailers are finding it hard to sell all this over-priced celebrity junk, they are dropping the publicity stunts and moving on. This is very good news for the fashion industry if you ask me; with all the problems in layoffs and employment, I feel that it only makes sense for these already rich and famous celebs to just back off and leave the jobs for the real designers.

The turn has already bgeun; among the list of celebs whose lines are already finished – Steve and Barry’s lines by Sarah Jessica Parker, Amanda Bynes and Venus Williams have all gone under, LL Cool J’s line for Sears and Ashley Judd’s collections for Goody’s has gone bankrupt. With all these company’s already out of the way, the others are sure to soon follow suit. Experts say that the fashion industry was already over-saturated with celebrity designers before the economic downturn, and it’s likely that next to none, if any, will survive through the struggle.

Well you can bet myself and every other real designer (or aspiring designer) will be jumping for joy at this news. However, while in all the celebrity design craze was rather insulting and extremely annoying, I must admit that I do hope a few of them survive – I mean after all, I adore my J.Lo pumps and I can’t get enough of Gwen Stefani’s collections!

February 9, 2009

Temperley London Virtual Collection

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temperleylondon1If you’re a Temperley London fan like me, you may be happy to hear that you will be able to see their next collection for free. Yes that’s right, I said FREE! While browsing the internet at some of my favourite websites, I happened to visit the Temperley London offical site. It was then that I found out about their Virtual Fashion Show invitations for their upcoming collection, which will preview at New York Fashion Week. While you may not be able to see the show from an extremely uncomfortable (but totally awesome!) front row seat, Temperley London is offering to send e-invitations to anyone who would like to see the show live online; which is almost just a good as seeing it, well, live. This is fantastic news for anyone who is fashion crazy, since normally you would have to wait a couple of days, sometimes weeks even, before you can get a glimpse at exlusive fashion shows. To obtain this wonderful offer, all you have to do is go to their website, click to enter, and right on the main page there will be an exclusive offer. Click on the “register now” link and fill in the small amount of info. From there they will send you your invite via email. The link below will take you to the website, or you can locate the link on my main page on the right hand side menu under “Fashion Links”. Enjoy!

Temperley London Website

#1 – Elie Saab

elie_saabElie Saab has become known for his elegant, luxury designs. He is one of the few true couturiers left in the world, and his unique visions of dreamlike gowns make him a long favourite among all women who adore absolute femininity. Saab was born in Beirut on July 4, 1964 with the gift of artistic talent. His interest in dressmaking began at the age of 9, and he spent much time as a young boy sketching for his sisters and making clothes out of tablecloths and curtains from home. Saab began pursuing his dream at only 18 years old, when he opened his first atelier in 1982. He immediately began his business designing exquisite evening gowns and intricately beautiful wedding dresses. He first showcased his talent at a Casino in Beirut, gaining great media coverage and raved reviews from an astonished press.

Saab’s couture house thrived in the 1980’s, attracting many princesses dying to wear his designs which were the epitome of glamour and sophistication. It was his distinct romanticism which gave his designs their appeal; they were cut close to the curves of a woman’s body and used exquisite details like beading and hand-embroidery. He combined these intricate details with beautifully feminine fabrics like silks, chiffon, mousseline and tulle. He just knew how to dress women beautifully, and could make anyone feel like a princess in his designs.

It was in the 90’s when Saab’s reputation spread internationally, allowing him to expand his business in Beirut and show his collections in Europe. In 1997, Saab was the first non-Italian to be invited to the Camera Nozina della moda, a very prestigious fashion event, which helped mark his place in the world of couture. He then began to show his collections in Rome during Fashion Week. In 1998 Saab launched his first Ready-to-Wear collection in Milan, to rave reviews. The collection was a huge success, selling in major fashion cities around the world.


Two years later Saab opened a showroom in Paris, then showcased his collection in the city, causing wide recognition among Paris’ fashion elite. It was in 2002 that Saab gained celebrity status clientele, when Halle Berry took home an Oscar for best actress while wearing one of Saab’s gowns. Shortly after, Saab’s A-List clients expanded to the likes of Christina Aguilera, Teri Hatcher, Beyonce, Catherine Zeta-Jones and many more. His dresses are now regulars on the red carpet. He is also the long couturier of Queen Rania of Jordan.


His breakthrough moment came when Saab showed his 2003 Couture line in Paris, as an officially invited member of prestigious Chambre Syndicale. Two years later he launched his expanded RTW line in Paris, which has now become his second home for fashion. In 2005, Saab opened his first boutique in his home of Beirut, where his five-floor modern building houses his Atelier, Couture, Accessory and Ready-to-Wear collections. Saab’s business continues to expand; he has just recently opened his first UK boutique at Harrod’s, where you can find his coveted gowns. Saab plans to expand even more in the future, hoping to open stores in major cities all over the world.


