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March 3, 2009

Blake Lively in Vogue – February 2009

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I was not entirely dazzled by the February Vogue editorial that Blake Lively appeared in. This one picture however, caught my eyes, as I thought it was gorgeous in terms of a fashion photo, and it’s really just beautiful to look at. So instead of showing an entire editorial that I didn’t really like, I’m just going to show the single picture that blew me away.



January 14, 2009

The 66th Annual Golden Globes Fashion

So here it is! A little later than most blogs but I will still cover it. I had some technical difficulties the other day when I was trying to add the pictures and publish it; the program I use here was having some problems showing the pictures in the article; so unfortunately this is kind of irrelevant now, as I’m sure everyone has seen the pictures already. I have still decided to publish this article since it took a lot of work and time, and because this is my input on the dresses. The Golden Globes took place on Sunday, and there were many celebrities in attendance. The main highlight of any awards show for me is of course the women and their beautiful dresses. This event finished with mixed reviews for me – there were a few gorgeous gowns, several fairly nice ones, and a few horrible mistakes! Overall, there was nothing spectacular about the fashion, but there were some favourites of mine for sure. Here I will show you in my fashionable opinion, which were the bad, the beautiful and the barely noticeable. Be sure to check out who I picked for my “Golden Globe of Fashion” award!

The Bad – in one or another, these girls just didn’t cut it. Some of them chose beautiful dresses – that looked horrible on them. The others chose great silhouettes – in ugly styles that made me wanna cry. Either way, these woman were the worst of the GG’s.

Actress Amanda Seyfried arrives at the 66th Annual Golden Globe

Amanda Seyfried’s  dress isn’t really that bad on it’s own, but on her it really doesn’t work; the hue practically blends in with her skin tone, and the cut is doing nothing in the way of creating curves. It’s just really unflattering for her in every way possible, even though it is a very beautiful dress.


Angela Kinsey was looking a little cheap on the red-carpet in this horribly fitted strapless dress. The colour is absolutely gorgeous but the cut is terrible on her body, leaving her with no curves, the bust looks just a little droopy, and the length of the dress isn’t even right! It really just looks like a dress she took out of her closet from when she was short and younger; sooo wrong!

goldenglobes09-camerondiazCameron Diaz isn’t usually one to land herself on the worst dressed list – I mean, she may not wear gorgeous, drool-worthy ensembles, but this pink sack is really out of left field! The shape is so dumpy, the colour is nauseating (and not to mention so 5 years ago!), and the bottom looks like rags. I mean really, being unique is one thing – this is just tacky!

goldenglobes09-christinahendricksChristina Hendricks is lucky enough that this simple black dress generally looks okay on her – but definately not great. It’s just weird – the architectural bust and where it’s gathered; it just doesn’t seem right. Overall the cut is fairly flattering on her – at least it still shows her beautiful curves – but it’s still kind of sack-like to me.

goldenglobes09-freidapintoFrieda Pinto may have been positively noticed for her talent, but it’s a shame we had to watch her on stage in a dress like that! Apparently there is a new huge trend: dresses that look like sacks! No thank you ladies! What is with the gathered material on the hip? Maybe if the dress fit in that area, and of course was a completely different colour (you know one that doesn’t look like puke!) then the dress would have been okay. She does get some points since the puke colour seems to compliment her skin beautifully.

goldenglobes09-jennafisherJenna Fisher would look beautiful if this was, say, an evening cocktail party on the beach. I don’t know I think it’s a little too bohemian/hippie for a red-carpet awards show. The dress is actually quite pretty, fits her well and flows nicely, but there is a time and a place for every dress, and she definately didn’t get it right. But hey, at least she skipped the sack!

goldenglobes09-jessicacapshaw1Jessica Capshaw was probably one of my least favourite of the night. This dress just scream tacky and tarty, everything fashion is not. If you’re going to go short for any big red carpet event, it has to be classy; this is like Barbie’s nightmare! First of all, it is waaay too short for this event – it’s not a club! On top of that, the colour, well again is so 5 years ago; and beyond those two rules, it just doesn’t fit her! The cut is horrible, it just makes her look stumpy.

