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March 8, 2009

Fashion Pick of the Day

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My pick for today is this adorable purple full-mini by Rebecca Taylor for $118. Is it your thing?



February 21, 2009

Finding Your Colours

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Colours are among some of the most important factors when it comes to clothing and it’s no big secret that not every colour looks good on everyone. While most women love to add a splash of colour to their wardrobes, very little can pull themselves away from sticking to faithful black and white. The major issue is that most women don’t like the way they look in certain colours, and are unaware that they are only choosing the wrong tint or shade of that colour. Here I have decided to help decode the difficulty of choosing colours that will actually make you shine. There are many factors that contribute to which colours work, but the three main factors are: your skin tone, hair colour and eye colour. With these three features, you are on the way to figuring out the best hues are for you. Below you can find the general guidelines for matching colours to your features, and from there you may need to go up a shade (darker) or down a tint (lighter) to get the perfect match. Not every skin type, eye or hair colour may be covered – pick the one that represents your features most accurately.

RED – those who favour red are highly emotional, intense and daring. Your passion inspires others, but you may seem restless to some. If you enjoy bright reds you are bold and energetic. If you prefer softer reds such as pinks and corals, you’re more delicate and are passionate with your mind and spirit.


If you have pale skin, you should stick to true reds, which are very striking colours. Muted tones will wash out your skin so stay away from them. If you have blue eyes, avoid reds that have too much orange in them.


Dark hair, dark eyes and a medium complexion calls for reds such as corals. When your skin is neither dark nor light, any midtone pastel works, just stay away from anything to soft and sweet looking. The colour should provide a sharp contrast to your skin tone.


If you’re really tan or darker with dark eyes, deep reds like Claret which you see during Valentine’s day are best. Rich reds and brown compliment each other because of their warmth, and they are cousins on the colour wheel. These hues will give brown eyes an almost burgandy cast.

ORANGE – is the colour for attention and you will always be noticed; you thrive in the spotlight. You’re extroverted and adventurous and you’re always up for a good time. While many consider your energy to be charming and friendly, others can see you as flamboyant and obnoxious. If you love a traffic-stopping orange, you can tend to be a little more selfish; those who prefer creamy shades can have a warmer attitude towards others.


“Sunny girls” with tawny skin, golden hair and light eyes, should look for creamy oranges like Cantaloupe. This shade is a touch less bright then a classic orange, but is a very sunny colour, and makes tawny and tan skin pop.


If you have brown hair, brown eyes and an olive complexion, vivacious and sparkly oranges like Mango will lighten up your sultry features. Dark colouring gives this shade something to play off of.


If you’ve got the skin of a latina you can pull of any bright or deep hued orange. This type of colouring allows you to wear strong hues that pop, so have fun with citrus colours like tangerine.

* If you have really fair skin, hair and eyes, orange is pretty much the only hue you should steer clear of. Of course everyone is different, so if you really like orange, try many hues and make sure you choose one that doesn’t wash out you skin. A deep, brown-orange may suit those who have blue or brown eyes.

YELLOW – if you love this bright hue, you also love to be noticed. You enjoy being unique, and you’re never scared to look different than everyone else. You’re most likely to be innovative and energetic, and others love your bright attitude. You may have problems being anything but number one; you can get egotistical at times, which can drive others away. The brighter the yellow, the more perky and competitive; fans of pale yellows tend to be more mellow and free.


Those of you with blonde hair, dark eyes and tawny skin, can experiment with many hues that others can’t. Your best yellow? Warm, dark golden yellows that compliment your skin’s warm undertone, such as Honey. Stay away from sweet pastel yellows that will only make your skin seem sallow.


Golden girls with light hair, light eyes and a medium complexion should go with hues that that mirror their natural radiance like Taxicab. A warm, vivid yellow will add more zest to your colouring. It underscores the yellow tones in your skin, which will make blonde hair look golden and will make blue eyes pop.


If you have either very dark skin or very light skin, you should go with a Daffodil. This light hue will look great on women with dramatic colouring, because you can pull off vivid hues. Since your skin probably has blue undertones, a cool, rather than warm yellow is an ideal choice.

GREEN – fans of the colour green tend to be true to their choice; you tend to be healthier and more conscious of the world around you. You are generous and caring, balanced and peaceful. Usually those who like green tend to have high morals and always want to do the right thing. Sometimes this can make you come off as smug, and a know-it-all; green lovers can also be guilty of envy, making them wicked gossipers.


If you have fair skin and dramatic hair (like red or dark brown), the stronger the green, the better. There are a few colours that flatter red hair amazingly, but green is your best colour palette. Steer clear of wimpy greens, which will wash you out. Look for something that will make your hair stand out such as olive, emerald or forest green.

Lotta Stensson, $118; available at

Blondes with a touch of warmth to their skin look best in juicy, bright greens like Lime. Lime is green mixed with yellow, so this choice will really pop against your skin.


Those of you with a dark, dramatic complexion will look great in what are called Easter colours. Mint greens and other strong pastels will play off your skin tone and give a vivid contrast. Shades that are too dark or muddy disappear into dark skin, so avoid these types of greens.

BLUE – blue persons are much like the image the colour represents; you are a peaceful and patient group of people. The colour tends to bring out the best in your tranquility, making you loyal, gentle and quiet. You need to be careful of who you trust – you tend to form strong attachments to those around you; you are deeply hurt anytime your loyalty is betrayed. Fans of the lighter blues tend to be more sensitive and patient; darker blues represent shyness and introversion.


Fair haired girls with a light complexion should consider Periwinkle. It’s a great shade that’s not icy or pale, and has a hint of purple in it. It will make your skin appear sunny and brings out blue eyes amazingly.


Women with dark hair, dark eyes and a medium complexion can wear just about any colour. However, a dark blue such as Navy looks especially flattering because it can stand up to the colour of their features, giving them depth.


If you have tanned skin and brown hair, the more striking the colour, the better. The right hue of blue, like Turquoise can bring out your eyes better than any eye makeup. Since you have darker hair and a warmth to their skin, you`re going to be a great match for a strong, bright blue.

PURPLE – this royal colour represents mystical qualitites in it’s fans. You are a dreamer and are very private. Enigmatic and unconventional, purple is a colour of deep intrigue. You are witty yet moody, secretive but sensuous; you always keep people guessing. The darker your purple, the more introverted and mysterious you can be; those who prefer lighter tints are light-hearted and optomistic.


For those of you with porcelain skin and dark hair, the last thing you should do is looked washed out in a nude or subtly toned hue. A smarter choice would be to play up the drama with a deep, yet vibrant hue such as Violet. The vivacity of this hue will contrast amazingly with your light skin.


Honey toned girls have an amazing backdrop for any colour. You will look especially striking in a lavender or lilac hue. The goal of this hue is to counteract all the warmth of your golden skin with a cool tone of pastel. Pale and shocking pinks are also great options.


Those of you that have light hair, light skin and dark eyes have a natural contrast. Black and white is your most amazing combination, but when it comes to colour, dark, dramatic shades like plum or burgandy are your best purples. They look stunning against pale skin and mirror the warmth in your eyes.

I hope this helps you all find your colours! Good luck!

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