Below I have dislpayed a preview from all of his collections that I could find, starting from 2003 up to 2008. Since Saab’s design aesthetic was more fitted to the world of Couture, he did not begin his RTW collections until 2006; so any collections before 2006 are only couture ones. Some collections had a lot more that I wanted to show, so there may be more of one season than another. I hope you enjoy his gorgeous collections as much as I do.

2003 Spring/Summer Couture

es2003-couture-ssHis first photogrpahed collection showcased Elie Saab’s strongest abilities – heavily adorned or printed gowns in flowing, heavenly fabrics. Saab knows how to accentuate a women’s body in his silhouettes, adding sexy details like deep necklines, high slits, cut-outs and sheer fabrics. His colour palette uses earthly tones such as browns, blacks, greens, yellows and blues.

2003 Fall/Winter Couture

es2003-couture-fwFor his next collection, Saab breaks out with embellishments and a pop of colour. He stays with his original design aesthetic, using feminine silhouettes and sexy detail. This colour palette is bold: bright blues, greens and purples, with steely neutral accents of greys and black.

*2004 S/S Couture unavailable.

2004 Fall/Winter Couture

es2004-couture-fwHello ice princess! Saab’s dreamy creations continue in 2004, while he offers updated gowns and adds some refined elegance to his line. His short dresses almost rival his gowns as he shows women he can dress more than the red-carpet. A colour palatte based on whites and greys, with a rich contrast of greens, yellows and purples.

2005 Spring/Summer Couture

es2005-couture-ss-longdressThe gowns: If possible, Saab’s gowns get even girlier this season. He held nothing back in the way of detail, but shows the world he has the skills to drape like dream. The colour palette: COLOUR! An abundance of summer brights including orange, yellow, blue and pink.


The short dresses: Saab uses all the beautiful embellishments of his gowns, mixed with the flirty appeal of showing some leg. They’re bright, they’re pretty and they’re free. Colours such as orange, yellow and white are perfect for the season.

2005 Fall/Winter Couture


Dark tones present a mysterious, more mature colour palette in this collection, but the feminine details are still there. Saab takes a more refined appraoch to this collection, letting the manipulation of the fabrics tell the story. The palette features deep hues of green, red and blue, with an accent of black.

2006 Spring/Summer Couture

es2006-couture-ss-gownsThe gowns: Saab’s gown in 2006 truly went back to his roots. The gowns were all fit for a princess, with all the bows, lace, frills and fullness every girl could want. This collection is really something out of a fairy tale, with a colour palette of pastel blues and purples, while neutral accents add sophisticated versions of fantasy gowns.


The short dresses: It’s hard to believe these dresses were part of the same collection as his gowns. For what lacks in length, Saab made up for in exquisite details that do all the talking; or should we say flirting! The colours: refined and elegant jewel tones such as gold and peridot come to life with sparkling embellishment, lace and bows.

2006 Fall/Winter Couture


Proving that his skills don’t rely on adornment, Saab pulls it back just a notch and produces a feminine line that’s sleek and full of sophistication. Here he shows the fashion industry that his talent includes knowing not only how to dress a princess, but how to cater to the more refined buyer. The colour palette sets the tone with blacks, white gold and deep wine reds.

2006 Spring/Summer Ready-to-Wear

es2006-rtw-ss-coloursThe Colours: Spring seems to make Saab flourish and break out the sunny brights. His first ready-to-wear collection debuts with an array of fun and flirty dresses with little to no decoration. Here he lets the construction do the talking, framing a women’s body in light, easy fabrics. The colours are the brightest of summer; greens, reds and pinks make you feel cute and confident.

es2006-rtw-ss-neutralsNeutrals: The building blocks of every wardrobe are redefined in sexy cuts and flowing fabrics. The short-to-long dresses have the glam for big nights out, with all the ease of a mini. The details are minimal, letting the construction shine through. Faithful black and an almost white gold hue make versatility bold.

es2006-rtw-ss-whitesWhite: This not-so-boring basic neutral is very dominant in this collection. Pearl and ivory whites are completely vamped up in girly summer dresses and cripsly pressed suits are staples for women of sopshitication. The white canvas sets the stage for bright accessories such as shoes and handbags, and their versatility makes them must-haves.

2006 Fall/Winter Ready-to-Wear


Saab follows suit as the fashion industry takes a turn from the most girly of colours and adornments, to the much coveted minimalist look. Black and white make a strong statement, especially when used in the most ladylike fashion. Lace, frills, fur and fullness make this wardrobe anything but stark. Here we witness Saab as one of the first to introduce stockings into full trend.

2007 Spring/Summer Couture


Back to the glitz and glamour of the orignal Saab aesthetic, his 2007 couture collection reminds us of what he does best. Embellishment, bows, frills and lace make another dramatic entrance into fashion. The colour palette is light and dreamy, silvers, light golds, pale blues and pinks.