goldenglobes09-lisarinnaLisa Rinna’s lack of style didn’t really surprise me – in my opinion she’s one of the worst dressed celebrities ever. Of course, this is no exception. I mean really what was she thinking? Maybe her and Jessica Capshaw shop together, because this looks so Vegas whore to me – the high slit combined with the plunging v-neck and the awful shiny print! Does she dress herself or is her stylist stuck in the 90’s too?

goldenglobes09-maggiegyllenhaalMaggie Gyllenhaal seriously should fire her stylist for this one! Unbelievably, while searching for pictures more than a few bloggers claimed this as one of the best dresses of the night! Leopard print is so out, especially in colours and with good reason – it’s pretty tacky! Other than accessories like handbags and shoes, leopard prints should be left on leopards. Besides the print, the dress is not flattering on her one bit – again, it diminishes any hint of womanly curves, leaving her looking like a ruler. Not to mention how cheap that black waistband looks. In my opinion, this was a complete miss!

goldenglobes09-marisatomeiMarisa Tomei tried something different and went for a two piece set; failing badly! The bottom of the dress is nice, very sophisticated and flowing; but the top is horrible! All those ruffles looks a little too pirate-like to me, and the belt just doesn’t work. The shape and cut is very nice on her body, it’s just too bad the top is so ugly.

goldenglobes09-penelopecruzPenelope Cruz chose one of the most boring dresses of the night, there is nothing amazing about the dress, or how it looks on her. I think it’s pretty ill-fitted personally, it gives her no shape or curves. I think if she was going to pick such a boring dress, she could have chose a less boring hue. The horizontal stripes are kind of cheap looking too.

goldenglobes09sallyhawkinsSally Hawkins must have got dressed in the dark or something, because it’s very hard to believe anyone would happily choose this monstrosity! What to say, everything about this dress is wrong – the tiers are too hippie looking, and really it kind of reminds me of a Addam’s family favourite!

goldenglobes09-tinafeyTina Fey seriously does not have the ability or assets to pull off a dress like this. On it’s own, the dress would be wonderful, but I think the plunging neckline is a little lost on this woman; she doesn’t have the bust to pull it off. Also, the halter top style is unflattering on her wide shoulders; on the television, she looked kinda like a football player in a dress. It just doesn’t suit her and she definately did not do this dress justice.

The Beautiful – These are my favourite dresses of them all. The first 5 will be my top favourites (excluding the one I like the most). Then I will show the rest that I loved, and at the very bottom of the post, you will find my winner of GG style. I hope you enjoy these beautiful gowns as much as I did.

16466097Blake Lively chose a very beautiful gown by Nina Ricci. The cut is perfect for her body, showing off her curves and her bust in a very sexy, yet classy way. The blue hue is right on trend and compliments her skin tone flawlessy. Her casual and fun hairstyle contrasts with the royal inspiration of her gown, for a perfect balance.

goldenglobes09-evamendesEva Mendes made a very popular choice for her gown; which was designed by John Galliano for Dior. She has won the best dressed of the GG’s by many fashion insiders, including InStyle magazine online. I absolutely adore this dress – it’s chic, classy and unique, yet simple. The style is perfect for her body shape, giving her curves just the right amount of attention. The white hue is very striking and pops against her darker skin tone. I’m so in love with the slightly flared hem as well.

goldenglobes09-lauralinney2Laura Linney’s choice of dress truly represents what I love about couture gowns – absolute beauty. I was not at all surprised to see the star donning an Elie Saab gown, complete with all the intricate details he loves to use. The colour is very beautiful – although in certain lights I think it would wash out her pale skin. The silhouette is gorgeous and gives her the perfect amount of curves, and I love the draping near the hem.

