House of French

March 2, 2009

Fashion News


-Balmain designer Christophe Decarnin showed his collection last thursday in the midst of the label’s huge success. Other designers may be feeling the blow of the economy, but the Balmain label continues to grow stronger and seel more. Proof of this was very evident during his latest collection; his T-shirts cost $1,500, the jackets cost $5,000. While most designers have cut their costs way back and are facing a huge drop in sale, the Blamin label is coveted by almost everyone rich enough to buy it. His latest jeans sold out in London, sales volume is sky-rocketing, they’re starting a new line of shoes and retailers are forced to put people on waiting-lists for Balmain pieces. It’s much like the essence of Hermes at the moment.

-Pictures of  the crying Lithuanian model Auguste Abeliunaite on the Jil Sander runway has the fashion industry buzzing. What was first thought to be a “part of the show”, it quickly became evident that Auguste was the only model with tears streaming down her face. While no statement or explanation has been released, it’s quite possible she isn’t actually “crying”. Tanya D was once filmed backstage a fashion show with tears streaming down her face; when questioned, she revealed that constant application and cleansing of makeup can get very irritating to the skin and eyes; And it is fashion week.

-Rumours suggest that Tom Ford will soon be expanding to womenswear. The word in Milan is that Alessandra Facchinetti, who was let go from the Valentino label last year, will be heading the new Tom Ford line. Facchinetti was top womenswear designer underneath Tom Ford at Gucci, and was obviously impressed with her work.

-Marc Jacobs recently donated his personal orange iPod complete with his autograph, in order to raise money for Music Rising, which aims to revive the musical culture of the Gulf Coast. Want to know what he listens to? A few songs found in his playlist were “No Scrubs” by TLC, “Pokerface” by Lady Gaga, “Borederline” by Madonna and “Circus” by Britney Spears. Looks like Marc has a thing for pop!

-Lindsay Lohan makes yet another fashion mistake, as she was spotted in London sporting stockings as pants. Pictures likely to surface ASAP!

-Heidi Klum has a new makeup collection for Victoria’s Secret, a gorgeous palette that’s subtle and sexy. For only $49 (US), the kit comes in a beautiful white case. The set includes a Lip Gloss in Blush,  Quad Eye Shadow set in 4 complimentary shades, a Highlighter/Blush Duo, and High Definition Mascara. Order online or through their catalogue.


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