2007 Fall/Winter Couture


Saab’s construction and design are both prominent apsects of this collection. The colour palette is consists of simple, muted hues of nudes, greys and washed out colours such as purple. The details and embellishment is still there, but in a more refined and sophisticated way. The pleats, the gathering and the unique draping all scream classic elegance.

2007 Spring/Summer Ready-to-Wear


It’s not very often that you see a designer produce a collection like Saab’s 2007 s/s Ready-to-Wear line. The colour palette: Gold, gold and more gold; there was not a single other hue present in this collection. Normally a very daunting task, Saab excelled greatly with his gold collection. Where a collection would normally use repetition in their design, using alternate colours, Saab had to make every piece different in some way, while still making it cohesive. The collection was beautiful, one of his best to date.

2007 Fall/Winter Ready-to-Wear


His next collection seemed to take a very dramatic turn from his usual ultra-girly gowns and dresses, offering instead an sexy, edgy look. The hemlines were shorter, the clothes tighter and the colours deep and dramatic. The colour palette consisted of black, purple and teal; leather and black tights were everywhere, and the cuts were either sexily slinky or super-tight. This fall runway showed everyone that Elie Saab has got some attitude.

2008 Spring/Summer Couture


Probably my most favourite collection of Saab’s, the 2008 s/s couture show was nothing short of stunning. Couture is truly where he shines and his clothes are at his best; he just knows how to make a woman look beautiful and glamorous. Everything about this collection epitomized the true meaning of a lady; from the hourglass silhouette and the feminine details and embellishments, to the beautiful colour palette of warm yellows, golds, silvers and blues.

2008 Fall/Winter Couture


Saab sends a strong statement with his fall couture show this year, with bold silhouettes and intricate details and construction. Continuing his trend of full silhouettes contrasted with streamlined cuts, Saab increases the intensity in every way. The full skirts and unique construction of his fabrics are chic dramatic. The intricate detailing of the lace, flowers and pleating create dreamy versions of simple gowns. The colour palette is strong and saturated; deep reds and purples with accents of muddy gold and silvers.

2008 Spring/Summer Ready-to-Wear


This spring ready-to-wear collection was full of fun and flirty dresses for any woman. Florals, bows, frills and glitter make the most of late night beach dates, in airy farbics and tastefully revealing cuts. The colour palette speaks of all the summer pleasures; grass and fruits, water and rainbows – in reds, purples, greens and blues, with accents of white and black. The hemlines are short but classy and the arms are exposed.

2008 Fall/Winter Ready-to-Wear


This was a much more mature collection for Saab, full of clean lines and simple details. There was very little glitz and lace consisting mostly of precise draping and sharp construction. The silhouette was demure and cut close to the body; the hemlines were longer, while the entire collection showed much less skin. The colour palette was mostly achromatic, with muted tones of blue and red; the fabrics soft and supple, elegant but with ease of movement.

Wedding Gowns


Celebrities in Elie Saab

Elie Saab is no stranger to the red-carpet, as he has been dressing celebrities and royalty throughout his entire career. His girly, embellished gowns have become favourites for red carpet events, and it’s very likely for a celeb to end up on the best dressed list while donning one of his designs. Probably his biggest celebrity fan, Beyonce has worn many of his gowns and helped to popularize him among some of the most stylish women in hollywood.  Below you can see some of the celebrities who have graced the red carpet with all the glamour that comes with a Saab gown.

beyonceesOne of Beyonce’s most recent appearances had her shining in this gold Saab dress with a plunging halter neckline, high slit and flowing train. The dress made the most of Beyonce’s gorgeous curves, and the shimmery gold hue worked wonders for her skin tone.

beyonce-02Left: Beyonce wears one of Saabs full gown in mustard yellow for an on-stage performance. Right: The beautiful singer looks chic in this nude/gold strapless dress with mermaid skirt. The dress is gorgeous, with a retro glam aspect; the silhouette really hugs her curves and makes her shine.

beyonce-03Left: Beyonce really loves to stay withing the gold/brown family; it works so well with her skin and hair tones. This light gold dress is very typical of Saab and Beyonce, glamorous and chic, almost always embellished. The detail and draping on this dress really helps her stand out, and it works great on her body; none of the excess ruins her perfect curves. Right: Here she goes for a short nude dress, with all the details she loves in his gowns. It’s not her best Saab pick, but it’s very cute.