goldenglobes09-rumerwillisRumer Willis was definately a surprise to me; I love this Reem Acra gown. The purple is gorgeous and not to mention right on trend, and the style is very girly without sacrificing sophistication. I love the cut for her as well, the tight waist with the full skirt really evens out her shoulders, which seem a little wider than most of her body. I’m not too fond of the belt thing, I think it could have been nicer, but overall it’s a very beautiful dress.

goldenglobes09-evanrachelwoodsEvan Rachel Wood chose one of my favourite dresses by Elie Saab. She was definately a close favourite for me, but I felt it may be a biased choice since Saab is my favourite designer. This dress is just beautiful, I love the details and Saab just knows how to do a really feminine dress. I’m not a very big fan of plunging necklines (especially on young girls with small boobs!), but it honestly doesn’t look tacky on her. The tiers are beautiful and it just steals the spotlight, even in black!

And the Golden Globe of Fashion (as chosen by me) is……………………………………..

goldenglobes09-tarajihensonTaraji Henson! Someone I have never heard of, but she blew me away in this J.Mendel dress. This was definately my favourite of the night, I think it’s so gorgeous. I love how she didn’t go for the usual strapless gown, and went for something in a classy, understated cut, and let the details do the talking. The silhouette and bias shape is really wonderful on her, it makes the most of her lovely body. I’m a really big fan of those white accents, I think it makes the dress; and how beautiful is that material? A perfect 10!

The Rest of my Favourites From the GG’s:

goldenglobes09-americaferreraAmerica Ferrera definately knows how to do the short dress at an event like this. I was always a huge fan of the bubble dress/skirt trend, and I really love how reminiscient of the bubble this Oscar de la Renta dress is. She really picked a great dress for her body, her waist looks very trim and she definately has the whole hourglass shape right. The hue is very pretty too, not really the best hue for her skin tone but it’s not hurting her look either.

goldenglobes09-amyadamsAmy Adams’ gown was absolutely gorgeous in Oscar de la Renta, and was very close to landing into my top 5; I just feel like the whole “big gown” has been done a lot and I was more attracted to the sleeker, sophisticated styles. I really love how the black stands out against her pale skin, and the silhouette really works on her small frame; the details are amazingly intricate too, something I really appreciate in any gown.

goldenglobes09-annehathawayAnne Hathaway is one of my favourite celebrities when it comes to fashion; she’s very feminine and classy and I love to see that from young stars today. Any time Anne is on the red-carpet for a formal event I know she’s going to wear something gorgeous – and this was no exception – she positively shined in Armani Prive. I love the detailing on the top, and how the bodice extends past the hip; most women can’t pull it off but Anne just looks elongated and statuesque in the style. The colour is amazing, it really gets noticed on the red-carpet, and who doesn’t love a big, flowing skirt?

goldenglobes09-christinaapplegateChristina Applegate almost landed in my top 5 – if it weren’t for the lack of detail on her otherwise gorgeous Roberto Cavalli gown. The yellow isn’t really a great hue for her skin tone, but she still looks beautiful. The shape is really wonderful on her body, and gives her beautiful curves – really emphasizing how magnificient the cut has to be on such a simple dress. The fabric is pretty, and I adore the gathers on the skirt; it was a very good choice.

goldenglobes09-elizabethbanksElizabeth Banks was another one of my favourites because I love the cap sleeve dresses as opposed to the usual strapless. I think the simplicity of this J.Mendel dress was a very wise choice for her; it really emphasizes her gorgeous curves. The shape works so well on her in every way and the fitted style oozes sexy without her showing a lot of skin. The train is beautiful, I really love the side train styles; and the intricate detail throughout the dress makes this dress a real piece of art when seen up close.

