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March 10, 2009

Runway Favourite S/S 09: Moschino RTW

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One of my absolute favourite spring shows, the Moschino collection was a dream full of artistic visions, while being completely wearable at the same time. Rosella Jardini’s use of bows, ruffles and flowers sat perfectly admist purples, pinks, blues and easter greens, all anchored by neutrals and the runway favourite navy. The details extended to the accessories, as huge bows were found on the bags. The whole collection is a refreshing take on every woman’s girly side, making every one of these pieces worthy of the spotlight. Here are some of my favourite looks from the runway:

moschino-rufflesbowsRuffles and bows were most prominent on this runway. My personal favourites; the gorgeous floral dress in the second picture, and the floral pencil skirt with navy blouse.

moschino-neutralsNeutrals always make their way into every runway show. The details are what makes these pieces shine. I’m in love with the white cacoon coat in the second picture (recently featured in My Fashion Pick of the Day), and the chic grey top in the far right picture.

moschino-coloursColours are a given, but these colours were a wonderful surprise; while the colours are trendy and vibrant, they have a very muted, pastel look to them – even the darker purples and greens have a cloud-like appearance. The green tiered dress (second from right) and the purple coat are so devine.

moschino-navyNavy, while a very deep colour is also a refreshing alternate to black; against other colours you can see the blue – which makes versatility a little more interesting. The blue coat on the left, the soft pants and the casual dress on the right are all very chic and comfortable options.


March 3, 2009

Fashion Pick of the Day

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Today’s pick is the adorably chic white cacoon coat with bow detailing, by Moschino. Do you like it?


February 28, 2009

The Art of Fashion

One of my favourite parts of fashion is definately the creativity and allure of ad campaigns and editorials seen in magazines. A great ad or editorial can draw the reader in and make them covet for anything in the picture, and it’s usually these spreads that make the world love or hate certain models. Due to the importance that advvertising has in the fashion industry, I have decided to add the category “The Art of Fashion” where I will post different editorials, ad campigns and other photo shoots that I believe incorporate the best of fashion into amazing artwork. I hope you enjoy! This first feature is the Moschino Cheap & Chic Spring/Summer 2009 ad campaign, modeled by Emma McLaren and Nika Lauraitis.




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