Left: Beyonce looked stunning in this beautiful blue empire dress. The fitted style is great for her body, and all the frills and lace make it an eye-catcher. I love the bowtie waistline and girly details, but the colour especially shines against her skin tone. Right: Another blue masterpiece by Saab, this strapless gown with silver bodice is not Beyonce’s best colour, but it’s still very beautiful on her. The shape is what really does wonders for her, as it emphasizes her gorgeous curves in all the right ways.

ashantiinesAshanti was spotted wearing this sexy dress from S aab’s 2007 S/S ready-to-wear collection. The shape is very nice on Ashanti, and the light gold hue pops against her dark skin beautifully.

christinaainesChristina Applegate recently wore this beautiful, sparkly gown on the red carpet for the SAG awards. I love the classic style of the dress, mixed with a unique hemline. The dress is gorgeous and works well on her frame but I feel the light colour washes out her pale skin just a little bit.

dvtinesDita von Teese chose this very ladylike, sexy gold dress with lace detailing. I love everything about this dress, the length and silhouette are very chic; a perfect shape for an hourglass figure.

802705AREvangeline Lilly looked stunning in this fitted gold, strapless dress at the 2008 Emmy’s. The train in gorgeous, and the details glamorous; the shimmery gold is a show-stopper. I don’t feel it’s the best hue for her skin tone, but she was absolutely glowing.

halleberryinesHalle Berry looked very chic in this simple yet gorgeous gold number. The high bodice gives Halle a very long, lean figure and a small waist. I really love the pleating on the skirt, and the gold is a very nice hue for her skin tone.

halleberryines02Halle Berry is seen here in a short gold dress that is sexy, yet classy. The details on the top are beautiful, and I love how it’s balanced with a simple skirt. I find the length a little short for a woman of her age, but we all know celebs don’t follow the style rules all the time; regardless she looks gorgeous in this little gold dress.

hilaryduffinesHilary Duff chose this gorgeously embellished gown to wear on the red carpet for the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Annual Gala. The fitted dress was a perfect choice for Hilary’s slightly fuller figure, making her look glamorous but fresh; the embellishment is perfect for a woman of her age, and she really shines here.

hilaryduffines-02Hilary Duff sported another cute little gold number by Saab. This dress really suits the style for a woman of her age on the red carpet; this dress is fun and cute. The babydoll is short and sexy, but the silhouette makes it a little demure as well.

katebeckinsaleinesKate Beckinsale wore this retro-inspired full strapless dress. The style looks very good on her small frame, while the hue compliments her tanned skin beautifully. I love the detail on the bust, as well as on the waistband; it’s a very ladylike choice.

kerrywashington001Kerry Washington wore one of my absolute favourite dresses by Saab. This style is just so classy and beautiful, and it looks amazing on her. Her small frame works very well with the pencil skirt style, and she can really pull off the full bodice and sleeves. The detail in the pattern is gorgeous, everything about this dress is so ladylike.

802705dzMarcia Cross looked gorgeous on the red carpet in this old hollywood glamour inspired strapless dress. The dress is beautiful; it does wonders for her body, creating a beautiful hourglass figure. The lace detail is amazing and I love the slimming effect of the thick ruched waistband. I feel that the hue washes out her pale skin tone, and I think she would have looked much better in the purple version.

michelleyeohinesMichelle Yeoh shined beautifully in this gorgeous pale yellow dress with detailed silver overlay. The bodice is very nice, but I don’t feel it does much for her shape, although the hue really compliments her tone. My favourite part is definately that beautiful train that extends out from the back. It’s a very good choice for the red-carpet.

terihatcherinesTeri Hatcher donned this stunning white strapless gown with black and gold abstract detail. The dress fits her flawlessly and really shows off her tiny waistline. I love the print that was used and the ease of flow in the fabric, it’s very eye-catching. Another beautiful detail is the sweeping train, which really glams up the gown.

vanessawilliamsinesVanessa Williams opted for a very simple, chic deep teal gown by Saab. The single black asymetrical strap at the top is a little weird, but she seems to pull it off with such a gorgeous collarbone. The dress fits her very nicely and I just adore the colour on against her skin tone. It’s a very sophisticated choice considering the usual picks from his collections.

I hope you enjoyed learning about my favourite designer. Check back soon for my second designer biography from my List of Top 100 Designers.

January 21, 2009

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Hello my friends! So Im hoping to get my Elie Saab bio up which will begin my top 100 designers. At the moment I am pretty much bed-striken with the flu so I may not be doing much with my blog during this week. I should be better by next Monday when I will resume my blogging. Sorry for the delay, and thank you so much for all your interest and support, without you readers, I would have no reason to blog anymore! Have a great week and weekend, hopefully flu free for all your beautiful ladies! 😉

January 19, 2009

Celebrity Designers Steal the Runway

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I have always had this huge obsession with clothes. I know that I’m not alone, that most women love clothes too, but I always found my interest in apparel to exceed that of others around me. Growing up my family didn’t have a lot of money, or the luxury of buying their children everything they wanted; so my middle sister and I would attempt to make Barbie outfits out of our old clothes, usually producing an ugly off-white tube dress made out of a sock, or a floral skirt sewn on the outside with sloppy stitches exposed, from an old church dress that no longer fit us. Another favourite hobby of mine was to skip through my Archie books to any page with Betty and Veronica, and try to draw their outfits. When I was around 12 years old, I drew my first real fashion sketch; I had turned my hanging robe into a very cute coat. It was actually one of the best drawings ever – something natural flowed out of me, and I still to this day have not gotten back that natural skill; I only use technique and measurements. It didn’t really occur to me until I was about 17 years old that I actually wanted to be a designer; that I had obviously wanted to a designer since I was a little girl.