goldenglobes09-evalongoriaEva Longoria looked absolutely stunning in this red strapless gown by Reem Acra (which seems to be the favourite design label of the GG’s). I really love the sclloped detail on the bustline, although I do feel there is a little too much cleavage (just my personal taste of course). The fit is flawless, and really accentuates her petite curves.What I really love about this dress is how fitted the bodice is and how full and beautiful the mermaid hem is – I have always been a huge fan of mermaid dresses, and of course this is no exception.

goldenglobes09-haydenpanettiereHayden Panettiere’s Gianfranco Ferre dress was definately my favourite in the way of colour, but I did feel like she didn’t pull it off wonderfully. The only real problem I have is the bust area – it seems to flatten her and looks kind of square. Other than that, I think this dress is beautiful – the colour and the shape are so feminine, very princess like. The beading is of course a gorgeous addition to any formal dress and I really love it, that’s all I can say.

goldenglobes09-katebeckinsaleKate Beckinsale is another celebrity whose style I adore, she’s very chic and put together. I love her choice as usual, this J.Mendel dress is beautiful. I was very attracted to these dresses with sophisticated elegance, and this is definately one of the best. Like the others, the fitted style really accentuates her curves wonderfully and the white of the dress actually works well with her skin tone. I love the detailing at the top of the bust, but I’m not too fond of how the hemline looks – although it could just be the angle of the picture.

goldenglobes09-katewinsletKate Winslet was a favourite for the awards and a favourite for her stunning dress by Yves Saint Laurent. This dress is very chic in every good way; the minimal detail and impeccible design make this simple black dress shine. I love the little bow on the belt, for just a touch of girly glamour, but otherwise it’s a great dress for someone of Kate’s age. It’s may not be adorned and embellished, or full and fluffy, but this is a very stunning dress.

goldenglobes09-marylouiseparkerMary Louise Parker looked absolutely gorgeous in this Carlos Miele dress that seems to be made for her. I love the banding detail on the bodice, it’s very slimming and gives texture, which helps create curves on thin women like her. The thing I really love about her choice though is the colour; it really pops against her dark hair and pale skin, and it makes her stand out. I also adore the hem – I just love trains that kind of sprout from the back of the dress – they’re very pretty.

goldenglobes09-mileycyrusMiley Cyrus is often the focus of many fashion insider’s who like to bash the experimenting teen for her bad taste. I really hope this beautiful Marchesa dress shut them right up! I think this grecian style really works for her – she’s young enough to pull it off, even when it’s not exactly “in”. The white just pops so well against her skin and hair (although she looks a little washed out in this particular lighting), and I love that little peek of printed fabric – it just makes it more interesting. I can’t wait to see Miley on the formal red carpets much much more, as I feel her dress choices are usually beautiful.

goldenglobes09-oliviawildeOlivia Wilde was definately a favourite of many at the GG’s, with her gorgeous lavender ruffled dress by Reem Acra. The shape really looks nice on her small frame, and the colour is very falttering against her darker skin tone. I love the simplicity of the construction, since the ruffles are the detailing, and the full skirt is so pretty. I also love how she went with such a simple hairstyle to go with such a noticeable gown.

goldenglobes09-sandrabullockSandra Bullock really wowed me in this stunning Dior dress by John Galliano.  I love the one shoulder style on her, she pulls it off so well with her toned upper body. I really think the fitted bodice works well with her body, helping emphasize some curves on her. Who wouldn’t love those romantic tiers of ruffles, that make her dress so pretty? It’s just everything a woman could want in a dress; it’s feminine, sexy and would definately make you feel like a princess.