As someone who dreams to one day show my collections in the biggest fashion cities, I happen to be against and in fact angered by the sea of rich celebrities who choose to invade our world of fashion (when I say “our” I mean any person in the world who actually dreams of being a designer and only a designer). It may seem silly to others, but to stand by and watch a bunch of rich actresses or singers steal a spot in the industry that I am actually passionate for. Besides the fact that these women have already found tremendous success in their chosen field and have no need to design, they are not even trained! This is what really gets me. These celebs are cashing in on merchandise that they have not even created themselves; they have no training in design, patternmaking or sewing and on top of that they don’t have to learn and then struggle for success because they get it automatically. It’s also unfair to the designers, patternmakers and sewers who are behind the creative process themselves, and having some spoiled rich woman slap her name on their work; they are not being credited for their success and hard work. Today, the list of celeb designers is quite large, and I have a very sinking feeling it’s not going to end anytime soon. Among the list of already famous designers out there, I believe that only three of them are real (and by real I mean trained) designers; those being Nicky Hilton who studied fashion design in College, Lauren Conrad who also studied design, and Beyonce who I believe was taught by her mother, who is one of the creative forces behind their Dereon label.

Nicky Hilton – as I said the younger Hilton sister actually studied design, first at the Fashion Institute of Design where she most likely graduated with some sort of Diploma, and then went on to study at Parsons School of Design, but did not recieve her Degree because she left. It doesn’t really matter that she didn’t ger her fourth year; it’s the exact same as graduating with a Diploma, except a Degree just “looks” better. This girl knows how to do everything that any other designer can do as well, and maybe she didn’t have to work hard for it, but hey neither did Stella McCartney! Nicky’s first job in the fashion industry had her working in Japan designing handbags for Samantha Thavasa from 2002 until 2005. She launched her first independent label in 2004, an affordable collection of fashion forward clothing under the name ‘Chick’. She then went on to launch a more mature, high fashion label under her full name ‘Nicholai’.

Lauren Conrad – I guess you could kind of say she was a celeb before she studied design since she was on Laguna Beach but I didn’t really consider that to make her A-List or anything. She was more famous from The Hills, when she was attending FIT for fashion; but I was never really clear on her exact course. I say this because when I was attending college, I had to carry around bags upon bags weighing at least 50 pounds, filled with supplies. I never saw LC carrying design supplies, never saw her sketching, never saw anything about design on The Hills; but I could be wrong about what she actually learned. Either way, she has her college credentials and that’s all that matters.

Beyonce – As far as I know, Beyonce has never studied design, but her mother has all the skills needed, and used to design all the costumes for Destiny’s Child. I believe Beyonce would have picked up her skills in design from her mother. Maybe she can’t be a whole part of the creative process, but she has said that she is always a part of the design, and would never put out clothing designed by another person and slap her name on it. I think I can give her the benefit of the doubt.

The following celebrities are the ones I belive do not have any training in design. These celebrities are the ones I feel are invading an industry that they don’t belong to, and industry that they have no knowledge about; liking clothing and knowing the latest trends has little to do with making clothing, and I’m pretty sure these women can’t design, sew or make patterns – therefore they are not designers. If I am mistaken, and anyone knows whether one or more of these celebs have training, please let me know so I can fix my mistakes.

– J.Lo

-Rachel Bilson

– Jessica Simpson

– Sarah Jessica Parker

– The Olsen Twins

– Madonna

– Hilary Duff

– Gwen Stefani

– Kimora Lee Simmons

– Paris Hilton

– Penelope Cruz and her sister Monica

– The Kardashian Sisters

– Victoria Beckham

– Sienna Miller

– Mandy Moore

– Kate Moss

– Amanda Bynes

– Lindsay Lohan

– Fergie

– Pamela Anderson

– Milla Jovovich and friend

January 18, 2009

Classic: Fitted Jacket – How To Wear

Part one of “The Classics” series focuses on the Jacket.

Classic #1: Fitted Jacket

A great tailored jacket is every woman’s best friend, and a lot of women are freindless! Too many women just don’t understand how great a jacket can be for your figure. The key to making the most of your body is to make sure that jacket actually fits! A lot of women who are unhappy with their bodies don’t want to wear a fitted jacket because they don’t want to expose their figure. The result is they choose a loose, ill-fitting jacket that actually makes them look 10 pounds heavier! Since no body is the same, chances are you will have to look for a jacket that almost fits you perfectly, then have it tailored professionally to your body.

Hourglass Shape – The key to flattering your shape is a flawless fit. Close-fitted jackets work best because they will follow your natural curves. It is especially important that the jacket fits at the waistline, so steer clear of boxy, straight styled jackets which will only hide your beautiful figure. Details to look for in your jacket include:

Diane von Furstenberg $465 Nordstrom

Diane von Furstenberg $465 available at

– Single breasted styles that create clean lines. Double breasted styles create more boxy figures, so you will only add bulk and disrupt your natural silhouette. The key is to follow your natural curve lines, you don’t want to exaggerate or hide any part of your body.

– Princess seaming, which follows and accentuates curves, as well as helps lengthen the body.

– Fitted shoulders. Since your body is already balanced, you want to avoid exaggerated shoulders.

-Jackets with v-neck styles which visually lengthen your body, since curvy girls can tend to look stumpy. Avoid wide v-necks, which will widen the shoulders and break the balance in your figure.

– Look for hidden pockets, or none at all. Pockets will only add extra bulk.

– Stay away from styles that hit at or below the hip, which will only exaggerate big hips.

The jacket here is a pretty good choice for an hourglass. The deep v-neck with narrow lapels keeps the look streamlined, and the fitted style hugs but doesn’t exaggerate the curves. These pockets are not great but since they sit at the waistline, they wouldn’t widen the hips.

Triangle Shape – A jacket is one of your best wardrobe options, since it can visually balance your shape by providing you with a strong shoulder. Like an hourglass shape, you want to find a jacket that will give your waistline some definition, but you also want to incorporate details that will widen your shoulders. Here are a few things you should look for:

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania $840 at

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania $840 at

– Try to find something with shoulder pads. Now before you trash the whole idea due to the stigma of shoulder pads, keep in mind that today’s jackets do not have the same type of shoulder pads as the 80’s. A thin, carefully moulded shoulder pad in a fitted jacket gives definition that will balance your shoulders with your hip line. If you’re still not convinced, then try some sort of gathering at the shoulder, or if you’re real trendy, try a jacket with super chic bubble sleeves.

– Details at the top of a jacket (such as decorated collars, or those button up flaps found on most trenchcoats) are great ways to bring attention to the shoulder area, which will take the focus off the imbalance of your hips.

– Cropped styles and bolero’s are a great option for you, as long as they are worn over a fitted shirt, that allows you to see the definition in your waistline.

– Belted jackets and jackets with a band around the waist work well for triangle shapes, since they define the waistline. You should aim to create a natural waistline (above your belly button), because if you cinch your waist in right above your hip, it will only exaggerate the curve.

– Since a v-neck is universally flattering (unless you are really busty of course!), a jacket with a v-neck will always lengthen and slim your body, but try finding a wide v-neck as opposed a narrow one. The wide v will draw the eye upwards and apart, creating the illusion of a wider, more balanced shoulder line.

– Vertical lines such as paneling and princess seams always help visually lengthen the body.

– Avoid long jackets. The hem of your jacket should hit at your high hip, as opposed to across or below the hip. Also avoid any jacket that has pockets below your waistline, which will only add bulk to your hips.

Shown here, this jacket is perfect in balancing your figure. The wide lapels help define the shoulders more, and the bodice has an obvious curve to accentuate your waistline. The small pockets would hit at the small waistline and are flat to keep it polished.

Rectangle Shape – When it comes to jackets, you need to be extra careful when choosing one. Since

JON Sportswear $275 available at

JON Sportswear $275 available at

jackets are usually layered over other garments, it’s easy for you to lose any shape you may have, and you end up looking more straight than you actually are! Searching for the perfect jacket may seem like a never ending task for you, but when you do find that perfect jacket, it will all be worth it. Here are some tips to help make the search a little easier:

– You should always be looking for a jacket that defines your waistline. Belted jackets are your best option, and you want to find something that will help make your waistline the focal point of your body.  It would be very beneficial to find one or two classic jackets with belt loops at the waistline, then invest in a variety of flashy, unique belts to switch it up.

– Seamlines that curve in at the waistline also help create a waist that isn’t there.

– Avoid any jacket that hits below the top of your hip. You should only look for a jacket that will hit right above your hipline. Stay away from boxy type jackets (like the classic Chanel style), which will only repeat that straight, shapeless silhouette that you already have.

This jacket is perfect for any rectangle figured woman. The clean lines and simple detailing allows you to show off your tiny waist. The full sleeves and peplum detailing at the hip create curves exactly where your body needs them.