Honourable Mentions: These celebrities dresses weren’t the best but they were definately note-worthy.

goldenglobes09-angelinejolieAngelina Jolie isn’t someone I usually admire in the way of style – I find her look a little casual for my taste; but her sophistication really helped her on the red carpet, this dress is very classy. I love it’s flowing material and the easy elegance of the shape; I also love that the high slit adds a touch of sexiness to it. The hue is a little washed out on her, and I do feel as if I may have seen her wear something like this before, but overall I think it’s a very chic choice.

goldenglobes09-annapaquinAnna Paquin’s choice of dress was a little boring, but I think it was a very sophisticated look. I love the Herve Leger on her body, the fitted silhouette really flatters her body. The hue of the dress is very striking, and it looks great against her skin tone. I don’t really like the bias detailing on the hip, but it does work in elongating the body. It’s nice but it’s nothing special really.

goldenglobes09-beyonceBeyonce is usually a dream on the red carpet, donning some of the most beautiful dresses by the biggest names is couture. As big of a fan I am of Elie Saab, I felt there were many better dresses in his collection than this one. I think it’s a very beautiful dress, and it does suit Beyonce’s glam style, with all the glittering detail. The hue is great against her dark skin, and I love that sexy high slit; but my favourite thing about her look here is definately that gorgeous necklace she is wearing.

goldenglobes09-debramessing1Debra Messing’s dark blue dress is very beautiful, but I’m am not a fan of that shiny blue material one bit; it’s a little too immature for her age. The colour is really nice against her pale skin and red hair, but again the shiny fabric almost ruins the compliment. I really love those ruffled pleats near the hem, they’re gorgeous. The silhouette hugs her curves nicely, giving her a very nice figure. Overall, I think this dress is one of the best ones, if it weren’t for the sheen.

goldenglobes09-demimooreDemi Moore look average on the red carpet; her dress is nice but nothing special. I really like the light beige hue against her tanned skin, it really makes the cream of the hue pop. Overall the silhouette is okay; I love the criss-cross straps, but the bust area looks kind of droppy and the dress is not fitted to the point of perfection; it seems to kind of hang off of her frame. All together, the dress is decent.

goldenglobes09-drewbarrymore1Drew Barrymore’s dress got mixed reviews from fashion bloggers and editors alike. I have mixed feelings about her look myself; it was hard for me to decide which category she fit into. Overall, the dress is okay, but when you look into the details, it kind of falls apart on her. It’s not a very flattering shape on her, the button type detailing on the side seams add extra bulk to her stomach and hip area. I love the off-the-shoulder top, it’s very sexy and it looks great on her. It really seems to get ugly at the hip, and I love the train but it looks kind of matronly (and not in the vintage way)! There’s just something about her in this dress, that doesn’t work for me.

goldenglobes09-heidiklumHeidi Klum actually decided to go retro for the red carpet and don a vintage Galanos dress; that I love! It seemed a little too casual for my taste but I think it’s so cute. The silhouette is fun and playful, and of course it looks flawless on the curvy supermodel. The bust is cute, the big bow is adorable and the full skirt is just the icing on the cake. I feel kind of sad that she ruined the look with such edgy shoes, but hey Heidi’s a fan of the Gladiators. It’s like she can never look bad.

goldenglobes09-islafisher02Isla Fisher’s dress kind of confused me to be honest. It just looks weird to me, but not really in an ugly way; it’s interesting. I can’t help but notice it and I stared at this dress for quite a long time trying to decide whether I liked it or not; which means I couldn’t have hated it! The pattern of the overlapping fabric doesn’t make sense to me – it seems like it was just put there with no logical reason behind it. What can I say, I don’t hate it I just think it’s unique. It looks really nice on her body, but the hue almost blends in with her skin tone.

goldenglobes09-januaryjones02January Jones was so close to landing in my favourites; if it didn’t kind of remind me of Cinderella! I don’t like the colour, the blue is a little juvenile for my taste, but I love the design. It’s interesting without being crazy and it fits her so well; her body looks awesome in this. The blue is too soft for her light sin tone and it kind of washes her out a bit. I’ll forgive it thought because I just love this design way too much!

goldenglobes09-jennifercarpenterJennifer Carpenter chose a beautiful dress that doesn’t fit her well enough. The bust looks like it’s going to fall and expose her, and really she looks too thin in the dress. It’s sad because I think on someone with more curves and womanly features would look stunning in this. The bodice is so well made, it’s absolutely gorgeous, and I’m such a sucker for floaty skirts. I do think the black contrasts well with her pale skin, but I also think her hair is horrible with the overall style.