Inverted Triangle – Your figure is probably the hardest to flatter using a jacket, because you want to avoid too much layering, and anything that will draw the eye towards your upper half. A tapered jacket is a major staple in your wardrobe, since it will create a leaner line on top, and create more definition in you hip area. When searching for your perfect jacket, keep these tips in mind:

Elie Tahari $239; at

Elie Tahari $239; at

– Look for jackets with a deep v-neck, since they will slenderize your upper half. Steer clear of anything with a wide neckline, which will only broaden your shoulder more.

– With the most versatility in sleeve variations, you can get away with long sleeves, 3/4 length and cap sleeves. Avoid any sort of gathering or bubble type sleeve, that emphasize the shoulders.

– Avoid any jacket with detailing on the top half, and alternately, look for jackets with some detailing below the waistline, like pockets which will add bulk to the hip area and help balance your shoulders. Jackets with small collars are okay, but always avoid any type of dominant collar.

– A great type of Jacket to try is one that has either a real or faux wrap style. This type of jacket will cinch your tummy and create a curve from the waist to the hip, balancing out the shoulder. This will achieve that gorgeous hourglass shape you are looking for.

– For a younger, more trendy style, look for a short waisted jacket, unless you are already a short waisted person (check out the article on body types to find out whether you are short, long or normal waisted). A short, fitted jacket will cause your hip to start at a higher place, giving the illusion of a bigger hip. Be careful with this type of jacket, since a lot of short jackets are boxy and fall away from the body. If you have trouble finding a perfect fit, you can always take the jacket to a tailor.

The jacket above is a great piece for this body type. The small lapels and polished shoulder, especially in black helps to minimize the contrast of your shoulders to your hips. The cinched in waist and flared hem create curves exactly where you need them.

Apple – It may be frusterating to find a jacket for your body type, since it feels as though nothing will look right. Choosing one that is too fitted will make you look larger, while wearing a baggy jacket will do the exact same thing! Don’t worry, there are definately many great styles out there that will look great on you, it’s just a matter of finding them. You want to create the illusion of a longer,

Mac & Jac $129 available at

Mac & Jac $129 available at

leaner body, and you need to bring the attention up towards your face. You should look for:

– Details at the top, near your face and on the shoulders will bring the eye upward, giving the illusion of a leaner silhouette. It also helps even out your lower half with your upper half.

– Semi-fitted and loosely fitted styles work great for you. You don’t want to go too tight, where you may expose some bulging, but you don’t want to go tent-like or you will wind up looking much larger. Find styles that just skim the body for a perfect balance. Avoid belted waists, but consider styles like Mac & Jac’s with a faux waistband which will give the illusion of a cinched in waist.

– Low necklines, especially v-neck styles will draw the eye in a vertical motion, lengthening the body. If you’re very busty, like over a C-Cup, you should stay away from low v-necks that show too much cleavage, or else you will end up looking trashy.

– Longer jackets are better for you, as they conceal and create one long line. Jackets that hit at wider areas of your body visually cut you off and draw the eye to that unwanted area. Try for styles that are knee-length or longer. Avoid floor length styles, which will only look matronly.

This long jacket will help elongate the body; the detailing helps draw the eye upwards, and the colour block waist will give the illusion of a smaller tummy, without cinching it in close to the body.

January 16, 2009

Doggy Clothing: Cute or Cruel?

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The SPCA in London has recently suggested that they would like to begin prosecuting dog owners who “overdress” their dogs. Within the last few years, clothing for your little best friend became a full-out craze; celebrities started the trend, where it quickly cuaght on with average dog owners. The SPCA has spoken out against this craze, reporting that putting shoes, trousers, and other clothing/accessories can be harmful to your dog. As a dog owner myself, I know what it’s like to want your dog to be happy and comfortable in every way possible.

When I first got my puppy just a little over a year ago, my boyfriend and I went right to this pet store and decided that since it was the beginning of winter, he was just a little pooch and he had short hair, that we would get him a coat. We ended up shoveling out $30+ for this tiny red coat with a fur hood on it. It was adorable on him, so big that you could only see the tip of his lil pink nose out from under the hood. He didn’t like it at first, he would struggle when we put it on him – but he got used to it, and plus it kept him warm (not that he had to walk anywhere by himself for the first few months anyway – he spent all his time being carried wherever we went)! I still believe that there is nothing wrong with us having him wear that coat – but I do side with the SPCA on this one.