goldenglobes09-jennifermorrisonJennifer Morrison seems to be taking some style tips from Debra Messing. What is with the shiny fabrics here? I don’t like most shiny fabrics, they look soo cheap. I love the colour though, it’s gorgeous and it really looks nice on her skin tone and with her light hair. The shape is a little awakward, almost like it doesn’t fit, but I think it does. It’s just kind of weird, but not in the good way like Isla Fisher.

goldenglobes09-jloJennifer Lopez seems to love those draping, plunging neckline type dresses – but we’ve seen this on her before many times! That’s really the only thing I hate about her in this dress; it’s a gorgeously sexy dress and it does look hot on her curvy body but it’s just so expected from her. It would have been nice to see something other than a deep plunge, fitted dress. She needs a new style.

goldenglobes09-kyrasedgwickKyra Sedgwick’s red dress is nice enough, but it’s a little on the boring side. I like the detailing on the bust, and the poufy train, but I think that belt looks really tacky, and the material almost looks like it has aleather finish or something – it just has that leathery look to it. The red looks okay on her skin, but it’s definately not her best red. The silhouette is nice on her, gives her more curves than she has, but really the dress is just average to me.

goldenglobes09-lisaedelsteinLisa Edelstein wore a very sexy but sophisticated black dress. I really love this one; if it weren’t so similar to the gorgeous one that Kate Winslet wore, I probably would have put her in the favourites. I think it’s so sexy for such a simple design. I love the shape on her, you can really see a curvaceous figure, and the bow detailing in so cute. I may not like shiny fabrics, but I love glittery ones like this. It’s just simple elegance to me, very chic.

goldenglobes09-mariamenounosMaria Menounos’ dark purple dress is absolutely beautiful. Everything about this dress is right on trend; the colour is in the forefront of fashion right now, florals are huge, and the minimalistic silhouette is a favourite. It looks so stunning on her, it really defines her tiny little waist, and gives her just enough contrast in the hip for a beautiful curve. The fabric is wonderful, very light and flowing. There isn’t a single thing wrong with this dress, it’s just lacking that special something that would have made it a favourite.

goldenglobes09-melissageorgeMelissa George almost ended up on the Bad list for me. I had to look at the dress very seriously before I decided it wasn’t as horrible as most of those were. I just don’t really like this style. That plastic bow thing on top is really what makes it seem cheap to me – the rest is just kind of boring. It looks okay on her body, nothing special, and I really like the high slit and the small train. It’s not horrible, I just don’t think it’s very nice or anything.

goldenglobes09-reneezellwegerRenee Zellweger seemed to be one of the least favourite of the night for most of those who don’t work in fashion. I didn’t think this ensemble was as bad as most women seem to think. I think the skirt is gorgeous, I love mermaid styles and black can’t really be tacky, so the skirt is great. The sheer top isn’t that bad either, I just think that the nude bustier underneath is what ruins the entire look; makes it look cheap. I really think that if she had gone for something black or sparkly underneath, this would be beautiful.

goldenglobes09-salmafeySalma Hayek takes the same route as J.Lo, I have seen her in something just like this before – only it was black not white. It looks sexy on her, it really does; it fits her curves beautifully and the silhouette and design is flawless. I really like her in whites, more than I like her in blacks – ithw white seems to pop against her skin tone better. There is nothing wrong with the dress, I think it’s great but I think she needs to get a new style as well!

goldenglobes09-vanessahudgensVanessa Hudgens looks very pretty, but a little boring for a young girl like herself; she could have worn almost anything! The nude hue is a little too close to her own skin tone, which usually washes most women out, but she looks radiant. The simple cut and design are a little too sophisticated for her, but she looks pretty; nothing special really, but I do love her hair.

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