By nature, a dogs hair will shed in the summer and thicken in the winter; dogs are very adaptable and their fur does keep them warm, whether they are short or long haired (those hairless ones obviously don’t fall in this category). We as humans change dogs from having dog behaviours, we make them as human as we can; which is 100 percent wrong. Dogs want to be dogs, and I doubt there is a single pooch in the world who enjoys having any clothing on them at all; they don’t want to wear clothes! While I still believe that putting a light sweater or coat on your short haired dog to keep them warm in the winter is perfectly fine, that is where I draw the line. Shoes, pants, skirts, scarves, hats etc, none of these are justifiable garments to torture your dog with! What many dog owners don’t realize is that most dogs have hip and elbow dysplasia – a condition that worsens with age, but also can be worsened by putting pants or sweaters anywhere near their hips or elbows (you’re not even supposed to hit your dog on their legs or hips as it can further damage and increase the likelihood of arthritis). So, when your urge to make your dog cute (for your benefit remember – dogs don’t think it looks cute on them) becomes cruel, organizations like the SPCA have an obligation to step in and speak for them. Now if only we could get the same rules in North America, then we could stop seeing Paris Hilton torture her toy “accessories”.

January 15, 2009

Fashion Icon: Barbie

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It may seem silly, but the 11.5 inch doll, Barbie has one of the biggest wardrobes and always has the best outfits. Over 70 high end designers have outfitted her, and she has a never-ending list of other luxuries, such as sports cars, houses, boats and even MAC cosmetics! Barbie began her career as a fashion icon in 1959, and has worn some of the best designer labels, including Dior, Oscar de la Renta, Bill Blass, along with wedding designs by Vera Wang and Carolina Herrera. The Mattel Company has collaborated with 50 top designers to celebrate Barbie’s 50th birthday anniversary, and they will be showing life size versions of the doll’s outfits in February at New York Fashion Week; and all the models will be wearing replica’s of the Louboutin pumps that he designed for the doll.

“I guess I always had a little ‘girlie side’ who liked Barbie,” Louboutin said. “Barbie needs to wear great shoes because every girl needs to wear great shoes.”

Lucky Barbie, she gets these clothes at no cost; but hey look on the bright side, now we can all afford some Louboutins! 😉

Here are the designer’s who have designed for Barbie, with a corresponding photo for those that I was able to find. I hope to collect the new barbie outfits that will show in February for your viewing.

Armani Design

Armani Design

Badgley Mischka Wedding Gown

Badgley Mischka Wedding Gown

Badgley Mischka Evening Gown

Badgley Mischka Evening Gown

Badgley Mischka Gold Label Gown

Badgley Mischka Gold Label Gown

Bill Blass Couture Gown

Bill Blass Couture Gown


Burberry Outfit & Accessories


Cynthia Rowley Outfit

Diane von Furstenerg Wrap Dress

Diane von Furstenerg Wrap Dress

Dior Dress from 1995

Dior Dress from 1995

Vintage Inspired Dior Outfit; 1997

Vintage Inspired Dior Outfit; 1997

Donna Karan Dress & Accessories

Donna Karan Dress & Accessories

Dooney & Bourke Outfit & Bags

Dooney & Bourke Outfit & Bags

Escada Gown

Escada Gown

The first Ferrari Outfit

The first Ferrari Outfit

The second Ferrari Outfit

The second Ferrari Outfit

Gienchy Gown & Fur Shrug

Givenchy Gown & Fur Shrug

Hanae Mori Gown

Hanae Mori Gown

Judith Leiber Dress

Judith Leiber Dress

Juicy Couture Dresses

Juicy Couture Dresses

Juicy Couture Velour Suits

Juicy Couture Velour Suits

Kate Spade Outfit & Accessories

Kate Spade Outfit & Accessories

Kimora Lee Simmons Dress & Fur Coat

Kimora Lee Simmons Dress & Fur Coat

Lilly Pulizer Matching Dresses

Lilly Pulizer Matching Dresses

Maiko Traditional Costume

Maiko Traditional Costume

Swarovski Millenium Bridal Gown

Swarovski Millenium Bridal Gown

Monique Lhuillier Wedding Gown

Monique Lhuillier Wedding Gown

Nicole Miller Outfit & Accessories

Nicole Miller Outfit & Accessories

Nolan Miller Gown

Nolan Miller Gown

Nolan Miller Gown & Fur Coat

Nolan Miller Gown & Fur Coat

Oscar de la Renta Gown

Oscar de la Renta Gown

Paul Frank Pajamas

Paul Frank Pajamas

Ralph Lauren Outfit

Ralph Lauren Outfit

Reem Acra Bridal Gown

Reem Acra Bridal Gown

Tarina Tarantino Designs

Tarina Tarentina Designs

Todd Oldham Outfit

Todd Oldham Outfit

Vera Wang Gown

Vera Wang Gown

Frist Vera Wang Wedding Gown

Frist Vera Wang Wedding Gown

Second Vera Wang Wedding Dress

Second Vera Wang Wedding Dress

Versace Outfit

Versace Outfit

Replica Versace Gown

Replica of real Versace Gown

Zac Posen Barbie & Ken Outfits

Zac Posen Barbie & Ken Outfits

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